Kotaku: Dark Souls 2 and 3 will eventually come to Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Meelow, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. NoWayOut

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    If they are using the DS3 engine I guess 60fps is out of the question then. Hopefully the remaster will not inherit the frame pacing issues of DS3 and Bloodbourne. Fingers crossed!
  2. Carlius

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    Why the need to hate on 2? Some ppl love it you know? I consider it the best out of the three souls.
  3. Braaier

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    I don't think Bethesda said anything about Skyrim either, but it was on the eshop best selling list for multiple regions for weeks, I believe.
  4. BlacJack

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    Images literally mean nothing. If they didn't release the game with it even on PC, something was wrong with it or they DECIDED not to use it. The complaining about the lighting system is so silly and overblown, and its been years of the same images thrown around as if it means anything. No one is denying there was a change, but holy cow... It obviously didn't suit them for some damn reason...

    Who's to say it would have been way better?? If anything the ONLY remnant of their other lighting system was a torch system that ended up feeling fairly useless. It could have been a difficulty thing for all we know.
  5. PogiJones

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    Yes, like I said in the other thread, she clearly has a Ubisoft source. But if it's info that a Ubisoft source wouldn't know (e.g. a Dark Souls port), she shouldn't be trusted. I have no idea why people didn't wisen up after she got so many things wrong and disappointed so many people trusting her info.
  6. fiendcode

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    We also had NPD leaks for each game’s first month (60k Doom, 100k Skyrim, retail only), which was decent given the pricepoints.

    If price was an issue the games would’ve had significant drops by now.
  7. Alexander DeLarge

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    I'm not looking at images. There's hours of gameplay of the game running in many areas and now those areas look like shit and it fundamentally changed the intended playstyle. Normally I'm not one to flip out over downgrades but we didn't get the game as intended and it sucks that we might be charged a third time for something resembling what it was supposed to be day one.

    I played at the trade shows with the looking glass knight and the forest of giants. I played the closed alpha events showcasing Betwixt. It was running fine and I can absolutely verify it changed the game significantly.
  8. Bartend3r

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    Yeah this is becoming serious.
  9. I've never given the first game a proper shake, but for me DSII is much more consistent and enjoyable than DSIII, which, having given it multiple tries, feels too damn linear with odd difficulty spikes allover the place.
  10. BlacJack

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    As intended by who? You based on a pre release build we saw running? You liked it better so decided that THAT is what From should give you? As stated there could be countless reasons for the change. And that's what this is here. A CHANGE. It just comes off as entitled. From never said the released game wasn't what they wanted to release. They never said they couldn't get it running (as a PC release SURELY would show). They chose to release what they did because that's what THEY chose to do.

    You know, the makers of the game.
  11. Ex-Actarus

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    If games like Street Fighter and Xenoverse 2 can sell half a million, not surprised other games will be ported on the Switch..,

    I hope we’ll get new games as well.
  12. Tailzo

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    If Dark Souls 3 ran perfectly and looked great on Switch, I'd buy it :)
  13. DarkFlame92

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    This IS a remaster gen,doesn't need DS remasters to be named as such.
  14. Kinsei

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    Makes sense. Having the entire DS trilogy on the go will be really nice.

    Because Scholar of the First Sin is the best Dark Souls game.
  15. Delusibeta

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    It's a Laura Kate Dale rumour, so I'm going to break out the salt for this one. After yesterday's nonsense, I'm going to be very dubious about any claims that a Nintendo Direct is coming today.
  16. Wamb0wneD

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    ....So I have for the Switch version of DS3 if I want to play the damn thing? I don't want to double dip...
  17. horkrux

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    No, it was clear as day they wouldn't revamp it again just for PC. It's not as easy as flipping a switch. We also have evidence that they sacrificed it purely for framerate. You don't make an artistic choice that looks objectively worse lol

    Maybe they'll change it someday for a PS5 remaster.
  18. Effect

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    If true I hope remastered means a better camera.
  19. convo

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    Why are downgrades coming up again when enough time has passed that DS2 basically got a remaster with Scholar. What's there to care about now, why hate on vanilla DS2 again specifically. It's like the biggest vendetta that has lead to some of stupidest and most rage filled discussions not worth having anything anymore. The Biggest reason i ever thought of the discrepancies was that they were making PS3 and 360 versions as the primary platforms so things had to work on that first. Next-gen versions were an after-thought. But now we got Bloodborne and DS3 and they have established themself firmly into the next-gen of consoles.
  20. Maxey

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    You have to what?
  21. Axolotl

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    But I want Dark Souls 1:(
  22. fiendcode

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    LKD was the trilogy rumor, this one is Kotaku and states separate releases rather than a trilogy bundle.
  23. Because DS2 is not exactly as beautiful as it could have been. Even with the "remaster", which is just basically the PC vanilla version basically in terms of graphics, a lot of times the game looks just downright ugly, specifically considering how good BB and DS3 looks with the improved geometry and lighting
  24. LifeLine

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    I guess they're waiting on sales numbers for this one first
  25. Jumpman23

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    Smashed Switch’s incoming.
  26. Reckheim

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    i'm ok with it.
  27. BlacJack

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    Artistic is one reason. Imagine playing that in the darker areas of the game, where you absolutely would NEED to have a torch at all times. It would make the game objectively much harder, possibly too much so. They might just not have wanted the game to be like that. Again, we don't know why they removed it, and should stop acting like they owe us something lol.

