1. CatAssTrophy


    This. For all we know he was directed to a legal team or something but ignored the request and kept reaching out to specific parties after they asked him not to. Who fucking knows what's happening behind the scenes? What's wrong with waiting for more information?
  2. mazi


    not only is sony infallible, but because they've worked with sony on some mediocre exclusive games quantic dreams is also infallible and the reporter has a personal vendetta and a grudge against sony/qd and is making shit up.
    sad that some people have this mentality. i remember people defending naughty dog and victim blaming when that other story came out too.
  3. Puroresu_kid


    You mean being a shit for running a negative story on QD?
  4. Orioto


    i'm actually a colleague of that guy, i feel important now!
  5. Vishmarx


    These things will continue as long this website encourages semi political discussions (read :going ballistic on each other without most of the relevant facts or proof) on the gaming side.
  6. Starlatine


    I dont think you understood my post at ALL If you're thinking i said i know more than him.
  7. In what sense this is random? He is the journalist that is responsible for one of the main reports talking about the toxic working environment of QD and he already has been asked how he knows he has been blacklisted and provided a very reasonable answer to that question.

    What you are doing is just defending your favorite company from what you perceive as attacks against them and even resorting to lying about the fact that this journalist has some sort of vendetta against Sony and QD. It is some console war stuff yes.
  8. APZonerunner

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    FWIW, as I said on the last page in my personal experience of blacklisting I have broadly speaking been told. It's never been an official "we're breaking up with you" sort of deal - no company would do that as if the person then printed it as revenge it'd be the ultimate PR suicide - but I have been told before in a sort of back channel, under the table, "hey, we're not gonna speak to you" deal.

    Based on the incredulous reactions in this thread I'm gonna also go ahead and suggest once again that it's a lot more common (not just Sony, but in general) than people think it is, and happens for a lot less than an article as inflammatory as this QD one, too.

    No company is obliged to work with anyone, obviously, and if somebody is say harassing PR people unnecessarily or for instance acts like a tit at a party and breaks something expensive then, obviously, they'd be well within their rights to terminate that relationship. In fact, they're always well within their rights to do so, but doing so in the immediate aftermath of an article by that person that paints them in a negative light is clearly not a good look, because obviously it looks like a reaction to and attempt to suppress the story rather than actually respond to it.
  9. srtrestre


  10. hjort


    Absolutely disgusting behaviour, and quite baffling. But I'm sadly more inclined to believe that it happened than I'm inclined to believe that one of Le Monde's journalists is stupid enough to make this shit up or jump to conclusions and make poorly informed accusations on Twitter, ending up with him actually getting blacklisted as a result.
  11. MatrixMan.exe


    So this is specifically Sony France?
  12. Heartskips


    Hopefully upper executives step up to tell Sony FR to stop this bullshit.
  13. Smurf


    So reporting on harassment and racism is being a shit now?
  14. mudai


    Since 1881...
  15. Napalm_Frank


    It blows my mind Sony France has somebody this clueless on their payroll.
  16. Shugga


    Misunderstood then, thought you were undermining his claims
  17. Moosichu


    Well, if Sony are doing this just because of what the journalist reported, then they are becoming just as tied up in the whole situation.
  18. BernardoOne

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    Nah, it will continue as long as insane fanboys who can't be bothered to research shit think a journalist working at one of the most reputable newspapers in the world will lie about being blacklisted.
  19. jett

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    #4theplayers amirite
  20. R_thanatos


    Well the french news paper is going to talk to the french side of the company obviously.
  21. Kouriozan


    Asking help from influencer and saying "you have the power to maybe influence opinions (Vous qui avez le pouvoir de peut-être influencer les avis) on the second tweet, this is going way too far.
  22. Birdseye

    Member OP

    "I see a lot of people surprised by this tweet. It's sad to say it but, as counterproductive as it is, blacklisting is a very common thing in the French video game industry."
  23. Prompto


    Didn’t Sony France also ban an outlet for giving Heavy Rain a low score? Seems like they have a history of doing stupid shit like this.
  24. Gabora


    Or maybe, just maybe, some of us want more information? I will personally supply the gasoline for the bonfire, but I want more information beyond a simple tweet.
  25. Heisenberg726


    Exactly. Calling people who are questioning the blackmail “corporate shills” and “fanboys,” is a little wrong. We just want to see this story develop first rather than jumping to conclusions
  26. sir_crocodile


    Smh at some of the responses in this thread. This is Le Monde, not random gameblog 8532.

