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K-Pop ERA | OT | Into the New World

Oct 25, 2017
Woke up today to TIME and Rolling Stone articles written about Blackpink. Feels kind of surreal.

I think they'd be fools to let this momentum pass without new music but who knows.
Oct 26, 2017
Oct 25, 2017
The response by the k-fandom and several fansites closing. I mean it aint hard to see the petition going around complaining about the lack of loona content from them. You ain't gotta know some secret handshake to notice there's issues.
Lol thanks for proving my point. =P

I'd hardly call 6 fansites closing and entitled manchildren complaining as backfiring... you make it seem as it's the end of the world for LOONA when in reality it's a whole lot of nothing.

The real reason why these fansites are closing is coz they got spurned by BBC, organizing expensive ass things for LOONA and expecting BBC to give them priority/special access to events/schedules ahead of time.

I dunno about you not only does that sounds like entitled manchildren to me... it almost sounds like they're wanting to be legalized stalkers which I'm glad BBC is stopping.

Either way, no this isn't backfiring in any way whatsoever. Also, BBC responded quicker than YG after this blew up, Heejin and Hyunjin already have a VLIVE scheduled for the 7th and there's nothing special about that day, so it's clearly a reaction to this.
Oct 25, 2017
Guys let me sink this in for you all. Gee is now 10 years old. 10. Years. Old.


Another Japanese single
Oct 25, 2017
They went from Bad Boy to Really Bad Boy to Sappy (Boy).

I like it. The pre-chorus is pretty great, and the mv/song gives me Dumb Dumb vibes. Also nice to see the unofficial sixth member made it into the video.
Oct 29, 2017
Much better than Really Bad Boy, which was disappointing to say at least. Irene at 1:24 had a different vibe/look to her, is it the make up, her making anything but a neutral face for once? ^^

Solar need a change of hair color too. Her natural black always felt the most unfitting somehow.
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Oct 25, 2017
Managed to finish my best of 2018 post:

Top 10 releases

1.- UNI.T – I mean

Uni.T :(
This is the best groups that is ever going to come out of these survival shows, isn't it? I had zero hopes on their muical output seeing how unsuccesful The Unit was. They knocked it out of the park with both releases, but I mean is great. High energy catchy pop with a killer beat and their personalites all over the track. Bless them.

2.- Lovelyz – That day
Sweetune and Lovelyz, a match made in heaven. The bright atmosphere and melodies make this. Impossible not getting immediately cheered up.

3.- ONF - Complete
Mono Tree (Ex-sweetune B) at their best here. A great instrumental and a great hook. They even made a sax sample work.

4.- Oh My Girl – Secret Garden
Magical Oh My Girl is best Oh My Girl. Best girl group active (IMO) that mix a nice and varied discography, with nice concepts and a talented and balanced lineup. Hope 2019 ends up being their best year yet.

5.- IN2IT - Snapshot
Guilty pleasure throwback to kpop releases from 5 years ago, but with a modern twist. Nice catchy track.

6.- EXID – I love you
EXID's best release since Every Night, nothing more to say.

7.- Laboum – Turn it on
Laboum are quickly entering my personal ranks, and they haven't really disappointed this year. Turn it on is a nice spin to the latin formula we have seen plenty of times this year, but this is the best interpretation.

8.- SHINee – Good Evening
SHINee still has it. Everything works like clockwork here. Really proud of them being able to keep doing what they do best.

9.- Chungha – Roller Coaster
Euro pop done right. Glad to see someone from IOI delivering.

10.- Momoland - Baam
Really glad T-ara's sound found their way back to kpop and it landed in the spotlight. Really catchy tune.

Wouldn't be one of my highlight posts without some quality nugus

Best debuts from nugu hell

1.- Camila – Red Lips (A dance cover group turned singer that doesn't suck musically? What a concept)
*Insert Camila's Red Lip gif here*
2.- Cherry on to - Hi Five (Awkard LQ laugh sample bumped this out of #1)
3.- SHA SHA – You & Me (Will the Spotify upload ever get fixed?)
4.- Alike – Summer love (BUDGET!)
5.- WeGirls – On Air (House Rulez is behind these group and I ahve really hopes for them moving forward)
6.- NeonPunch - Moonlight
7.- DreamNote – Dream Note
8.- Girlkind - FANCI
9.- Maywish - Hello
10.- Saturday – Mmook Jji Bba

Sugar Tint – Heart Ppyong
S#aFLA - DDu-Ru-DDu-PPa-Ra-Ppa
AZM - Edge
Kitten Girls – U Me Us
Tropical - Mwah
AQUA – Log in

The under 200k views highlights

High Tension - Infectious
Favorite – Where are you from? (Best prechorus of the year)
Eyedi - Caffeine (Eyedi so underrated)
Mighty Mouth – Laser beam (ft. Hyunyoung) (Yes, that Hyunyoung)
HINT - Walkie Talkie
I.C.E - Shameless (Throwback!)
Monogram – Space Travel (Super soothing)
Solbi – Class Up
Hey Girls – Follow me
T.E.N & rionfive – Haeyo Haeyo

Not even a music video pity party
Girls on top - Hola
HINT – Pang Pang Pang (Imagine having oyur "music video" uploaded to 1the K and still have less than 10k views)

Pls stop
Jimin - Hey (No)
Cocosori – Mi Amor (What a shitty song to end their activites)
Wanna One - Boomerang
Winner - Everyday
Snuper - Tulips (Remember when I was hyped about this group? Good times)
Rui – I don’t care (This is the worst song I have heard in a really long time)
WJMK - Strong
Brave Girls – Rollin’ (shit version) (Why does this exist?)

Release this in any way shape or form for the west (and the album, while at it)
Victoria Song – Roof On Fire
Fantastic year in terms of music, really glad some nugus got big boosts this year (Oh My Girl and Momoland mainly). Legendary groups are missed, but the new blood is doing a decent job filling the gaps. Looking forward what 2019 will bring to the table.


I'm thinking of compiling all the best of the year posts into one post and pin it like I recently did with the ones from last year and maybe aggregating every ranking (people that had made at least top 10s or something), assign points to each position and make a global top song from the community.
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Oct 26, 2017
Came to do a throwback style "mini"-megapost since 7 January is Fromis_9 Saerom's birthday, as well as Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon.

HQ gifs and vids including video from Yoohyeon's birthday fanmeet... somehow all of it got wiped away.


Dal Shabet 'B.B.B (Big Baby Baby)' and 'Someone Like U' should have been big hits.
Oct 25, 2017
I'm so glad that Apink has slowly turned into a group that I actually like. For the longest time I hated their "cute" sound. Now they've basically aged out of it and I couldn't be happier:

Oct 29, 2017
I'm just glad about Namjoo regaining her confidence to appear on screen more often. Who wouldn't get sick stuck doing the cute concept for 7 year, they probably had much more leverage on negotiations during their last contract renewal.
Oct 25, 2017
Actually, calling their concepts "cute" may have been a mistake on my part. I enjoy cute stuff like that Oh My Girl Banana and Orange Carmel. Like Gfriend, they were more "innocent", and that's what bothered me. They were too pure for my liking 😅