Kotaku: Dark Souls 2 and 3 will eventually come to Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Meelow, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Inuhanyou

    Inuhanyou Member

    i wonder how those games will fair on the switch. closer to the pS3 and 360 version of DKS2? What will they have to cut for DKS3?
  2. Opa-Pa

    Opa-Pa Member

    Okay now this is unexpected. I was feeling kinda bad for Switch only fans for not being able to enjoy the rest, this is awesome.

    I only really cared for the first one as far as Switch ports go. I wonder if I love this series enough to get 2 on Switch lol.
  3. Zefah

    Zefah Member

    I'll buy them all as long as they run OK.

    The Dark Souls series are some of my favorite games to replay, and having the ability to do that any time and anywhere is significant.
  4. MrSaturn99

    MrSaturn99 Member

    Pretty cool. Never played this series, so I'll grab them all down the road.
  5. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    Where is this asspull that DOOM Switch didn’t do well coming from?

    Like, there’s nothing that suggests that at all...

    I mean, relatively speaking of course. The game didn’t light up the charts when it released everywhere else either. I’m sure it did just fine for Bethesda’s expectations.
  6. Turtleboats

    Turtleboats Member

    No thanks. Dark souls has been ported and reported so many times I feel like I have given my money's worth on the franchise ten times over.

    If you have a somewhat respectable computer, you can run all of these games for reasonable cost.

    I might have considered it if they were at a budget price... Cool for Switch owners that want to play Dark Souls on the go, but personally these ports are not for me.
  7. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    What? Besides the PC port of 1 and the current gen ports of DS2, the series has remained quite exclusive to their original launch platforms.
  8. Turtleboats

    Turtleboats Member

    Just speaking as a franchise as a whole, considering how many times I have bought DS1 at this point.
  9. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    How many times have you bought it?
  10. Turtleboats

    Turtleboats Member

    The original, the collectors edition PS3, the game when it was released on PC at full price, and another time in humble bundle.
  11. MajulaDream

    MajulaDream Member

    Switch has a future in front of it for sure!
  12. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    Damn, but that still doesn't tell me why you said the game has been "ported and reported so many times", lol.
  13. Turtleboats

    Turtleboats Member

    Yea my bad, I should have clarified further.
  14. corasaur

    corasaur Member

    welp. i'm not sure if the pokken dlc will break me. I'm not sure if i'll pay to have TF and the bayo 2pack on nicer hardware. I may very well buy hyrule warriors for the 3ds content ported into a functional engine, though it's not guaranteed.

    but this one? yeah i'm double-dipping on this one.
  15. Simba1

    Simba1 Member

    I prefer to play them on PS4 on TV (I have BB, DS2, Nioh all digital and I will buy DS3 and DS1 Remaster also digital),
    but I will definatly buy evre single DS game on Switch also, not just because full handheld mode but to support DS games on Nintendo platform.
  16. Enforcer

    Enforcer Member

    So there's a chance we'll get Dark Souls 2 before the downgrade...

    The best Souls game just became even better.
  17. Remember when Kotaku laught about Dark Souls on Wii U?

    Man, how time has changed.......
  18. impact

    impact Member

    Yep, FROM just announced Switch is actually capable of running the pre-downgrade version that PC/PS4/XB1 couldn't. Dark Souls 2: Need Torch To See Shit Edition exclusive to Switch.
  19. Seik

    Seik Member

    Having the DS Trilogy in cartridge format on the go sure will be some awesome feeling.
  20. Kanann

    Kanann Member

    They need NEW! Nintendo Switch to run DS3...
  21. Van Bur3n

    Van Bur3n Member

    DS3 running at a whopping 15fps.

    I pity the sorry souls that face the slideshow that will be the outrider knights on Switch.
  22. Ashler

    Ashler Member

    I know ports get a lot of flac, but honestly between the switch first party lineup and these great games being ported to the switch, its quickly becoming one of my favourite consoles ever.

    Now I just need Fez, The Witness and Diablo 3 ported over!
  23. Chettlar

    Chettlar Member

    It never existed though. The game had a few levels done in a new engine that had to be gutted. The lighting system was heavily customized to those areas. Dark Souls 2 never existed with that lighting system.
  24. Brerlappin

    Brerlappin Member

    720/640p 30fps across the board. DS3 is an amazing looking game, there's no way you're cramming that onto a handheld without massive cutbacks. Personally, I would have zero interest in playing such a version, portability is not a worthwhile tradeoff for looking like shit
  25. fantomena

    fantomena Member

    I might just buy the Souls games on Switch for the portability use, but going from 60 FPS to 30 (PC to Switch) will be hell.
  26. If the ports are handled well and run at stable 30fps, the Souls games could be great additions to the Switch library. Will see how the 1st game goes first though, hope they don't mess it up.
  27. Oniletter

    Oniletter Member

    Like what are you even mad about? Overreliance ? Please.

