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Oct 26, 2017
This is the end of a console generation. I don't think they will start a new huge arc, only to discard all the assets they built when PS5 comes out, like what they did with CS3. I think they will use the assets they current have to make a small arc that mostly set in Crossbell, and wait for PS5 launch. I think Yuna will be the lead. Falcom seems to be pushing her pretty hard.

I don't think they will remake anything though. These remakes are guaranteed to sell less than a new entry and they take a lot of work. Ao is a massive game.
Oct 25, 2017
I've been playing through Zero (currently halfway through Chapter 3) and it probably has my favorite tone and setting in the series.
I think they overdid it with the NPC dialogues though, it seems like there are more generic NPCs that aren't interesting and it's way more time consuming than in the other games. The harem stuff with Lloyd is really annoying too.

Also, I may be off-base but it seems like Falcom took a lot from Zero when they developed Tokyo Xanadu. It may be the fact that they're both in big cities, but there are common story elements too (like the group of punks or the mysterious masked character, that kind of stuff).
Oct 29, 2017
I'm really not convinced Falcom cares as long as whatever they release continues to sell.
They clearly do have an interest in getting their games out to a wider audience, but they're probably picking their battles. Not sure how the Ys games compare but the Kiseki series hasn't gotten it's breakout hit, much as it's getting traction in recent years.