    But I guess if people have held on to this for 3 years, silly ole me won't change any minds.
  28. Jedeye Sniv

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    I really like my Switch but I think it's a poor platform for these kinds of games from a performance, visuals or even control standpoint. Why pay $50 for DS1 again when you can get it on PC for like $15, patch the shit out of it and run it at 4k/60fps? New lighting isn't nearly worth the New Switch Game tax IMO.
  29. Gridlock

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    I totally understand the sentiment but this game would be “new” for a lot of people on the Switch like myself and I’m totally fine with ports of older games.

    My thoughts on this is I’m excited as long as it doesn’t have a 60$ price tag. If it does I will wait until a price drop or might skip it totally if they’re other games I want to play when it does drop in price.

    LOLDSFAN Member

    Why pay for it on PC when I can't even play it on the bus?
  31. Ferrs

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    I mean, people always complain about Tomb of Giants and feels like early DS2 was based on that lol
  32. convo

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    Yeah well it still is a PS3/360 game that's why they could easily make it a 60fps game with the remaster. Would they remake it again with BB and DS3 graphics they would inevitably make it a 30fps game again. It's an old game now made with old platforms in mind, now they don't have those obligations anymore.
  33. And less than 5 minutes later, one appeared.
  34. BlacJack

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    Sure, imagine if the whole game played like Tomb of the Giants.
  35. Wamb0wneD

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    to wait. No idea how that didn't show up lol.
  36. FHIZ

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    Playing these games in handheld mode seems like a recipe for a bunch of broken Switches out of frustration.
  37. Asbsand

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    I'm really curious now. They make it sound like the PS4/XB1 versions are outsourced but if I trust the track record it might be the Switch edition that is done by an external team just like those Bethesda games. If it's not the case then that's truly spectacular to me.
  38. pswii60

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    So Dark Souls will get a PS4 Pro version before Bloodborne does.
  39. Asbsand

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    I almost don't know, man. DkS1 has such a unique atmosphere to it that comes directly from the weird graphics engine it uses. I felt DkS3 looked impressive but not as atmospheric as the first game. It was too green and brown looking too. If they can make Dark Souls 1 look more like Bloodborne though, then sure.
  40. Jedeye Sniv

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    I really don't see Souls as good portable games. They're far too intense and skill based. A wobbly corner loses you 20k souls. Ouch.
  41. horkrux

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    I believe every single Souls game so far has had framepacing issues in 30fps
  42. Falchion

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    I mean it's cool that these games will find a new audience, but how much will they charge?
  43. Neiteio

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    Dark Souls 2 is fucking fantastic. By the standards of almost any other series, it's a masterpiece. And even within the Souls series it's still absolutely worth playing, packed full of memorable content.
  44. Adaren

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    DS1’s depth of field carries the graphics hard. Hopefully the remastered version keeps it just as strong.
  45. Wagram

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    Because the average gamer isn't overly hyperbolic about everything.

    and oh yeah, it's a good game.
  46. Sargerus

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    DS2 with DS3 lightning please.
  47. Adamska

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    Ugh, I wouldn't want to try Dark Souls 3 on a Switch if most current-gen ports are any indication of how it might run. Hopefully it's cheap, but I don't see Bandai-Namco doing that.
  48. Adaren

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    I haven’t replayed DS2, but I recall one enemy in the spider area that was standing above a doorway and would drop behind you when you entered.

    Except the lighting was so flat that you could easily see the enemy from across the room as you were approaching the doorway. So there’s just this dude standing above a doorway in plain sight looking ridiculous and the entire experience falls apart.

    For whatever reason, the lighting system was clearly scrapped late, and it’s clear that they didn’t have time to readjust everything to look good / play well / be immersive with the new lighting system.
  49. OrbitalBeard

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    MY MAN.

    Dark Souls 2 is awesome.
  50. Asbsand

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    Hey! Seconded! DkS2 was my first game in the series which made me just accept what it was and even after playing the rest it holds a special place in my heart. I understand criticisms regarding the mechanics, bosses and other stuff but the overall experience including the story was majestic and inspiring to me.
    It's also the color bit-depth. It looks so primitive yet it grants a sense of weirdness and mystery to the world. Just look at the color grading