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Oct 25, 2017

Welcome all to Reset's official community for the Trails/Kiseki Series. This series has entertained us with Duvalie bullying, ultraviolence, and optimal bounce vectors for over 13 years. In this thread we'll vent about one of the greatest and most story intensive RPG series to date. Join us as we uncover a story spanning all of Zemuria.

Liberl Arc:

Sora no Kiseki FC
'Trails in the Sky' First Chapter


Trails in the Sky kicks off the whole series by following the adventures of Estelle and Joshua Bright, two fledgling Bracers on a journey across Liberl Kingdom. As they encounter comrades and obstacles along the way, they are also slowly unraveling a conspiracy that threatens the peaceful country.

Sora no Kiseki SC
'Trails in the Sky' Second Chapter

Picking up shortly after the end of Trails in the Sky FC Estelle sets off to in search for a missing loved one. As she reunites with her friends along the way she is also tasked with shining light on the mystery that is the Society of Ouroboros.

Sora no Kiseki the 3rd
'Trails in the Sky' the 3rd

Kevin Graham, traveling priest and friend of Estelle's party in Trails in the Sky SC, reunites with childhood friend (and squire) Ries Argent for an odd, insightful adventure into Zemuria's underbelly. The many dungeons in 3rd lead to a number of side-stories involving the cast from previous Trails in the Sky game, where characters are pushed to their limits while set-up for future plot arcs and the rest of Zemuria make their debuts.

Crossbell Arc:

Zero no Kiseki
PSP|PC|PS4 (JP - April 23rd)

Meet Lloyd Bannings and his band of misfits in the Special Support Section, a department specifically created to combat the bad reputation of Crossbell State Police among the citizens. Facing ridicules from outside and even inside the forces, they strive to root out the corruption entrenching the city.

Ao no Kiseki
PSP|PC|PS4 (JP - May 28th)
Several months after Zero, the Special Support Section faces newly encroaching threats, from outside and within Crossbell, as the West Zemurian Trade Conference looms on the horizon. They must face unfortunate odds to protect the safety of their home and Zemuria at large, as sovereignties fight to control Crossbell and criminal groups infiltrate the country to fulfill ominous plans.

Erebonia Arc:

Sen no Kiseki
'Trails of Cold Steel'

Steam | PS3 | PS4 (OT)

Newly enrolled into Thors Military Academy, Rean Schwarzer is hand-picked into Class VII, an experimental class of students from various backgrounds. Together, they navigate the political landscape of Erebonian Empire, an expansionist nation rife with classist tension between nobles and commoners.

Sen no Kiseki II
'Trails of Cold Steel' II

Steam (OT) | PS3 | PS4 (OT)
Some months after the beginning of civil war between provincial and state factions, Class VII reunites in order to protect citizens in Eastern Erebonia from harm. The nature of Rean's past comes further into focus, and Erebonian myths emerge from the threshold between daily life and forgotten corners of the Empire.

Sen no Kiseki III
'Trails of Cold Steel' III

PS4 (OT) | Steam (March 23rd 2020)
One and a half years after Class VII dissolved, Rean now teaches at Thors II, a new branch of the main academy where displaced and delinquent students study to enter Erebonia's swiftly modernizing military. He and his friends amicably parted to focus on their individual futures, but now must come together to challenge the status quo, old enemies, and the aftermath of war in Western Erebonia.

Sen no Kiseki IV: The End of Saga
'Trails of Cold Steel' IV: The End of Saga

PS4 (JP)

Prologue Manga

Kiseki General:

Nayuta no Kiseki

Our protagonist Nayuta Herschel and his childhood friend Cygna heads out to investigate a tower shaped ruin that recently toppled. At the top of the tower they encounter a fairy in possession of an important artifact called the Master Gear and with the ability to reactivate once dormant portals.

Nayuta no Kiseki is an action rpg released for the Playstation Portable. It has not story connection to the mainline Kiseki/Trails games yet. There is no official English release for Nayuta.

Akatsuki no Kiseki

Chloe Barnett, a Jenis Royal Academy dropout joins the Bracer Guild to follow her Idol Estelle Brights footsteps. With her companion Nacht Weiss who is a former Jager, they travel across Zemuria completing requests from guilds.

Akatsuki is a Spinoff gacha game on PS4,Vita, Switch and PC. The game is only in Japanese but can be easily accessed by making a JP PS4 account.

Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga

A fighting game released on PSP that features characters from Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky) and Ys interacting with one another.

Sora no Kiseki Kai

HD Remasters of the Sora no Kiseki games released on the PS3 in Japan.

Sen no Kiseki Kai: Thors Military Academy 1204 | The Erebonian Civil War

HD Remaster of Sen no Kiseki 1 and 2 releasing on the PS4. English versions are available on PS4 as well. Contains a turbo mode, upgraded sound quality and the ability to import your save file from the Vita/PS3 version.


Remakes of older Kiseki titles introducing tweaks to gameplay, full voice acting, and rearranged music. Currently only the Liberl (FC, SC, 3rd) and Crossbell (Zero, Ao) Arcs have an Evolution version.

Fan Translations and Spreadsheets:

Nayuta no Kiseki
‘Trails to Infinity’

A machine translated English Patch is already out for Nayuta no Kiseki. Its pretty rough and has many mistranslations and grammatical errors. There is a more cleaner English patch on the way by Wheat. You can check out updates on the project here.

Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution
'Trails in the Sky FC Evolution'

An English Patch for Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution which was released on the PSVita (With PSTV compatibility). It applies the XSeed translation alongside the Evolution exclusive content translated by the team themselves. Find out more information here

Zero no Kiseki
‘Trails From Zero’

An unedited English Patch was leaked earlier this year. Its extremely rough and only the main scenario seems to have the most work put into it. There is a fan translation in the works by known members in the Kiseki Community. You can check out updates here

Sen no Kiseki III

Spreadsheet created by Kitsune. Contains the main story, sidequests, green star events, and some of the bonding events.


ResetEra |OT|'s:
Sen no Kiseki IV |Import OT| By Nivorae
Sen no Kiseki III |Import OT| By Gu4n
Trails of Cold Steel II PC |OT| By Kvik
Trails of Cold Steel II PS4 |OT| By Vylash
Trails of Cold Steel III PS4 |OT| By Vylash

Kiseki Wikia

An ever expanding Wikia out there for all things Kiseki. It contains detailed character, locations and plot description to a massive compiled timeline and fanmade map of Zemuria. Visit the Wikia here

The Music of Kiseki

Falcom's one of the pioneers of video game music, especially for role-playing games, and their musicians (Sound Team jdk) work tirelessly to compose and arrange great background music (BGM) for this long-running series. From 2004 through 2017, Sound Team jdk's evolution and changes have taken the sound direction of Trails in different directions. Around six musicians left the sound team during this period, but only after five of them had contributed an impressive musical dimension to Zemuria, its characters, and their ongoing lives. All the while, Trails music reflects both past and present influences, from energetic and eclectic battle jams to luxuriously-arranged themes for events.

We've curated a sampler of some representative music from across the franchise, which you can listen to below. (Some tracks are so good, and late within the games, that it'd be a shame to spoil them for anyone new.) There's multiple ways to buy and/or listen to Falcom's music due to their free-use policy. The tracks below come from Falcom Music Channel, the largest and most comprehensive YouTube channel for Falcom music. Falcom streams most of their commercial albums on iTunes Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited, as well as Japan-specific media stores. You can buy albums digitally via iTunes and Amazon Music, as well as order the physica albums from Falcom's international store and affiliates.

Spoiler Guideline!:

Spoiler tag everything story related and label it with the titles you’re spoiling.

The series is extremely story-heavy and long, and many people value it for that. Please be considerate with each other.


Is it okay to start with <insert game here>?

A: The general rule is that it’s fine to start with the beginning of every arc, but not with the game in the middle of that arc. So you’d be fine with playing Trails of Cold Steel without Trails in the Sky first – you’d only miss some minor references and surprises. However, stay away from even starting Trails of Cold Steel II before finishing the first one; you’d be confused and heavily spoiled and we’d all laugh at you and feel bad.

Thank you to Preta(General suggestions/corrections), Scrooge McDuck (better quality Banners/Game Synopsis) and Pasokon Deacon (Game Synopsis) for all coming together to help out in the making of this OT.

Thank you to Gu4n for the Arc and General Kiseki banners.
Thank you to my friend Jordan for providing me with transparent logos for Evolution and Kai
Thank you to the members of the ResetEra and Reddit Falcom Discord as well.
Thank you to the contributors of:
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Oct 25, 2017
Devil Halton's Trap
oh shit what up

Here's to our inaugural OT! I expect great rants, Olivier jokes, and Mishy bashings. Please do not disappoint. One day we'll print out it all out and get President Kondo to autograph.


