Kotaku: High-Level Destiny 2 Activities Are Now Locked Behind DLC | Past obtainable items locked now

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by USDanny, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. USDanny

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    Making this thread for people who have plans on getting vanilla Destiny 2 or have it but don't plan on getting the DLC. I know there is an OT for the Curse of Osiris DLC but Imagine people in that thread already own that DLC so this wont really matter to them where the level cap is.

    More at the link.

    some user on reddit is also saying that the exotic raid shotgun is unobtainable with the realese of the DLC:


    In case you weren't planning on getting the DLC but have Destiny 2, some user are reporting being able to get a refund on digital copies because of this.


    In case you want to ask, my favorite activity is chasing bright engrams.

    Ban me if old.

    EDIT: Here is a post detailing somw of the stuff locked with the DLC

  2. Phantom Thief

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    Fucking hell, Bungie. And not even the first time they did this.
  3. ethomaz

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    That is how it worked with ever expansion in D1.

    That is why I said these that bought the base game at BF had few days to finish it or buy the expansion too.
  4. MarquesZero

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    Bungie doing what Bungie does, again.
  5. Evolved1

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    They did the same thing with Destiny 1...
  6. signal

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    So for clarification, the new DLC raised minimum level requirements for vanilla content, and you can't reach that minimum level if you don't buy the DLC and give yourself access to that new ceiling?
  7. Ashodin

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    This seems like the opposite of what MMO expansions do tbh

    Ex: Guild Wars 2 lets you play the OG content regardless of which expansion you purchase (or not).

    Also if Destiny 1 did this then this seems like reaching for more outrage. I'm not sure.
  8. Illusion

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    This is why fewer people bought Destiny 2 over Destiny 1; and the same reason as to why fewer people will buy Destiny 3 over Destiny 2.
  9. Dreamboum

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    I actually was interested to buy this game on PC, but now I'll make sure to steer clear with a passion.

    edit : BTW I can't see the link on your post, I had to find it myself
  10. texhnolyze

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    Bullet, dodged.

    This is what I feared, I couldn't afford the gold edition or whatever it is. And every DLC seems essential if you want to keep playing. Now compare it to The Division, I can still access every content, whether it's available from launch or added later, for free.
  11. Butch

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    I'm so glad I didn't buy this. And I had so much fun with the beta on PC, as a new player I also didn't know they did the same thing with D1, damn.
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    If they're doing it again then that means it worked successfully last time for them
  13. jviggy43

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    A bad design decision being implemented in a previous iteration of the franchise doesn't make this less egregious
  14. 5taquitos

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    Wait, are they locking people out of base game content, or does this only apply to DLC content? Because those are two very different scenarios.
  15. Tecnniqe

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    Yeah them charging for something that was in the first game and removed (Heroic Strikes) in Destiny 2 only to be re added as paid dlc, which in the end is basically just hard mode for the Strikes you already have in addition to removing the option to play the most rewarding end game content such as prestige Nightfall and Raid is just pissing on the little content already there unless you pony up to play something you already had before the DLC.

    Not to mention the weekly competitive PvP mode, Trials of the Nine is also locked behind the pay wall and was also there before the DLC came along.

    Also users without the DLC will no longer be able to finish the raid exotic quest as it requires prestige.
    Which also includes the inability for PlayStation and Xbox user to get the platinum trophy and all achievements as that requires completion of the now locked prestige modes.

    Like to add Microsoft have been refunding users quick for this (5-15 minutes) reportedly on Reddit with Sony being a bit more difficult but doable.

    Instead of forging a community they splintered it and some more goodwill.
  16. MrDaravon

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    Destiny 1 did this as well, although IIRC the outrage at the time there was more that when the Nightfall or other rotational ability came up that was a DLC one (as opposed to a power/light level issue), vanilla users had no way of doing it which meant they didn't get the rewards that week.
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    I believe they did something similar in Destiny 1. The itch to play is no longer there for me with how barebones the game is. I'm disappointed I bought it at launch but I'll have no problem waiting until several expansions down the line when they're on sale.
  18. vinka

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    Does it matter that destiny 1 did it? It's still fucked up

    fucking up twice doesn't mean you get a pass on both times.
  19. Radnom

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    Would this be a good reason to re-review Destiny 2 a laRocket League?
  20. 5taquitos

