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TWICE 2018 rankings
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    Oct 25, 2017
    The 2018 Twice member rankings results

    Let's beging the reveal from the bottom up.

    The one and only Chaeyoung

    Not a good year for her, consolidates her spot in the last place from last year. Maybe 2019 will be her year...


    It looked like she was going to climb out of 8th early in the poll, but at the end she couldn't and remains at 8th another year.

    Dahyun vs Tzuyu

    6th Dahyun with 537 and 7th Tzuyu with 530

    Tzuyu stays at 7th and while Dahyun manages to get above the maknae, she overall loses a position from last year where she was 5th.

    is Nayeon

    Our favorite snek ends up in the middle of the ranking, dropping one spot and losing the title of best k-Twice.

    Jihyo and Mina

    Mina with 704 vs 684 point that got Jihyo

    Very intense duel across the upadates with constant switching of spots, but the last votes and final edits seal the deal, letting Mina keep her bornze medal in the rankings. Jihyo should be very pleased with her result, climbing 2 spots from her 6th postion last year, making her the best ranked k-twice this year.

    Sana vs Momo. Momo vs Sana. Only one of them can win at the end. A tight battle between the top 2 of last year. Will Momo retain the crown or will Sana take the win this year

    Coming soon

    LOONA 2018 rankings
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    Oct 25, 2017
    The 2018 LOONA debut rankings results

    We got 30 non lurker ballots over the last 3 weeks and here we ahve the results compiled

    Did your favOriTes rank hi high? Check here THE RESULTS.

    In 12th position with 93 points is frog girl Yeojin

    Not enough with being the makanae and not having a subunit, she doesn't have the love of K-pop ERA.

    In 11th position with 124 points is butterfly girl Go Won

    yyxy crunchy vocalist dodged the last spot (that she occupied in the earlier days of the poll). Watch out for her attacks!

    In 10th position with 140 points is cat girl Hyunjin

    Yes, you read that well, icon of betrayal and 1/3 maknae Hyunjin opens the top 10.

    In 9th position with 155 points is bat girl Choerry.

    No love for the maknaes of the group, with Choerry as our first OEC casualty. Watch out for her karate chop.

    In 8th position with 160 points is deer girl Vivi

    She seems disgusted about it, but she managed to escape the bottom for that she was part of until the last strech of the poll. She is the worst placed girl that was voted as #1 by several people, which definitely helped her in the last strech of the poll.

    In 7th position with 202 points is rabbit girl Heejin

    Being the enter of the group doesn't guarantee landing you a top spot. Betrayed icon gets betrayed by ERA's voters closing the bottom 6.


    Now we jum to the really tight top 6, specially the next positions which were really close at the end with 242, 244 and 248 points.

    In 6th position with 242 points is wolf girl Olivia Hye

    After a promising start ranking in 2nd place, she slowly tumbled down the rankings until the 6th position.

    In 5th position with votes is swan girl Yves

    Yves getting in the top 5 totally deserves a ginseng mouthwash shot to celebrate.

    In 4th position with 248 points is white bird girl Haseul

    Haseul ending up in 4th position, with a huge lead over her fellow subunit member is a huge surprise that should give her as secondary animal a dark horse.


    And here we are, the top 3 of the ranking, Kim Lip, Jin Soul and Chuu. All three well beloved by this community, but who took the crown?

    You will find it out in an incoming post!!

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    TWICE 2017 rankings
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    Oct 25, 2017
    The 2017 Twice member rankings results

    With 422 points 9th position goes to:


    She managed to be 8th early on, but the fierce competition left her on the last place.

    With 450 points in 8th place:


    Debuted in the last position, but some active campaigning by Pedro and others let her escape from last place.

    Really tight competition for the 6th place

    With 544 points in 7th place:


    With 549 points in 6th place:


    The gap was made shorter after the mnet style mid reveal, but controversial member Tzuyu stays in the 7h place.

    With 676 points in 5th place:


    She almost had the 4th position at some points during the voting, but it seems ii wasn't meant to be and she stays as the center of the Twice rankings.

    With 701 points in 4th place:


    Twice's snek takes the crown of best k-Twice

    The top 3 is:

    J-line, revealed in the next post.
    Dreamcatcher 2019 rankings
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    Oct 25, 2017
    It ended up being a close race, here are the results of the Dreamcatcher ranking!

    With 41 points...
    Chinese princess Handong. Not getting a lot of love in the poll.

    She did manage to pick some momentum halfway in, but she ended up stuck in last place

    With 58 points...
    Cutie pie maknae Gahyeon

    She spent some time in the 5th spot of the ranking but the last batch of votes placed her at 6th by only one point

    With 59 points...
    Badass rapper Dami

    She ended up vctorious from the battle to 5th place

    With 92 points...
    Goth queen Siyeon

    Stayed in the middle of the pack during the whole poll.

    And that makes the Top 3...


    Stay tuned for the Top 3 results in an incoming post
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    Red Velvet 2019 rankings
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    Oct 25, 2017
    The Red Velvet rankings are here

    44 votes and uncountable number of edits later, here they are the points distribution:


    And, this time, for the first time, you can also get the ranking reveal in video form, thanks to juicyb

    Wendy with 76 points

    Started as 4th, but she quicly started plummeting in the rankings, with 20 out of 44 votes for last place.

    Yeri with 103 points

    Maknae dodged the last place. Controversial figure for her addition to the group + her carefree attitude costed her 16 votes for last place.

    Now the real battle begins here. The top 3.

    Who will take the crown?

    Joy with 181 points

    Her charms land her comfortably in the 3rd place, where 17 of you placed her. She managed to close the gap to the 2nd spot, but enough to overtake her

    Seulrene at the top. But which one of them is Kpop-ERA's favorite member?

    It's Seulgi!

    Taking the lead early on, and increasing the gap consistently, she ended up, not only getting not only 19 #1 votes, but not a single vote in last place.

    And 2nd it is, Irene with 193 points

    Despite the big amount of votes in the 1st position (9) and only getting one vote as the worst member, she lands in #2 due to the amazing results of Seulgi.

    But that's not all, for the first time we also have the title track rankings!

    First let's tackle the all the songs that got less than 100 points

    14th.- Be Natural - 6 points
    13th.- Power Up - 10 points
    12th.- Zimzalabim - 19 points
    11th.- RBB - 20 points
    10th.- Happiness - 30 points
    9th.- One of these nights - 31 points
    8th.- Rookie - 39 points
    7th.- Ice Cream Cake - 61 points
    6th.- Automatic - 91 points

    Which leaves us with our top 5:

    Dumb Dumb, Russian Roulette, Red Flavor, Pekk-a-boo and Bad Boy

    5th is 2017's Peek-a-boo with 124 points

    2015's Dumb Dumb, with 126 points

    And our number one is....

    Bad Boy, with 171 points.

    Got points from 28 voters, 11 of those in first place

    Both 2nd and 3rd tracks were tied at 159, but a tiebraker that favours the track that got most #1 votes put's in 2nd place

    Red Flavor

    With Russian Roulette completing the podium in 3rd place

    Congrats to Bad Boy for taking the crown

    Thanks to everyone that participated and juicyb for making the video, and look forward to the upcoming ranking

    LOONA 2019 rankings
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    Oct 25, 2017
    I'm really lazy to write everything and whatever, so here you have the presentation with the rankings and the data

    Also, I cleaned a bit the stream VOD so you don' t have to deal with the painfully long technical set up.