    They go where the money is. Dark Souls is one of the most successfull Japanese IPs. Klonoa and Pac Man World of all things are not. These are legacy IPs without a market.

    Namco is not running a charity.
  28. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member

    So basically Dark souls remaster is a test, right?
  29. Dogui

    Dogui Member

    I wouldn't worry that much with DS3 performance on the Switch. Game can run really well in some potato pcs on lowest graphics.
  30. BLLYjoe25

    BLLYjoe25 Member

    the games are difficult as it is and now switch owners are expected to play it at 30fps with joy cons? good luck with that! i guess it's cool that the switch is getting more games but i wouldn't touch any souls game on it.
  31. fantomena

    fantomena Member

    Lowest graphics is fucking ugly though.
  32. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member

    Not sure that the original games were very stable at 30fps honestly
    Plus, are we still at the point we're Joycon, despite basically being normal controllers but split, can't play games?
  33. Dogui

    Dogui Member

    Well...welcome to Dark Souls portable experience :)

    I couldn't care less about graphics but i would guess it will be ugly, and that will be for the better. Game needs to be playable first of all.
  34. Clefargle

    Clefargle Member

    Why would this possibly make you sad?
  35. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    Some people believe that ports and remasters somehow keep new games from being made.
  36. Kuma Bear

    Kuma Bear Member

    I don't mind paying full price for these, I never did DS1 or 2 and I only did the vanilla version of DS3 with no DLC.

    Good, milk it all over my face. I want it all.

  37. jroc74

    jroc74 Member

    I think the biggest news is these games finally showing up on a Nintendo console.

    Feeling a lil optimistic about 3rd party support.

    Was still sceptical even after doom and skyrim.

    This may have been addressed, but how would they do a trilogy pack, 3 cartridges?

    I don't think trilogy was ever an option.
  38. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert Member

    That makes no sense at all.

    People enjoyed dark souls on ps3 and 360.
    Joy cons are quite normal controllers.
  39. Ephonk

    Ephonk Member

    I'm just super glad that I can play one of my favorite franchises on the go.
    Also: they were always 30FPS on PS3/4 when they came out, and joy cons are as normal as controllers get.
  40. Tarot Deck

    Tarot Deck Member

    What? Any source?
  41. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    It's a joke.
  42. Arthands

    Arthands Member

    You have to understand. Some people doesn’t want Nintendo Switch to be successful.
  43. HeRinger

    HeRinger Member

    I love how people now pretend that Souls games are by default 60 fps when the majority of players finished all of the SoulsBorne games in fairly unstable 30 fps.
  44. StuBurns

    StuBurns Member

    30Hz doesn't matter at all, they're hardly twitchy games. Execution isn't really ever the issue. Sure, Blighttown ran like dog turd. The Sif boss fight on PS3 was a slideshow, too. But if they maintain 30, it'll be great.

    I don't see how DkS3 happens, but who knows.
  45. Spork4000

    Spork4000 Member


    In all seriousness botw does have a whole shrine with that concept.....I can do without a whole game of it.
  46. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member

    Is bloodborne 60fps on a normal PS4?
    That is how I played it and it didn't seems so fluid st all
  47. RootPith

    RootPith Member

    DS2 on PS3 had a very shaky frame-rate. Like, low 20's most of the time. Yet I don't remember seeing this much debate on performance back then. PS360 games in general really had hard time offering constant 30 all times. When did this "unplayable below 60" conviction become the mainstream idea in gaming communities.

    There's no confirmation of DS3 on Switch. Heck, we don't even have real time footage of DS1. Yet people already mock the hypothetical DS3 on switch running like shit. Maybe they can pull out a Rise of Tomb Raider level masterful down-port?
  48. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    Base or Pro it's a jerky 30fps.
  49. StuBurns

    StuBurns Member

    Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 are all shoddy 30fps on their initial console releases.

    Only the Dark Souls 2: SotFS port to PS4/XBO was 60fps.
  50. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    DS3 on Pro runs above 30.