[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. RPGamer92

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    Era will die if this and From's next game are announced on the same night lol.
  2. N.Domixis

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    Sony sure does like helping bring back classics. Crash was another example they somewhat helped by proving the original level geometry.
  3. Chaos2Frozen

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    OP states that it's unconfirmed what kind of deal Sony has with Capcom.
  4. Chamber

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    Yeah, I liked his portrayal in 4. Just seemed like a regular old day for him, nothing went on there that he couldn't handle.
  5. The Silver

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    It was the most important day of Nero's life, for Dante it was another Tuesday
  6. silva1991

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    Expect the unexpected guys, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED


    Yup. I recognized it easily.
  7. Grigorig

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    Please be true and let's forget DmC ever happened.
  8. AlecKoKuTan

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    I hope for a PSX reveal too... Isn't the industry trying to break away from E3? PSX should be huge, it would almost seem in Sony's best interest to start having exclusive PSX reveals over saving them for E3... Especially if they are helping to fund the development of the tile.
  9. Sawzer

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    I'm just wondering why is this so, because when it was Spike Awards it had pretty big announcments
  10. Thebranman

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    I’m so ready for this!!
  11. Weltall Zero

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    Just wanted to say I read through all of that, and it deserved better than to be last post of the page. I particularly related to the part about DMC2's pre-release hype and subsequent devastating disappointment, but it mirrors my own feelings about the series (except that I didn't play DmC, and DMC3 is still my favorite, even though DMC4 is phenomenal).

    Out of curiosity, what's your opinion on TW101? It might be my favorite character action game of all time.
  12. RPGamer92

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    Not being on TV anymore.
  13. Cordy

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    Can't wait.
  14. Emka

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    So, is no one gonna talk about that?
  15. Liam1884

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    Those were big because they were on TV with a ton of celebrities, a lot of money behind it.

    Not so with The Game Awards unfortunately.
  16. Hank Hill

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    Can't wait to see the trailer.
  17. I really hope that this is real. The last canon Devil May Cry game was released in 2008 and a new installment in the series is long overdue. ::prays::
  18. Dahbomb

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    I think TW101 is interesting and misunderstood. I wouldn't say it's Kamiya's best work (game has some definite issues that can't be ignored) but it's a good game for sure.
  19. Monster Zero

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    That made Dante come off as badass in that game. Might have to run through 4 again. I'm pissed my version of the special edition on PC doesn't work and Capcom never cared to fix it.
  20. Son of Sparda

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    I understand how they might not believe this. I've been in the same position with other leaks in the past.

    I really hope Capcom and Sony pull the trigger early (maybe if this leaks gets shared a lot and becomes big enough?) and announce the game this year (DMCEra and YakuzaEra know why this is especially true for me right now) but my sources are saying otherwise and I have to accept that.
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  22. Selina

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    Don't play with my heart like this.
  23. Chaos2Frozen

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    To be fair, that was probably decided before all this leaked.

    Now that it's out there, the future might change.
  24. Imran

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    Just like how SF5 prevented Ryu from being in Smash and the Xbox One and PC versions of Tekken 7 had Maxi from Soul Calibur instead of Akuma.
  25. Byakura

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    No reveal this year.....

    But if true E32018 is gonna be lit
  26. Jacob4815

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    I suspect TGA will be the place.
  27. Sawzer

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    I'm sure it will be like 10m+ this year. Time for some meaty stuff i'd say! Guess we can have at least that Tomb Raider announcment...
  28. Joule

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    First time I've ever played any Devil May Cry game was DmC (which was great). Never played any of the original. Should just playing 4SE be enough for this?
  29. ArjanN

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    The most obvious thing for that would probably just to have Sparda show up,

    It had some of the biggest AAA announcements like Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 when it was still the VGAs with Spike and while they clearly had to scale back when Keighley took over, I still expect it to have 2-3 big announcements this year.
  30. darkslayer101

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  31. Fuck me day 1 for that DMC V
    That Itsuno talent greatness
  32. ArgyleReptile

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    Since Trish supposedly plays a big part, I imagine this is what will happen.
  33. Sargerus

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  34. Mediking

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    Wow... sounds exciting...
  35. Fdkn

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    Also Bayo doesn't belong to Nintendo, lol. She belongs to SEGA. Nintendo only owns Bayonetta2
  36. SweetNicole

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  37. Xaszatm

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    Welp, the fire's certainly lit now. The worst part will be the waiting. Apparently, we will not get confirmation of this until E3 2018 so at least 8 more months of waiting. But now we have hope...
  38. Liam1884

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    It's a completely different company and set of people running things. It's not the VGA Awards in any way, it only follows the same format.

    I'll say it again, expecting any AAA announcements there will only lead you to disappointment.
  39. Dizastah

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    Sounds awesome! Can't wait for a trailer!
  40. TreIII

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    I mean, putting the tinfoil hat on and all, it's possible that a leak of this sort was made and "encouraged" to put out there because they want to move the announcement up. If the cat is already out of the bag, why wait any longer? Damn the standard Capcom trend to keep the hype and advertising cycles to a 6-12 month limit!
  41. Sub Boss

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    sounds TOO GOOD to be true imo.far toooooooo good.

    Even them not using the Souls/open world progression, im delighted to hear that.
  42. Monster Zero

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  43. Caiops

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    I jumped so high after i saw this post.

    So, nothing about if Dante will have a change in the visual? Or if he gonna look just like in DMC4 again.
  44. Son of Sparda

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    Yeah, I'm hoping that this might change their minds.
  45. Cyanity

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    Not that I wasn't already onboard for new DMC, but this just seals my day 1 purchase.
  46. Omnistalgic

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    Could be great
  47. RailWays

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    You cool, OP. I'd hope you don't take a perm regardless.

    This lines up with the Reddit rumor dump, right?
  48. PeterVenkman

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    feels almost like tradition for him to change appearance at least a bit. Even if he is more serious, I hope they redesign a bit - Uncle Dante was my fav personality, but the wardrobe is due for an update.
  49. jett

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    You know what, if Capcom was smart, and if DMC"5" actually exists, it would behoove them to have the story be a soft-reboot (at best) than to continue the storyline of a ten year-old game with a trash-tier plot.