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Last time you flipped the box art?

Nov 1, 2017
I'll only do this if the reverse has all the logos on the spine and everything and is just an alternate cover art.

Last (and maybe only...) one I remember is Bloodborne.

Quick pic off google, left is alternate, right is default:

Jan 3, 2018
I really like the idea, and most revertable covers are super cool in design. Because it's so inconsistent I never do it. Most covers don't feature all the details that are on the outside of the box and I like to have everything "the same", except for Special or Limited Editions, if that makes any sense? Even if covers feature all the same details on the inside I wont do it. afraid to damage the cover or bend it wrong and make it more fragile. I really like to keep my collection as clean as possible. Still, having art on the inside of the box is also really cool.
Oct 27, 2017
Never, because as nice as the illustrations may be, it feels weird to me when they don't have the usual age ratings, writings and whatever is normally on a game box. I would much prefer if they simply replaced the pictures and kept everything else as is.
Oct 26, 2017
I usually don't do it because a lot of times they don't have the PS4 logo on the spine for the flipped side, so it drives me crazy having a game on the shelf with the others that looks out of place. Wolfenstein 2 for example does this on the reverse of the box art so I just kept the original box art side.
This for me. I was super stoked to have the Yoshida art be my cover for Nier Automata, but was super disappointed to find it didn’t have the PS4 spine. Same for Uncharted 4’s reversible cover.

Bloodborne though has a reversible cover with the spine and made that my default cover because I liked it more than the original cover.
Dec 25, 2017
I dont have a photo comparison on-hand, but last time I flipped a boxart it was Disgaea 5. The flipped version has practically all the characters on it and it looks bomb as hell
Oct 27, 2017
Dragon Quest XI The standard boxart is really really bad, the flipside is the Japanese handdrawn cover only with bigger white borders which is a shame as it makes it look cheaper than it should.

I normally don't do it though, mostly because the spines are often blank or are missing logo's which leads to inconsistent looking shelves.