Kotaku: Dark Souls 2 and 3 will eventually come to Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Meelow, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Spehornoob

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    I wonder how they'll get Dark Souls 3 running on the Switch. It didn't even have a rock solid frame rate on the PS4. THat said, hope it's true. I'd love to have the whole trilogy on a portable.
  2. SlothmanAllen

    SlothmanAllen Member

    Meh. I love the Dark Souls games having only played them on PC I can't imagine experiencing them at 30 FPS.
  3. Yggfk

    Yggfk Member

    My guess is they'll use a "hybrid" engine developed by the porting company. Remember that the DS Remaster is being handled by a different company.
  4. Paraside

    Paraside Member

    If 3 came to the Switch... hot damn I'd be on that
  5. test_account

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    Why would they skip 2 though? DS2 is a part of the serie as much as DS1 and DS3. Would be strange if they jumped directly from DS1 to DS3, in my opinion. And personally, i think DS2 is a great game. Its my most played Dark Souls game as well, played it for nearly 400 hours (that includes the DLC). I played up to New Game 7+ or something.
  6. Mario123311

    Mario123311 Member


    Not mad at FromSoftware but Namco Bandai is gonna milk this series dry. It’s the same issue with DOTA and Valve’s treatment toward it while neglecting their actual stuff.

    I’m tired of waiting for a true Pac-Man World successor or a new Klonoa game. Use your actual shit and stop living off liscensed games and
    slapping your name on games you have no hand in making. Dark Souls is this generations COD when it comes to coversaturization and fanbase alone.

    So sick of Namco being too lazy to make their own shit anymore yet are willing to overrely on DS.
  7. Crayon

    Crayon Member

    The switch version should get exclusive weapons that break super fast.
  8. Plankton2

    Plankton2 Member

    Nice, I was considering PC or switch but I think I might just get it on the Switch to show "support."
  9. John Omaha

    John Omaha Member

    Nice. Would have held off buying Dark Souls 3 on Steam this holiday if I knew it was coming to Switch.
  10. ASaiyan

    ASaiyan Member

    Replacement Switch screens will suddenly be in high demand...
  11. DPT120

    DPT120 Member

    Nice, was thinking about getting Dark Souls 3 for the PS4 but may get it on the switch now.
  12. Khrol

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    So much great Switch news today. Things are looking up!
  13. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    Did you just compare Dark Souls to COD?

    lol, holy shit
  14. I only played the original on PS3 so this gives me a reason to try it again and if is good enough I might get the rest.

    Glad to see more Switch support.
  15. CountAntonius

    CountAntonius Member

    First time players. Ignore the bullshit and give Dark Souls 2 a fair shake. You owe it to yourselves.
  16. Frozenprince

    Frozenprince Member

    I don't get why people complain about remasters? Not everybody had the opportunity to play on the last gen of systems or the money/desire to buy said generation now just to get these games. Remasters allow more people to experience the games.
  17. collige

    collige Member

    I don't believe for a second that the Switch can run DS3 acceptably.
  18. 2112

    2112 Member

    It won't, just like it doesn't run Doom acceptably, but you'll all still buy it :P
  19. I'm good on the other games in the series, I've played them enough on other platforms. I'll probably just get the Switch version of DS1 as it's easily one of the best in the series.
  20. Anth0ny

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    they probably saw how well ultra street fighter 2 did and were like SUCKERSSSSSSS AHAHAHAHAHAH
  21. stat84

    stat84 Member

    This is the best thing about the Switch since the day i bought it with Zelda.Bring them all!!!
  22. collige

    collige Member

    Difference is that Doom ran at 60fps on console with dynamic resolution while DS3 dropped had drops below 30 on XB1.
  23. Mario123311

    Mario123311 Member

    When something is milked and overrelied on, Yes. Although admittedly a more fair comparison would be like how Valve slaps their name on DOTA to make their buck and is giving that franchise a special treatment while neglecting all their actual intellectual properties (aside from TF2 finally being updated again as of recently. Don't count on any proper new games for any of their IPs though)
  24. 2112

    2112 Member

    Yea I'm sure DS3 will run even worse than Doom does.
  25. Level 9 CPU

    Level 9 CPU Member

    Curious how they'd do DS3. I don't doubt it's possible, but wonder at what hit to the resolution and framerate.
  26. Lat

    Lat Member

    stay mad while I'm here praising the motherfucking SUN
  27. RoadHazard

    RoadHazard Member

    Because it's a good game. Not nearly as good as DkS1, but then neither is DkS3.
  28. renzollama

    renzollama Member

    Back in my day we dodged poison arrows and battled terrifying camera angles at 20 frames-per-second, and we liked it!
  29. Mario123311

    Mario123311 Member

    You know what games deserve actual remasters?