Oct 25, 2017
Will do NG+ for CS II when XSeed confirm they'll be handling CS III (it'd better be them, anyway).


Oct 25, 2017

Theme of this thread starting now and forever. Now where's my CS3 import OT thread?


Oct 25, 2017
I was more of a lurker in the old thread, but a frequent reader of all the delicious speculation. Thanks for the warm welcome in the Discord, really helped to get over these last few days. I'll probably be a bit more active here once I finish Zero&Ao (mid Act 3 of Zero at the moment) - but I put that game aside for a while to not burn out on Kiseki.

Palette Swap

The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
We’re back in business!

Imagine this thread will probably see the release of the Zero and Ao fantranslations, the English release of CS3, and the release of CS4. Good times ahead!
Oct 25, 2017
Devil Halton's Trap
A few more people from the old place might join the FalcomERA Discord this week or later, but it's a shame they won't be able to register and get in too soon. The server's not gonna invite anyone wanting to join from here until some time has passed, just for the record.

Imagine this thread will probably see the release of the Zero and Ao fantranslations, the English release of CS3, and the release of CS4. Good times ahead!
We'll see out the end of days if possible! For all I know, we're going to analyze the remake of Legend of Heroes III: White Witch once Falcom makes that.


Oct 25, 2017
I'll be happy if I can see all Eight Leaves practitioners fighting together in one place before I enter retirement home.
Oct 25, 2017
Devil Halton's Trap
Call me when we're at Kiseki-Epoch or some weird place.

To make amends for upsetting Erheller's ancestral spirits, I now invoke the track he wanted for the music picks which I honestly forgot about:


Oct 25, 2017
Did Guan make it to Reset? I need that inside scoop on the Zero translation.
Really great banner, Nasaku, just seeing it.


Oct 25, 2017
Berkeley, CA
Yay the Trails OT is up and beautiful. I never got the chance to post in the old one, was having too much fun lurking, but I'm playing (slowly) through Sen3 now and had to take a break to say hi here :)
Oct 25, 2017
Not sure how much I'll post, as my position means I tend to be a bit cautious about getting too involved, but it's great to have another Kiseki thread to lurk on :)

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The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I know the Venn diagram of people willing to play Sora FC Evo and wanting to get its platinum trophy is probably me, me and me, but just to share my experience with that plat:
- you can’t go for a full monster book and max BP in the same FC playthrough. It sucks when you realize that at the end of your NG+.
- the optional NG+ boss sucks a lot on Nightmare. The only pointers I’ve found on Japanese sites were “get these free DLC Zeram and spam them”. I’ve RNGed it to death and figured I’d beat it in a Normal NG++.
- it’s okay to hand in your Carnelia collection as long as you’ve read them. The reading trophy will pop up once you read the Liberl News Special issue.
- it’s easy to miss chests, particularly one at the beginning in Mistwald, that eventually becomes unavailable.


Oct 25, 2017
Which one of you did the 'Cold Steel III in the west announced, NISA localising' thread in the bad times? Own up!


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
This thread is a good incentive to finally finish 3rd. Good job on the OP!


Oct 25, 2017
My favorite community OT with some of my favorite humans. Glad we have it here now.

And just to make sure it's a Kiseki OT. Please Xseed announce CS3 and not another studio (at that point it'd be great if Falcom would just work more closely with Xseed I suppose it could help sales if there wasn't such a long time in between JPN and NA/EU release. I remember Kondo stating that the popularity rise in the west sounded important to him.


Oct 25, 2017
I had been waiting for this community thread to pop up, nice.

Still slowly going through the 3rd here.


Oct 25, 2017
Good OT, I loved how all the games are arranged in chronological order.

Hopefully the newcomers to the series (I expect a great influx once CS3 releases) will have no trouble on knowing where to start.

Anyways, Hello Kiseki community!


Oct 25, 2017
Might as well just call the site Recettear. FalcomERA has a good ring to it tho.


Oct 26, 2017
Thank you for linking to the Kiseki Wiki!

Also, re:OT. Last time I checked Akatsuki didn't work on PS4 (or Vita) unless you're in Japan.


Oct 25, 2017
Glad the thread is back!
Finally double dipped CS1 on PC. Amazing port. Can't wait to replay on the harder difficulties.

Haven't played through Ao yet though, so I have to get to that first.