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Katy Perry's 'Blackface' shoes pulled from Walmart/Dillard's

Oct 29, 2017
While intentions indeed have no bearing on whether an action or behavior is racist, I'm failing to see the institution element. My understanding is that would be in reference to racism borne out of laws and other underlying systems of a society. This just seems to be just plain racism, whether by ignorance or actually taking inspiration from those shows.
I was aware of her other incidents until now so I'll agree that this is straight racism.
Oct 29, 2017
You can't put a shitty face on shitty shoes now in case......

....Come on, banning some of this stuff is just handing ammo to the "Freedom of speech" racists. Pick your battles.
Those "free speech" types think everything is ammo. Fuck them. The notion that trying to work against racism in any form is somehow a negative because some alt-right idiots with zero concept of the Constitution might get mad is backwards as hell.

Also, don't be disingenuous. The shoes are straight up blackface. Don't handwave that shit.
Jan 17, 2018
outrage marketing

when's the last time anyone thought about katy perry
Without this, would any of us even know she has a shoe line?

By which I mean, I think they know this will cause controversy, and that's why they did it.
Ding ding ding she just released a new song

Need wrestling era to translate what just happened . Something about shoots and marks?