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Kansas Man requests 'trial by combat'(with 12 weeks for a training arc) with Japanese swords to settle dispute with Iowa ex-wife


I don’t know what you’re talking about
Oct 25, 2017

A Kansas man has asked an Iowa court to grant his motion for trial by combat so he can meet his ex-wife and her attorney "on the field of battle where (he) will rend their souls from their corporal bodies."

David Ostrom, 40, of Paola, Kansas, claims in court documents that his ex-wife, Bridgette Ostrom, 38, of Harlan, has "destroyed (him) legally."

He asked the Iowa District Court in Shelby County to give him 12 weeks "lead time" in order to source or forge katana and wakizashi swords, as first reported by the Carroll Times Herald.
Kansas Man coming strong in 2020


Oct 25, 2017
Kansas Man will think he's winning before his ex-wife reveals she's only using 10% of her power.


Oct 25, 2017
Hudson filed a resistance to the trial by combat motion by first correcting Ostrom's spelling.

"Surely (Ostrom) meant 'corporeal' bodies which Merriam Webster defines as having, consisting of, or relating to, a physical material body," the attorney wrote. "Although (Ostrom) and potential combatant do have souls to be rended, they respectfully request that the court not order this done."

Hudson argued that because a duel could end in death, such ramifications likely outweigh those of property tax and custody issues.

"It should be noted that just because the U.S. and Iowa constitutions do not specifically prohibit battling another person with a deadly katana sword, it does prohibit a court sitting in equity from ordering same," Hudson wrote.


The MandaloRIAN
Oct 24, 2017
Can confirm that after 12 weeks of training you'd still suck, ya noob

...But what's with the Geralt pics in the article 😂

Stop It

Oct 25, 2017
I'm guessing the judge is going to get him committed? Because yikes.

"To this day, trial by combat has never been explicitly banned or restricted as a right in these United States," Ostrom argues in court records, adding that it was used "as recently as 1818 in British Court."

That's 200 years ago, not 20 past 6, you dummy.


Oct 26, 2017
Pensacola, Fl
(Iowaman has entered discord chat)

"Can someone help me lvl up and git gud? I have a raid boss, my ex wife. She does 1k proc on my finances and 2k DOT fire dmg on my sanity and I can't get a single consumable to help the pain."