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Oct 25, 2017
With only 5.5 marriages for every 1000 people last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that the government gave them financial encouragement to tie the knot and be babymaking role models to help save the nation’s future.


Nov 21, 2017
Hi. Baby darlings. Im new to kpop era. I'm very interested in kpop for their awesome fanchant on stage. After all these time, one that stands out the most to me is BoA since she was a juror in P101. It turns out she is very magnificant. On 101 she is just kinda like a normal musician, on stage she is like dancing machine


Oct 25, 2017
Oh My Girl "Secret Garden" spoiler teaser and, I think it wasn't posted, album teaser
I don't like saying this because <3 OMG, but I'm wary of that single. Teaser and all, but it's lacking the OMG sound (even shown in their lighter songs). I know you've got to expand a sound, but I just don't want a GFriend/Lovelyz/April doppleganger.
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Nov 16, 2017
IU Cover Remake - With the Heart to Forget You (Dedicated to the late Kim Kwang Suk) T_T


Nov 21, 2017
So BoA 's coming back in Korea with a track this mooonth
Yesssss for new BoA. I wouldn't mind another Camo.
Yup SM just confirmed she will make a comeback

Her last album comeback was such slayage I can't wait ^_^
Holy shiiet!! Talking about the devil, she is indeed doing a comeback album. I hope it is going to slay. Kiss My Lips is very phenomenal album, the only problem is the lead track in that album is not public friendly


Nov 16, 2017
Holy shiiet!! Talking about the devil, she is indeed doing a comeback album. I hope it is going to slay. Kiss My Lips is very phenomenal album, the only problem is the lead track in that album is not public friendly
Yea I like the album but not the title track: Kiss My Lips, thou she did do it justice in one of the live Inkigayo ^_^

So Majestic and Angelic ^_^


Oct 26, 2017
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Just listened to most of the songs released this week.

Lower - So good. I’ve been thirsting for a good f(x) club banger and Lunber is here to deliver. There’s not much singing but hey, the beat is great.

Paint Me - The lyrics were beautiful and their vocals were on point, but it’s not very memorable. The MV felt kinda rushed too (the lip-sync was terrible).

Bboom Bbom - I love how self-aware this is. The chorus is catchy and overall it was a fun song. I don’t know much about Momoland but I’m checking their other stuff after this.


Oct 25, 2017
Oh My Girl "Secret Garden" dance teaser


Fell back into an Infinite hole a few weeks back, so I'm hoping for good things from this upcoming album.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm so torn about Blackpink House. On one hand its really cool to have a reality show of one of my favorite active groups on the other hand....Blackpink still hasn't had a proper Album release.


Nov 21, 2017


Oct 29, 2017
Better late then never. There's really no order aside from the top more likely being played than the on the bottom and took as many great songs of an artists as I wanted. Doesn't really make sense to ignore something when their releases overshadow many other songs.

