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PS4 Controller Commands
  • Reszo

    Oct 31, 2017
    PS4 controller works pretty good on android, X - Basic Attack, Square - Skill 1, Triangle - Skill 2, Circle - Skill 3. R2 - Dodge, R1 - Special, Share Button - Pause, Options - Toggle Auto and Manual Mode. Left analogue to move. Don't believe there is a button to activate tagging and block though

    Edit: Okay so L2 + R2 is block
    L2 + Triangle is Tag 2
    L2 + O is Tag 1
    L2 + Square summons Striker
    L2 + X uses Supporter

    So full controller support with PS4 Controller
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    Tier List
  • Chrono

    Oct 25, 2017
    Why is Halloween Kula so hyped? Is she as good as Orochi Iori?
    Orochi Iori is still better, but not by a whole lot. The good thing about Halloween Kula is her freeze, which can affect enemies with Super Armor, and the good thing about Halloween Angel is her poison (it's super potent when you max out all of her skills/level, allowing you to take chunks of the enemies' health off by simply applying it and evading).

    Here's Altema's tier list: