Kotaku: Dark Souls 2 and 3 will eventually come to Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Meelow, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Cool, I guess. Looks like the remaster/porting trend is going to continue heavily even on to the Nintendo Switch :-\
  3. Braaier

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    Nice. Milking the franchise. Sell three games for $60 each or include all three games in one package for $60. Sucks for consumers.
  4. Spine Crawler

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    Yeah triology bundle doesnt make sense when they can charge separately.. why bother with 2 though?
  5. BoTalksGames

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    Awesome. I've only played Dark Souls 3 out of the trilogy so having the first two on Switch will be great. Plus I wouldn't mind replaying DS3 again either.
  6. Maxey

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    Shortly after release, there will be many reports of increased rage on the streets.
  7. Alexander DeLarge

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    I know this is about the Switch but Bandai Namco can get fucked if they think it's okay to sell Dark Souls 2 with the lighting system in tact after people have bought it twice. It should be a free update for Scholar of the First Sin on PS4/Xbox One/PC.

    It was really shitty of them to butcher the game to accommodate the consoles that couldn't handle it 3-4 months before launch but I mean if they really had to, they should have put it back in for Scholar of the First Sin (which was next gen/PC only and could have easily handled it considering it was running at 20FPS at the trade shows in 2013).
  8. Xando

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    They're gonna make you pay 70€ for each one of them
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    Because gamer hyperbole aside it's a fantastic game. It also has the best PVP and mechanics in the series.
  10. Scrawnton

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    Because dark souls 2 is a great game regardless of how it compares to the other Souls games. The worst souls game is still a fantastic game in my book.

    its my favorite souls game, the remaster of it killed my liking of bloodborne
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    While one of the weakest Souls games, aside from PVP, it's still a pretty good game.
  12. bane833

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    DS3 is going to run terribly if they don´t make severe graphic cutbacks.
  13. Joker13

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    DS1 with DS3's lighting sounds pretty fucking awesome
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    DS trilogy on switch? Nice.
  15. cw_sasuke

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    Porting these games to Switch isnt just a simple button press. It takes time and effort.
    Also you arent getting the file size of all 3 games on a retail release for Switch anytime soon.

    Okay now continue bitching about Bamco because they arent Wizards.
  16. GulAtiCa

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    Sweet! I love the DS series. Esp, Dark Souls 2.
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    Because some people like 2? It's definitely my favorite after 1.
  18. RockmanBN

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    Skyrim and DOOM were doing well. Even Xenoverse 2 for full price. You know they're going do the souls games full price.
  19. Frostman

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    I’ll be interested in how DS3 runs. Other than that, let’s see how greedy Bamco are going to be.
  20. Jawbreaker

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    Just be sure to note that this is only coming from one source, so while it's very possible, take it with a grain of salt.
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    Lol paying $60 for a game that came out like 4 years ago? Miss me with that.

    But I’m interested in seeing how it runs on the switch v
  22. Maxey

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    Depending on how optimized the engine is in the first place, it shouldn't require as many cutbacks as DOOM.
  23. Braaier

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    Sure it would fit on one cart if they went with the 64 gb cart.
  24. fiendcode

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    Makes sense, they were never going to do a trilogy release with the selling power this franchise has.
  25. Proteus

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    I finished the first one so I will skip it but this might be the right format to try out 2 and 3.
  26. GUTS

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    Good. Bring them in. Never had a chance to play DS properly on my PC and it would be super nice to be able to play DS on the go.
  27. Proteus

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    Kotaku states multiple sources. I expect they did their cross referencing.
  28. BossAttack

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    But, what about Demon's Souls?!
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    Consumers who thinks a game is too expensive can wait until the games price fall into an acceptable price range.
  30. cw_sasuke

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    Fit on cards that dont exist yet ? Sounds like a solid plan for a May release.
  31. Nintenleo

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    These games on the go would be a dream come true.

    Praise Namco, praise the Chibi.
  32. Gamesgbkiller

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    so many many news
  33. Crayolan

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    That's unfortunate.
  34. Maxey

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    That's a Sony exclusive.
  35. John Bender

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    More like 3 threads about the same thing.
    We have to ask Sony. It's their game.
  36. Novocaine

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    Please run good please run good please run good.
  37. Roytheone

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    Will be interesting to see dark souls 3 in handheld mode. I would imagine it would have some pretty big downgrades to make it run decently.
  38. DrROBschiz

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    Oh snap look who dropped this bomb!


    Shes back baby!
  39. Shauni

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    Even on? The Switch is a new platform and these games have never been on Nintendo hardware at all.
  40. fiendcode

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    Multiple sources for DS1R and the direct, only one source on DS2-3 getting eventual Switch ports too.
  41. Jawbreaker

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    One source for DSII + III, unless I'm missing something.
  42. Russell

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    I hope the whole direct isnt dark souls related (still hoping for smash bros)
  43. bane833

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    Were talking about From here, so the engine is probably not that well optimized. And unlike Doom, they can´t just cut the framerate in half.
  44. L.O.R.D

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    i can't imagine DS3 running on switch.
  45. Merrill

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    My Switch purchase has been redeemed!


  46. Dancrane212

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    DOOM had the headroom of targeting 30fps on Switch where the game had been built to run at 60 on PS4/XB1 though.
  47. Tebunker

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    Hopefully they add something to the mix like Local MP? There needs to be something a little more Switch specific to make it worthwhile.

    I also don’t expect them to be $60 but probably $50.

    And no, I am not surprised at all that they’d release each game individually. Yall know sure as hell if you’re patient you’ll get them for much leas than full retail. You shouldn’t be rushing out to buy remasters of games you’ve played a bunch anyway.
  48. Alexander DeLarge

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    You're comparing some of the most scalable, technically competent tech to From Software's engine. Doom is not a reference point. It is the extremely rare exception.
  49. FrostyLemon

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    It makes sense that they wouldn't go a trilogy just for Switch, otherwise they have to explain to PS4 and Xbox fans why they aren't getting one. You'll get a trilogy in a couple of years I reckon.
  50. Mr.Deadshot

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    49.99 with all DLC included is my guess.

    But man, if true, this gen really is remaster-gen. WTF?