    Absolutely stupid move by Sony in response to a perfectly legitimate article. Wonder if someone higher up the food chain will reverse it.
  27. Funkallero


    To be fair, it’s still a french written newspaper so it doesn’t have the same impact worldwide as a piece published in the NYTimes or any other big english speaking outlet.
  28. Negator


    What could they possibly release that will convince you, a certificate of blacklisting?
  29. mazi


    it's not a simple tweet tho? have you read the original news?

    lol, in capital letters:
  30. BernardoOne

    Banned Member

    There have been several tweets from the journalist, and unless you think he'll just randomly accuse Sony of blacklisting without knowing he is.. Dunno what to tell you. What do you want, a signed letter from Sony sent to you personally where they admit the blacklisting or something? What kind of certificate you want here exactly?
  31. Heckler456


    You need to chill it a little. People aren't "insane fanboys" for not flipping a shit at the first sign of trouble. Fact of the matter is that this is one side of the story.
  32. Divvy


    Do you think they send documents certifying you're getting blacklisted? What possible evidence could he even provide beyond staking his reputation on one of the most reputable papers on the planet?
  33. Gabora


    How about "I got an email from Sony saying I was blacklisted" or "my contact at Sony just told me I was blacklisted".

    Or even what the posted in the subsequent tweet "blacklisting is common in France", which was all I needed to believe this is plausible?

    Its amazing how everyone was picking up their pitch forks and yet no one bothered to explain that blacklisting is a thing in France.
  34. Septic


    Oh Sony...
  35. Keikaku


    Nonsense. Journalists can behave like fanboys too, not saying that he is one. Maybe he has a grudge, maybe he doesn't. Unless I see evidence with my own eyes I'm not taking anything granted.
  36. Agreed. I did not know this until I just seen you post it. Always stay learning.
  37. mazi


    but that's not how blacklisting works. you'll never get a fucking email from sony or whatever company that you're blacklisted, nor would someone working at sony confirm it for you. you realize when you're being ignored by them.
    i think some people here just don't know that le monde is a very prestigious paper and a journalist working for them isn't some random crazy person on twitter that would make shit up
  38. Dec


    They literally said that.
  39. Mifec


    He already said that.
  40. Kyry


    Maybe I have a misunderstanding of the terms involved, but is it does not seem unreasonable to cut off contact with a person or organization who is accusing your business partner of illegal activity. I clearly don't have the legal conciliate that Sony does, but thinking for myself it seems like the right move to make until all the facts are out.
  41. Kainé


    • User warned for drive-by console warring to attack a journalist
    So a journalist with a photo of mario says without proof that has been blacklisted by Sony.

    Next days should be fun.
  42. Vishmarx


    If i didn't know any better id also call fox news big and reputable. This isnt a knock against the publication just that being a part of big press isn't a certificate of good character or intentions. But that aside, the problem when youre discussing this here youll always have miserable people jumping to shit on a company they dont like, drawing out the same kind of people from the other end who can't be bothered to research before targeting the accuser.

    The naughty dog scandal taught me to take two steps back in these issues before taking any sides. In the end that whole thing just felt like a mockery where absolutely nothing came of it and people kept butting heads over their preferred narratives until the end.
    Nobody budged for a second, not when the employee had other ex workers come out in his support and not when the accuser stopped responding when kotaku reached out to him regarding his breakdown mails.
  43. gcwy


    Not a good look for Sony. Hopefully they clarify this.
  44. dishonestjest


    You're being ridiculous. Guilty until proven innocent is the way things are now, and wanting all the evidence to make an informed opinion makes you a corporate shill. /s

    I'm with you 100%.
  45. Bigg


    Yes all Nintendo fans want to defame and discredit Sony for their own nefarious purposes, this is the #1 fact of the video games industry
  46. banefirelord


    Ah, I see what you meant now. Yeah, that's worrisome.
  47. Boney


    Not getting review copies doesn't just mean they need to shell $60 for a copy of the game. They would have to wait for release day to start the process, way past review embargoes were lifted. This means the publication misses out on the media cycle which guarantees much less traffic, which would entail massive loss in ad revenue.

    The black list coming from a major first party publisher could go as far as sink the publication. So no, it's not just "no more free stuff".
  48. Funkallero


    It’s the guy who wrote the piece.
  49. ED_209


    I don't know why you're doubting.
    Journalists are the most honest people in the world according to this forum.
  50. Gabora


    Thats great! Then case closed for me, fuck Sony.

    But just one thing, I don't speak French, I posted several times about wanting more explanation on the matter, no one said crap, this thread was inundated with "lol fuck Sony!" posts with no clear explanation.

    And me, like many other posters in ResetERA, are not aware that blacklisting reporters is so common in French, like the reporter was so kind to tweet, maybe this entire thread would've worked better if one of you, in the know, would've simply said "hey, this happens alot here/in France, feel free to believe him"