Keanu Reeves was ‘blown away’ by fan reaction to E3 appearance


Nov 1, 2017
Makes me wonder if he'll pop up at other times to promote the game. A commercial would be great.

I just said a commercial would be about crazy.


Jun 12, 2019
I chime in the positive movement :)
One can tell he is a genuinely nice guy, all testimonies converge, fame didn't spin his head.
Embrace the love Mr Fusion (i think i remember that was his code), and fly with it.


Oct 31, 2017
Not America
One day, I hope to buy one the more exclusive bikes from his company to meet him and give him an acrylic painting. I know he jokingly replied, "Gravity" when asked how he is so grounded/down to earth but as someone who has seen power corrupt many, I would love to know what was his strategy to remain as decent of human being as he still is.


Oct 25, 2017
Honestly the best thing of E3 this year. Sucks that such an awesome event is being tainted by CDPR fuckery but at this point I expect that out of the company now.

Dash Kappei

Nov 1, 2017
I briefly “met” KR on the subway in London when working at Squeenix more than 10 years ago.
He was in a bit of “undercover” mode, baseball cap over his eyes and everything, I noticed it was him (of course) but said nothing, I just smiled at him and did the “shush” thing with my index finger over my mouth and kinda winked. We got off at the same station and I didn’t want to bother him or blow his “cover” so I went my way, but when we were getting past the ticket barriers (Liverpool St. Station) he approached me and said “thanks dude, awesome shirt btw, rooting for ya!”.

I replied “I always knew you were awesome” lol

I was wearing Italy’s FIFA WC 2006 jersey and just the day before we drew 1-1 vs USA lol
You know how the story ends tho 🏆

Stay awesome Keanu.