    Pac-Man World 2
    Klonoa 2

    Games that are over 10 years old at this point.
  30. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    I agree with you. I think all games should be made available to play on modern system if possible but, unfortunately, only some are. You shouldn't be mad over Dark Souls getting a remaster, only upset that Bamco is ignoring other good franchises.
  31. Mario123311

    Mario123311 Member

    I'm mad because Namco has overrelied on Dark Souls since 2011 by slapping their name on it and making money off it when they have jack shit to do with development. All they ever develop anymore is Tales and generic liscensed anime games.
  32. This isn't exactly a surprise that there will be nor trilogy bundle. The Switch is not even a year old. You can't port 3 games of that size in that timeframe.
  33. Lat

    Lat Member

    well, they're the publisher for Dark Souls, so...I don't know why you would want them in development with FROM?
  34. LegendofLex

    LegendofLex Member

    every game that actually had fans and doesn't exist on a modern platform?

    With most console companies taking the posture of future-proofing their system architectures, everything should be moved onto those architectures so they're available to new customers for years to come.
  35. Mario123311

    Mario123311 Member

    Klonoa 2 still hasn't seen a proper rerelease and Pac-Man World, despite it's fair popularity and being the thing that made people WANT Pac-Man in Smash 4 to begin with has been almost completely ignored by Namco Bandai.
  36. LegendofLex

    LegendofLex Member

    As someone who is "people" and who wanted Pac-Man in Smash 4 but who never had and continues not to have any interest in Pac-Man World, you're putting an awful lot of words into my mouth.

    It's not surprising that companies would start by porting their most popular titles first, then niche titles later when the audience has swelled.
  37. Mario123311

    Mario123311 Member

    Most people I have seen wanted the character due to his movesets in said trilogy.

    A lot of other people simply didn't want him because they never knew about said games and simply knew him as a flat eyeless shape.
  38. LegendofLex

    LegendofLex Member

    Pac-Man World wasn't the first time we saw a Pac-Man design that wasn't the classic sprite.

  39. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    Pretty sure there were rumors that FROM has Dark Souls 3 running on Switch even before the January presentation last year
  40. Mario123311

    Mario123311 Member

  41. LegendofLex

    LegendofLex Member

    I don't really see how people not being very imaginative about Smash movesets now means that the character was only added because of his appearance in this one particular game and that therefore it deserves to be remastered.
  42. HF2014

    HF2014 Member

    Its what people want.
  43. Sub Boss

    Sub Boss Member

    Now in development for Nintendo Switch?
  44. JMY86

    JMY86 Member

    Yeah that is definitely a concern for me and I'm sure many sacrifices will have to be made to get it to run acceptably on the Switch. The game may end up looking like Xenoblade Chronicles on the 3DS but we shall see...
  45. devSin

    devSin Member

    I can.

    They simply need to cull a ton of geometry and reduce the resolution of some assets (and disable some features).

    The only thing that keeps it from being as fast as DS2 (it's the same engine) is the complexity of the world. Reduce that, and it would probably run on a toaster oven (just like DS2).

    Well, Bloodborne (and DS3) runs on an upgraded version of the DS2 engine, so... yes?
  46. asagami_

    asagami_ Member

    It could look like Demon's Souls and it would be nice. And to be fair, the only thing I ask to the Dark Souls Switch is stable 30 fps.
  47. justiceiro

    justiceiro Member

    if the lastest sales reports showed anything is that no, they didn't.

    Anyway, maybe they are the one that wanted the 64gb cards to make the trilogy, but the delay made impossible to do it, so the are tickle down instead.
  48. Oliver James

    Oliver James Member

    Do we know if Dark Souls will have adhoc multiplayer?
  49. Myself

    Myself Member

    Just don't buy them until they are a bundle.
  50. Braaier

    Braaier Member

    Well it's $40 and not $60 so I'll bite. That $20 makes a world of difference! Hope the other ports will be in that price range too