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    More at the link
  2. Your life is over and your abuser is now in the highest court in the country. Literal nightmare.
  3. NYR


    ...and unfortunately she will the rest of her life. Took real courage to do what she did.

    Example - Anita Hill got a call from Clarence Thomas’ wife just a few years ago demanding an apology.
  4. Volimar


    And why wouldn't she when Trump treats Kavanaugh's appointment as if it were proof she made it up?
  5. She was going to receive threats no matter what, and will probably continue to receive harassment for the rest of her life.

    It sucks.
  6. maxxpower


    This makes me want to punch things.
  7. Khanimus


    I cant imagine the fucking hell she must be experiencing seeing that worthless creep brought into the Supreme Court
  8. Denamitea


    The lesson here is to not come out if you are a victim of sexual harassment as it will not only not bring consequence to the perpetrator but will also put yourself in further danger.

    What a fucking sad situation and setback for this piece of shit country.
  9. darkwing


    I wonder what women think of those women senators who voted for the rapist
  10. 5taquitos


    A shockingly high percentage of (white) women voted for those senators and other GOP senators and the president and kfjajormdheijsbwiy3hsndjow

    *has stroke*
  11. Powdered Egg

    Powdered Egg

    Wtf?? That is Petty and obsessive on Missus Thomas's part.
  12. darkwing


    what is going on in America
  13. Surfinn


    So Ford is probably going to be harassed and threatened for the rest of her life.

    Can we see how Kav's life is still being impacted? I thought his life was ruined and his name dragged through the mud?
  14. carlsojo


    We've all died and gone to Hell.
  15. mbpm


    But he can't coach little league anymore!

    He's too busy lording over us as Supreme Court Justice.
  16. psychowave


    "rape accusations ruin men's lives"
  17. Omegasquash


    Too real.
  18. -PXG-


    And the outcome? Fewer women will want to come forward. Why would they, if the result is your abuser getting away, and in some cases, getting rewarded and receiving threats against your own life?

    Unfair is an understatement here.
  19. Absent


    "You're an equal in our society."

    "To the extent we need you."
  20. Khaos Prime

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    I mean...for every Trump and Kavanaugh, there is a man that was imprisoned, career ruined or had their reputation destroyed over a false rape accusation.
  21. TheMan


    Yeah, seems like it wasn’t worth it in the end. I guess the fact that she tried counts for something? Really sucks.
  22. I’ve read that the White House’s recently released report on her case claims that she admitted to making the claims up later, so I can see that contributing to an increase in threats by MAGA chuds
  23. shnurgleton


    This poor woman

    We don't deserve her
  24. Extra Sauce

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    She sacrificed herself for her country and her government turned their back on her.

    And that's the American Way.
  25. psychowave


    for every man that was imprisoned, career ruined or had their reputation destroyed over a false rape accusation, there's dozens of women who have been raped and have been silenced, either by society or by law enforcement.
  26. HylianSeven

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    I've called out every single person that unironically posted something along the lines of this on my Facebook feed. Fuck them.

    The other day someone shared an image that claimed the caravan was coming to the border to be there in time for election day to influence it for the democrats. I called it out and SHE DELETED THE POST! Sometimes calling these people out actually works.
  27. PBalfredo


    Source: your ass.
  28. HylianSeven

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    No one's denying that that actually does happen, it absolutely does.

    It's also extremely rare and miniscule compared to women reporting actual rapes and being told to shut up about it. There is zero reason to silence women just because "but what if they're false accusers!!!" The chance is overwhelmingly high they are telling the truth. Believe women.
  29. Pau

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    Curious where you're getting your 2:1 ratio of perpetrators going free to innocent men facing false imprisonment and/or negative career/reputation consequences.
  30. cameron


    It wasn't her. The Senate Judiciary released docs on a previously unknown person who went to the committee in private and associated herself to a Jane Doe letter about Kavanaugh. No one in congress found her to be credible. This unknown person latter recanted under questioning. Donald used that to suggest the main accusers were lying. His deplorable Roy Moore base ate it all up.