part 1 said:
IU - Through the Night
IU - Autumn Morning
IU - Dear Name
IU - Love Alone
IU - Jam Jam
SOMA - Dear.
SOMA - Someday (ft. YunB)
SOMA - Face Me (feat. Kidd King)
SOMA - Lie (ft. Hanscur)
SOMA - Midnight in Paris
9Muses - Remember
9Muses - Love City
T-ara - What's my name?
T-ara - Reload
Bolbbalgan4 - Some
Eyedi - Type (E) (ft. Mario Winans)
Eyedi - Best Mistake (korean)
HA:TFELT (Ye Eun) - Read Me
Heize - Don't know you
Heize - You, Clouds, Rain (feat. Shin Yong-jae)
Coda Bridge - Come to my heart
Coda Bridge - Go Own Way
Coda Bridge - Lovely Day
Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) - Pattern
Subin (Dal Shabet) - 그네/Geune
Subin (Dal Shabet) - 동그라미의 꿈/Donggeulamiui Kkum
Subin (Dal Shabet) - Strawberry
Subin (Dal Shabet) - Dal
Sunmi - Gashina
Younha - RescuE
Younha - 종이비행기 (Hello) (Feat. pH-1)
Joohee - Imma
We Are The Night - No Thank You
LE (EXID) - Velvet
Hani (EXID) - Milk
Hoody - Can't Wait
Red Velvet - Kingdom Come
Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo
Brave Girls - Rollin'
Sonamoo - I knew it
part 2 said:
CLC - Call My Name
EXID - Boy
Taemin - MOVE
MISO - Take Me
Odd Eye Circle (Loona) - Sweet Crazy Love
Qri (T-ara) - Diamond
Suzy - Pretend
Hyomin (T-ara) - Ooh La La
Highlight - Plz Don't Be Sad
Overclass - Letz Do It (Prod. by K JUN)
DIA - There Is No Time (Huihyeon featuring Kim Chung-ha)
G-Dragon - That XX
Sistar - Lonely
Kim Chung-Ha - Week
Epik High - Here Come The Regrets (ft. Lee Hi)
Sik-K - party (Shut Down)
Girl's Day - Don't Be Shy
DIA - LO OK (S Ver.)
Mandy/KimSeung_A - Light
Mandy/KimSeung_A - Deep Night
Mandy/KimSeung_A - Real Love
Han Gi Ran - What are you talking about
KimLip (Loona) - Eclipse
HA:TFELT - I Wander
Dreamcatcher - Chase Me
Byul (ft. Junoflo)- Leaves
Blackpink - So Hot (THEBLACKLABEL Remix)
Blackpink - As If It's Your Last
Chuu (Loona) - Heart Attack
Taemin - Thirsty
Sik-K - Ring Ring
Primary - Night Flower (ft. Car, The Garden)
Suran - Walking
DIA - Kiss ME (S Ver.)
IU - Can't Love You Anymore
IU - Palette (solo ver.)
IU - Sleepless rainy night
Joohee - 여배우
Joohee - She's Mine
part 3 said:
Joohee - Bad Dream
DIA - I need healing (L.U.B Ver.)
DIA - You Are My Flower (with Kim Yeon Ja, Hong Jin Young)
Eyedi - Sign (ft. Loopy)
Eyedi - The Night (feat. SKULL)
KARD - Because
KARD - Don't Recall
KARD - Hola Hola
Jun. K (ft. Somi) - From November to February
Odd Eye Circle (Loona) - Starlight
Taeyeon - I Got Love
Seohyun - Magic
CLC - I Like It
EXID - Night Rather Than Day
Hyoyeon - Wannabe (ft. San E)
GFriend - Fingertip
Stellar - Why Me
Stellar - Archangels of the Sephiroth
Kim Chung-Ha - Why Don't You Know" (ft. Nucksal)
Red Velvet - Little Little
Red Velvet - Red Flavor
Red Velvet - Attaboy
Baek A Yeon - Sweet lies (ft. The Barberettes)
Baek A Yeon - If There's No Call
Nu'est W - Where You At
Hyolyn (ft Changmo) - Blue Moon
Exy (WJSN) & Lovey - BTS' 'Blood Sweat & Tears' X EXO's 'Lotto' (Cover)
Coda Bridge - Lovers in Bloom OST Part.21
BTS - MIC Drop
Suzy - Yes? No? Maybe
Kassy - Dream
Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) - 종이별의 꿈 (Paper Star's Dream)
HyunA - Babe
Super Junior - Black Suit
WJSN - Happy
Sohee - Spotlight
Overclass - Coreana (ft. Ja Mezz) (Prod. by LOBOTOME)
Overclass - Think About You (ft. GIANT PINK) (Prod. by K JUN)
Overclass - Good Night (Prod. by CRYBABY)
Block B - Shall We Dance
Gavy NJ - An Obvious Melo
Juniel - Merry-Go-Round
Hello Venus - Mysterious
Kasper - Lean On Me
Got7 - Never Ever
Gummy - Tip For Love
Highlight - It's Still Beautiful
Also my favourite albums of the year. Super sad to see 4/5 of them being mostly ignored by the public. SOMA even released two amazing EPs in '17.

IU - Palette
SOMA - The Letter
Subin (ex Dal Shabet) - Circle's Dream
Coda Bridge - Already a Year
Joohee - psychotherapy


Oct 28, 2017
Speaking of Twice, what is their best live performance of 'Likey'?
I would say their last promotional fan sign for Likey had the best performance since there were a couple of good high resolution fancams that look and flow so much better than the stage performances released on youtube.

This one was the only one still on my watch later list, but I'm prettie sure the others are not hard to find for this event.

Edit: this one was good too, you're literally there:

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Oct 29, 2017
Those fuckers.

"We had a beautiful parting with T-ara." right after releasing this statement. "We have applied to register a trademark for the name T-ara. We believe that we are justified in applying for this trademark as the [former] agency [of the group].”

Pity about the producers and DIA tho, they just don't seem to have any prolific members. Not interested in Chaeyeon, as she's purely visual. Why didn't they do so with Davichi?

They could join Highlights own Around Us Ent to give them the big middle finger.

new is so gooood.

In other LOONA news, aside from the new girl this month, we are getting the 3rd subunit reveal.
Yesss. Incredible how they seem to surpass themselves with each following sub unit.
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Oct 26, 2017
Yoona for Hyori's Bed n Breakfast? Hmm. Big name obviously but is she any interesting? Feel like this show should just go ahead if IU's in it.


Oct 26, 2017
Haven’t watched the show so I don’t know if she’ll be a good fit, but Yoona generally does well in varieties.
Not really a traditional variety show. Not much happens, no activities or games... highlights of the first season were self-examining reflections on life, love and art, buoyed by the gentle but differing personalities of Hyori, IU and Sang Soon.