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Kamala Harris is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race

Ziltoidia 9

Oct 25, 2017
I was expecting all these people to stay in until Iowa at least, I feel it is interesting that there have been so many good candidates that have dropped. I feel if Biden wasn't in it, there would be much more fresh blood in the 'top tier'.

Edit: I say "good" even though I disagree a lot with her.


Nov 8, 2017
nationally she's at like 3.4% lol

Booker, Klobuchar, and Castro should go next. Basically, everyone but Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg should get packing. Bloomberg will get his chance too, but he'll be gone at some point. I suspect Yang and Tulsi will hang around for attention since they don't care about winning.
Oct 25, 2017
Shit candidate. She couldn't even stick the knife into Mayo Pete before she left by just ignoring that layup to slam dunk his ass on his Douglass Plan fake black people. She probably wants a cabinet position


Oct 31, 2017
All I wanted her to do was to hurt Biden before she drops out, but she couldn't even do that well. More flip-flopping than John Kerry.
Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta GA
So it's gonna be down to Warren / Sanders / Biden for the finals, eh?
Hard to tell. If Buttigeg gains momentum after Iowa instead of cratering like I previously thought was likely, then he and Bernie will be fighting to take down Biden.

I'm gonna be completely fucking honest: this shit caught me off guard and I laughed really hard. I have never seen this before holy hell haha. Is that part where she is locking the kid up a Photoshop?
I can't believe you have to ask that. We are so fucked by Deepfakes in the coming years.


I don’t know what you’re talking about
Oct 25, 2017
I really hope so but his momentum is worrying

at least kamala's support won't help him even if they all move over lol

3.4% nationally, you hate to see it
Andrew Yang is polling 3 times higher with black people than Pete in Southern States, and Yang's black support is 3%


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Good stuff. At one point I was interested in her but she has seriously fallen off. Hopefully this signals to the other no-chance candidates that it's time to drop out too.


Oct 25, 2017
Yup. Going in a few moths ago I thought she'd at least make top 5. All the others polling lower than her at this point should consider doing that too.
Oct 25, 2017
Brooklyn, NY
good riddance. can't believe I thought she was the one to beat going in (I mean, I can, the logic behind her candidacy made sense on paper, it just didn't play out that way at all in the real world)

wonder where the KHive will go, given that a lot of them (though not all) seem to hate Warren almost as much as they do Bernie


Oct 25, 2017
Andrew Yang is polling 3 times higher with black people than Pete in Southern States, and Yang's black support is 3%
like I said I'm hopeful but worried. if he pulls out an early win or two who the fuck knows what's going to happen. biden ain't it, bernie would need abnormal turnout from young people, and warren, seemingly the one to do it, has faded a little bit as of recent which has coincided with pete's rise

I'll exhale when it's in hindsight, until then I'm not taking anything off the table


Oct 27, 2017
At the start of the year, if you forced me, I’d have bet on her being the nominee. An expert prognosticator I am not


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Took her long enough. Her campaign was an utter mess barring a few nice soundbites and wasted almost all the potential and momentum she had.


Oct 25, 2017
Gabbard fucking merced her at that debate. Harris was challenged on her record of locking up people on bullshit marijuana charges, of threatening moms, and denying people access to exonerating evidence. And she had fuck-all to say about it.

Tulsi still in the race. LOL! Ironic.