Kotaku: Dark Souls 2 and 3 will eventually come to Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Meelow, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. AHA-Lambda

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    Hasn't Laura Kate been saying this since the Switch's announcement?
  2. LuigiV

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    I don't need 2 or 3. Dark Souls 1 on the go is enough.
  3. Thraktor

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    It strikes me as a little strange that they'd have two separate companies handle the Switch and PS4/XBO ports. Even if the Switch couldn't handle any of the improved lighting or rendering, it should be able to use much higher res textures than the original PS360 release, so hopefully the Switch team gets access to them.
  4. Alexander DeLarge

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    She's been saying a lot of things.
  5. Maxey

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    Lol Ok Ok, nevermind what I said then.
  6. IIFloodyII

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    I mean people can just not buy it, games go on sale. Not sure how giving the Switch audience the option is bad for consumers either.
  7. Ferrs

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    All Souls series portable makes the Switch more interesting to me...
  8. SCB360

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    I will happily support the Trilogy coming to switch, a lot of people missed out and tbh, I see DS as what a 3D Castlevania should have been so it has a place with Nintendo

    Although I wonder if it'll be the original DS2 or SotFS if they do all 3
  9. HStallion

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    Blight Town's performance is gonna be interesting to see on the Switch
  10. Ferrs

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    Surely sotfs only.
  11. Birdseye

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    Will the Switch eventually have an exclusive hack and slash game by FROM Software?
  12. Fleet of Foot

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    This is the right format to try out Dark Souls 2? Not the other console versions, which have been out for years, and run at 60fps, and are regularly on sale for $20 or less?
  13. Proteus

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  14. Braaier

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    I'm just thinking of how doom did. All signs point to it not doing great, and a lot of that has to do with a $60 price point. Even if from prices ds at $40 I think it would do much better
  15. Chauzu

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    Is the concept of portability really so foreign to so many.
  16. Proteus

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    My bad.
  17. SuperSah

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    DS1 should run fine, and it should be 60fps too but DS3 will be fun to see on our favourite little tablet :P
  18. Shauni

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    What signs are you talking about?
  19. Memento

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    • User has been warned: console warrior drive-by trolling. Maybe let's wait for this hypothetical game to exist first and then make conclusions about its technical aspects.
    I can already see the Dark Souls 3 framerate threads...

    Smooth 10 fps.
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    I can't imagine Dark Souls 3 in portable mode. It already struggles on the Xbox One so I really hope they do a good job porting it
  21. BlacJack

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    Lol holy cow man, let go. They only mention Dark Souls ONE with Dark Souls THREE's lighting system. If Dark Souls TWO does get a lighting update as well, then it will probably be THREE's.

    I can't believe people are still hanging this over From with almost no evidence the other lighting system was even functioning...
  22. Fleet of Foot

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    I have a Switch and the idea of playing Dark Souls on that small screen isn't appealing. Hope it's good for people who want it, though.
  23. hussien-11

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    If they are bringing the first one, they will bring the whole series probably.
  24. KHlover

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    Yup. Dark Souls 3 is a surprisingly demanding game. Really interested in how a Switch version will look like, my laptop that could run DS2 SOTFS native res with 60fps struggled to reach two-digits fps in Dark Souls 3 and not even dropping the res to an ungodly low value and using various hacks to decrease the LOD of models and basically remove textures ever got the fps above 20. I wouldn't want to be the studio porting DS3 to Switch lol.
  25. Raijinto

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  26. Arkeband

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    If Switch owners paid full price for Skyrim on Switch, I don’t wanna hear a single solitary fuckin’ peep about Dark Souls’ price.
  27. SuperSah

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    unreliable as fuck lol

    TRUE ORDER Member

    I've only played Bloodborne so this could be the chance to give a thid game a shot
  29. Tzarscream

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    I finished Dark Souls 3, played about a third of DS1 and never played any DS2.

    I'd happily play DS1 on my Switch, no problem, need to finish that sucker up anyway and hopefully they'll have fixed the frame rate in blight town....

    Also I'm fine with all the ports for Switch, there's loads of games last Gen I'd like to play In a portable fashion so hope they keep the port train running.
  30. Forkball

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    I heard multiple people spread the rumor that Odyssey was day one and Zelda was later. I have no idea how anyone could jump to that conclusion even as early as October 2016 considering we literally had hours of Zelda footage at that point and five seconds of Mario.

    As for the topic, $50-60 each is a hard buy. I enjoy all three of these games and if it's your first time around I recommend picking them up, but you can get them for much, much cheaper on PC. It should be telling to see what new things are added to the DS Remaster. I might be tempted if it had actual new areas and gameplay features.
  31. Alexander DeLarge

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    Well it's extremely clear that many areas were designed with the lighting system in mind. The vertical slices at the trade shows were playable by the public and worked fine too. It just sucks that something that I'd imagine Blighttown 2.0 was fundamentally designed around was removed with little to no notice. Not to mention the significantly downgraded geometry in the environments.
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    Gotta get the best one on there of course

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    Lower resolution, reduced physics etc.

    They managed it with DOOM.
  34. Aniki

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    I will be there. Portable Souls baby. Also Dark Souls 2 is great.
  35. Linkark07

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    Probably gonna bite. I can't say no to portable Dark Souls.
  36. Vault

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    Considering how all their games run on consoles.

    I have doubts it can run at all without heavy cutbacks. Steady framerate is more important than anything
  37. Braaier

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    Silece. The sign of silence. We've seen Skyrim on eshop best selling lists so we can assume it has done okay. Doom hasn't been on a best selling list, Bethesda hasn't said anything. There's been nothing. So the assumption is it hasn't done well.
  38. IIFloodyII

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    Oh, sure, hell $40 is usually were I panic buy, whereas $60 for a remaster is almost always a wait for a sale from me. I don't mind though, I can wait for the price I'm comfortable with if need be and if the remaster is good, that's only a positive in my book.
  39. GameShrink

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    I'll probably get 1 for PC, possibly PS4.

    I must resist the urge to return to griefing multiplayer.
  40. Shauni

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    I thought Doom was on the eShop best selling list when it first came out? What did they say about Skyrim?
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    God thats so exciting. Portable dark souls on my favourite console.
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    DS3 will need serious cutbacks, performance is shaky in current Gen.

    Dark Souls Remastered will be for me... On PC
  43. AbstractPlain

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    Portable Dark Souls would be fantastic. Might actually encourage me to use my Switch more as a handheld.
  44. fiendcode

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    I love From but jank is their middle name. This might one of the few times where I hope ports are outsourced.
  45. Nameless

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    As much as I'd love playing Souls games with a Pro controller there's no way I'm triple dipping three times for worse versions. Cool for potential new fans, though. Best series going right now.
  46. SCB360

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    I thought DOOM was like near the top of the best selling list for a few weeks when it released, as for Skyrim, it's actually a really good, fun port, I'm enjoying it more than i did on Xbox 360 tbh
  47. Ferrs

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    that demo was never playable, and it wasn't even being in-game.

    It's true that there was a playable PS3 demo that had better lighting than the final version, but it was still a far cry from that IGN demo, that again, was just bullshit.
  48. Kalas/Xhela

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  49. Aniki

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    It's great for old fans as well. At least if you are into handheld gaming.
  50. Could they theoretically go back and remaster DS1 and DS2 using the Bloodborne engine?