    NYT: ‘It Was All Fake,’ Trump Misleadingly Says of Kavanaugh Accusations

    CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — Some in the audience gasped in surprise when President Trump told them that “the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh” had recanted her allegations. “It was all fake,” he declared.

    Did Christine Blasey Ford really acknowledge making up an account of a sexual assault when she and Justice Kavanaugh were teenagers? No. Mr. Trump was referring to another accuser whose account never figured prominently in the highly charged debate over Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

    But by not naming her and by saying that “the” accuser had taken back her story, the president left the clear impression that he was talking about Dr. Blasey, the only accuser who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee as millions of Americans watched on television.

    The president’s carefully worded and misleading comments were a staple of his final weekend of campaigning before Tuesday’s midterm elections. At his rallies in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and here in Missouri, Mr. Trump seized on the case of another accuser most Americans never heard about, and did not himself name: Judy Munro-Leighton, who is said to have recanted her claim of sexual assault.


    After Dr. Blasey’s testimony, Ms. Munro-Leighton contacted the Senate Judiciary Committee in October. She claimed she was the author of an anonymous handwritten letter signed “Jane Doe” from Oceanside, Calif., alleging that Justice Kavanaugh and a friend “took turns raping me several times each” in the back seat of a car, according to the committee’s chairman, Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa.

    Under questioning by committee investigators last week, Mr. Grassley said, Ms. Munro-Leighton admitted she had never met Justice Kavanaugh and had not written the letter. She knew about it only because the committee had made it public and she claimed authorship because she “just wanted to get attention,” Mr. Grassley quoted her saying. “I was angry and I sent it out,” she said of her email asserting she was Jane Doe, according to Mr. Grassley.
  31. Cosmonaut X

    Cosmonaut X

    Then you've read wrong and are conflating Ford with another woman who came forward who later admitted to inventing her claims (and that other woman wasn't one of the several who made public accusations, and no-one seems to have put any weight on her false claims, except Grassley who is now holding her up as a false accuser and attempting to conflate her with the other more credible accusers - successfully, apparently, given that you've mixed the two up)
  32. But civilty, am I right?

    Haven't seen such a unashamed evil post in quite a while
  33. OrdinaryPrime


    I interpreted that post as there are only two men falsely accused which made me laugh.
  34. And people wonder why women don't come forward about these things and are so hesitant to tell their stories... This is precisely one of the many reasons why.
  35. WillyFive


    The new Dem house can't impeach Kavanaugh come January?
  36. Morrigan

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    Rape accusations ruin women's lives.

    Citation needed.
  37. NYR


  38. They could. But that's kinda pointless, as impeachment in the House is purely a symbolic gesture, really, and doesn't do much of anything by itself. For anything meaningful to happen, AKA a conviction/kicking someone off the court, etc, you also need 2/3 in the Senate, which Democrats don't have.
  39. Powdered Egg

    Powdered Egg

  40. Spartancarver


    Needs to be real repercussions for the filth sending her threats.

    God this country blows
  41. Waddle Dee

    Waddle Dee

    I feel so sorry for her. :(
  42. [​IMG]
  43. Squarehard


    Can't tell if serious, or just incredibly ignorant and dense.
  44. Idolvo


    Truly gut wrenching, poor woman tried to do the right thing and the GOP laughed in her face.
    Now their cronies keep attacking her.
  45. Mesoian



    See this everyone? This right here is why women don't feel safe around men.

    This right here.

    "Women get it bad but they're just as bad if not worse than men! WHY SHOULD WE TRUST THEM! THEY'RE ALL LIARS!"

    The same thing that has always gone on in america.

    This shit ain't new, we just never used to talk about it.
  46. Rivenblade


    In case people were wondering "Why don't more women just come forward?"
  47. Disco Stu

    Disco Stu

    This view is bullshit. You should be ashamed.
  48. Mesoian


    That was a different person who the dems also found to be uncreditable.
  49. Lundren


    Damn, can you believe how bad things would be if rape culture was a real thing?
  50. Mesoian


    Yeah. IMAGINE.