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Kamala Harris is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race


Oct 25, 2017
Yeah sure not like she was a shit tier candidate that was only capable of being tough on the most already unfortunate people in the country (like all prosecutors) who flubbed every single message and flip flopped weekly on what her campaign was supposed to be while polling below Andrew Yang
You know what, your glib post is right! it's not like it couldn't be both, as well a multitude of other factors. After all, it's not like I directly acknowledged that she had numerous issues in the very post you quoted, genius.

As well, quantum racism intersected with misogyny is a scientific known so it couldn't ever be apportioned to any of the misgivings a single person has against her.

To be serious, notice how I didn't say it was exclusively hatred. It's an opportunity for people to analyze their their own biases and positions, SamusRibWich. Reading would do you well.


Herald of Stoptimus Crime
Oct 25, 2017
Now if Tulsi could drop out too, that would be great. Her only accomplishment this entire campaign was going full Shang Tsung on Copmala


Oct 25, 2017
Los Angeles
I was a fan at first, but reading more on her stint here in California as DA and AG makes me question her positions on a lot of things.


Oct 28, 2017
Of all the campaigns that have/will fail to nab the nomination, this is the one that I'm most interested to see the postmortem/tell all on. She seemed like she was well positioned to run with the top few candidates at least until primaries started (where her record may start to have a bigger impact), instead from what we know already her campaign was a mess and a half.


Oct 25, 2017
Booker, Klobuchar, and Castro should go next. Basically, everyone but Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg should get packing. Bloomberg will get his chance too, but he'll be gone at some point. I suspect Yang and Tulsi will hang around for attention since they don't care about winning.
Klobuchar has a pulse in Iowa at least.

Booker/Castro never got traction

Bennet should have dropped out a long time ago

Patrick/Bloomberg got in way, way too late

Delaney/Steyer are vanity candidates.

Tulsi is a Russian stooge

Williamson is a joke

Yang is a meme candidate (who is bringing up automation which is good)
Oct 27, 2017
Great, if only steyer and Bloomberg didnt join. Can’t wait for Klob, Yang and Booty to drop out. Get this shit to the big 3 already.


Oct 25, 2017
Worth a rewatch for those who missed it:

You're in a Democratic presidential primary, Kamala. You had to expect that this was going to come. And still you fumbled the ball. How embarrassing. Gabbard needs to drop out too, mind you, but this was like the Chris Christie/Marco Rubio "robot" moment from 2016.
that ether was so strong it was insane

Coyote Starrk

The Fallen
Oct 30, 2017
DFW, Texas
Warren and Sanders are the only people that I personally support.

But obviously I will vote for whoever runs against Trump. At this point a literal empty suit would be a better option than that racist PoS.


Oct 25, 2017
“Memes shitposting about flawed candidates are actually Russian psy-ops”

We truly live in the dumbest fucking nation in the dumbest fucking moment of history.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
This is what happens when you use all of your MP in the first battle and don't bring any ethers for the rest of the journey.

Video game references aside, I thought she might hang in until Iowa/NH but the campaign was crumbling. But don't worry everyone, Steyer qualified for the December debate today so that spot on the podium was filled quickly lol.


Jan 25, 2018
Considering the impeachment senate trial, she wouldn't have been able to campaign much in January when it happens. Cory Booker needs to leave as well, hes been polling around her numbers and worse in some cases.

It is unfortunate that she spent a lot of time trying to raise money, yet Bloomberg spent millions of dollars this last week, without putting the effort that she or other candidates put to raise small dollar contributions.

Hope her supporters move to Warren.


Nov 11, 2017
Yeah she wasn’t my pick but her bodying Biden in the first debate then immediately backing down from the issue raised was wild to me
She was in the anti-Goldilocks zone, where she really wasn’t satisfying to anybody and so didn’t have a hard core of support not ability to try different strategies to win new cohorts. She probably would be a decently competitive general election candidate, but she’s a bad primary candidate.


Oct 29, 2017
I for one am disappointed that she will be unable to fulfill her strongest campaign promise of getting Donald freaking Trump banned from Twitter


Oct 25, 2017
Sanders folks took her out. They attack every single candidate that isn't theirs. Boy I can't wait for him to drop out too. You deserved better Kamala.

Yeah sure not like she was a shit tier candidate that was only capable of being tough on the most already unfortunate people in the country (like all prosecutors) who flubbed every single message and flip flopped weekly on what her campaign was supposed to be while polling below Andrew Yang
it surely can't be this, anyone who hates her is a 4chan shitposter amirite


Oct 30, 2017
Harris’ campaign made some head scratching decisions over the summer. And her tepid responses to criticism from the left on her DA/AG record was incredibly frustrating. Still, I had hoped she could hang out at least until the final five.

The fact that Andrew Yang, Marianne Williamson, and Tulsi Gabbard are still in this race while Kamala Harris is out is nauseating.