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    Is this for real? The Platinum is now no longer attainable if you just buy the base game? That doesn't seem right...
  21. Maximo

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    People saying they did this for Destiny 1? I mean...if Bungie didn't mention anything about it sorta only have yourselves to blame if you think they were going to do it differently, in saying that its still a obvious shitty thing to do.
  22. Bandage

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    What a mess...
  23. USDanny

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    From what I've seen, people are comparing it to charging for difficulty. I'm not 100% sure if you get drops exclusive to harder versions of raids/strikes.
  24. Fdkn

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    I don't think Activision is sad with Destiny 2.
  25. Tecnniqe

    Tecnniqe Community Resettler Member

    Locked the content you had before DLC to the DLC removing any end game that was there.
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    Fuck me buying Destiny 2 digital full price day one is one of the worst gaming decisions I've made this year -_________-
  27. nasirum

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    I think the main issue is that a Xbox game is currently unable to be 100%ed without the DLC.

    Pretty sure Microsoft doesn't allow that.
  28. Mindlog

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    I could quote myself raising this same issue during Dark Below, but I would have to search that other website.

  29. CalamityPixel

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    How Bungie have fallen :(
  30. USDanny

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  31. Mezoly

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    Yeah you need one trophy for Trials of the Nine and one for prestige Nightfall or Raid, both trophies seems to be locked behind the DLC. This seems to be a worrying precedent.
  32. Tecnniqe

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  33. Ascenion

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    Who didn’t see this coming? Destiny is an all or nothing purchase. Either you buy all of it, or you play none of it in about 3 months.
  34. Redshirt

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    Terribly surprising. Not. D1 was awful in this regard too.
  35. ReddishGUI

    ReddishGUI Member

    I still can't believe I've wasted my time/money on this piece of trash..
  36. Chettlar

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    People really need to understand this isn't true. They did not lock access to things you used to be able to get before.
  37. Niceguydan8

    Niceguydan8 Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bungie has NEVER walled off raid content that a player had prior to a DLC launch.

    They did that stuff with Nightfalls and it was shitty then, but at the very least they could say "well it can sometimes include content that players wouldn't have access to!"

    With the Prestige Raid that does not hold true.
  38. 5taquitos

    5taquitos Member

    That's insane, that would be a first ever situation like that, right?
  39. Strider

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    They don't. Tons of people have been requesting refunds from MS support and are being granted that refund. It's all over the subreddit right now.
  40. 17 Seconds

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    what? you think that d2 sold less than d1 because of people who continued to play d1 without the dlc? how many people do you think play destiny for months and months without buying the dlc?
  41. dragonflys545

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    LMAO freaking hell. There's your GAAS guys, developers and publishers can shit on its consumers whenever they feel like it.
  42. JigglesBunny

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    They did this with Destiny 1 too but yeah, I don’t think Destiny (or Bungie for that matter) will ever see another penny from me.

    Awful business practices, terrible community interaction and the games themselves are only mediocre at best after playing through the initial base game content. Not worth my time or money.
  43. Evolved1

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    I'm not giving them a pass. It was scummy then, it's scummy now.

    They aren't as popular this time around though. Hopefully it gets more pushback this time. They really fuck over people who bought their game, and supported them. They're scummy.
  44. Derrick01

    Derrick01 Banned Member

    Well when it comes to GaaS scams Destiny has always been the leader there. Activision has really made Bungie do some terrible things.

    Things that will no doubt have some people defending it no matter what.
  45. caff!!!

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    As I said in the OT, there is no reason to jack up the levels as loot scales to your level. This is just a heavy handed tactic to get people to buy the DLC that, quite frankly, is a poor deal.
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    I remember this upset me so much in December 2014 with Dark Below. I ended up buying it just so I wouldn’t be separated from my online buddies.

    Not this time bungie
  47. selo

    selo Member

    Is this really surprising? Aren't we supposed to expect these kinds of things from Activision/EA by now?
  48. AlexFlame116

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    Man every time I start thinking of getting this game, some more bad news happens.

    Come on Bungie. Don't be like this.
  49. EvilChameleon

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    At this rate, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Activision pulls the plug on this franchise, cancels the deal, and tells Bungie to pound salt. Things are getting worse with every release now.
  50. KojiKnight

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    The game wasn't even released 6 months ago, and they are 'shutting down' services for parts of the base game? Siiiick.