[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

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  1. Unfortunately no , even on PC i had to use a trainer to create a bootleg training mode. The original DMC4 on PC has a debug mode built in which isnt as bad but still sucks. Capcom and Itsuno are aware of the DMC combo videos so i really hope they officially add one on both PC and consoles as it would make training/making combo vids much easier.
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    Damn! That's too bad. Guess I'll just have to manage with Bloody Palace and the missions then. Thanks for the answer, though!
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    Yes, yes, this would be great.
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    I’m, really really scared nothing will happen this week lol
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    bunkitz, use mission 12. You have megascarecrows and scarecrows. The scarecrows respawn when you back to the room 4~5x and megas just 1x.
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    I will never ever EVER use "_" when I'm making an account. That's not happening, no matter what.
  7. He looks really weird without the coat.
    Those aren't minor details at all.

    And it's not a prequel. If it were, it contradicts a lot of DMC lore. For example, Dante has always had white hair, Dante and Vergil had met beforehand and fought, the earth is not overrun with demons, Mundus has always hated Sparda, and finally, Vergil actually loves his mother.
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    So I've only been following this thread very loosely, but is there a reason to expect anything this week? Was there a development in the thread that made a reveal this year seem more likely?
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    Geoff Keighley was here and did a thing, which may or may not mean a thing.
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    "Woah is this a gothic God of War?"
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    Thinking back to DmC's reveal gives me goosebumps. Never had I been so repulsed, insulted, and disgusted by anything game-related before that. (Referring to OG DmC Dante's design)

    I still don't like the final result, but it's something I can tolerate and is miles better than the original.
    Ooh, thanks for the advice! Will definitely keep that in mind for once I get the game this winter sale.
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    “What kind of name is ‘Devil May Cry’?”
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    Forgot how good dmc 4 animates. You can FEEL the force behind that last drop kick
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    Update from source (the one that says TGA/PSX, take this as a grain of salt as always):

    -DMCV is coming to Xbox One too. It is only timed ps4 console exclusive, at this point in time its anywhere from 6 to 12 months exclusivity. Supposedly on this week's announcement it might only say ps4/pc for the time being.
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    DMCV on Xbox One X
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    I mean besides the boobs she looks similar just with glasses. It happened like 10 years from DM3 to 4, i like the glasses.
    I expect slightly more modest designs for both of them but i wouldn't be mad if she doesn't appear and the game focuses on Trish as the rumors say.

    Now i just realized i never saw that part in BP, futuristic city :O
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    Thats pc modded background I think.
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    now it makes sense
    Cool though maybe thats how modern cities look :p
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    Please never stop posting Bollywood hype gifs.

    Ah, michellegun201. Good choice, friend.
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    This week's announcement? IT'S HAPPENING!
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    This Thurs is judgement day
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    If nothing else DmC sure has some pretty art direction and use of color.
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    Devil May Cry coming to Xbox!
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    I just want to post a reminder of what I posted in the OP as a lot of people are jumping to the conclusion that everything that is posted here is fact and endorsed by the staff of this site.

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    DmC Vergil is so much fun.
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    Yeah, I'd say it's timed.
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    *fingers in ears*

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    Console Timed exclusives makes even less sense to me tbh.

    Neither the benefits of gaining an exclusive title, nor the benefits of sales.
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    I would die if after all this, Itsuno title show up in the TGA...

    but its a new ip.
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    Well, tbh this is the first time I'm hearing about an X1 version. Everyone else I've talked to has said PS4/PC.

    That being said, Capcom did the same thing with DR4, so I wouldn't be too surprised if there was an X1 version down the line. But like I said, I haven't heard about this from my people. So I can't confirm or deny it on my end.
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    New ip- Devils never Cry
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    At all. Either they paid for it to be made or they got marketing. The last thing it makes sense for sony to do is pay to keep a game off the XB1 for 6 months-1yr w/e it is. They’re at a 2:1 ratio and it makes 0 financial sense
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    Find out next week... in game magazines
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    Only thing I'm hearing.

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    I really doubt the reveal will be this week, unless the stuff about Sony putting money in it is real. Capcom already have MHW to market until its release in February. It's a big project, their most profitable franchise and a huge bet on their part. If there's a focus on game until February, logic would be it will be on MHW. In the best case, if DMC5 is reveal before 2018, it would just be a teaser like Metroid Prime 4, no footage in-game, no gameplay.

    The only reason - imo - it could be revealed this week or before 2018 is if Sony want to hype an event with a DMC5 reveal as an exclusivity. But those points make me doubt it :

    - Devil May Cry is Capcom second (or third ?) most profitable franchise, but it never helped to sell consoles in the past and I really doubt it could help PS4 selling more than it is already.
    - Sony is in "safe" mode, PS4 is selling really well, they don't really need to do anything.

    Imo, E3 is a safer bet than this week, BUT, I hope we'll have a nice surprise. Waiting until E3 sucks hard.
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    I was off, didn't realize the presentation panels and the autograph signing panels are two different things. The first autograph panel on Saturday is still TBA, crisis averted lol.
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    i hope we see it but my heart is dead set on e3.
  41. DmC is considered by many as a good game which was bad mouthed by fans of the japanese games. For me, it was a mediocre game with an unlikeable main characters, questionable character designs and a dull level design. So I greatly appreciate if the true Devil May Cry V will be announced. The biggest problem I see with a new game is Capcom itself. It's a bunch of greedy people who managed it to ruin most of their most famous IP's because of horrible decisions. So in the end, the japanese team can fuck this up like Ninja Theory did.

    I've read through the complete leak and I must say, I am excited. Pretty unlikely the game will be unveiled this week but I'm up for a surprise here. Of course I can't give you 100% of my trust.
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    DMCV with a monster PC and a 4K 144hz screen.

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    Things change who knows, DMC 4 and DmC sold more than 2 million copies , anyways the benefit would be Capcom as SONY will be paying for development/advertisment
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    Is it? I mean, I would think Megaman, Monster Hunter, Dead Rising and Street Fighter are all way ahead of DMC. Maybe Lost Planet too?
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    Not having to wait months to play a game after releasing on my PS4



    I'm glad this is gonna be on Xbox. Releasing a remaster for both DmC and DMC4 on Xbox and then making the next one exclusive is kinda fucked up imo lol.
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    I think it's second place if you average per game, instead of total sales.
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    DmC, despite its flaws is a "complete package". DMC1 is a rough sketch, DMC2 is a mess and DMC4 is half a game. DMC3 and DmC are the only game in the serie that could be seen as complete and polished game. I hate DmC with a passion and I think it's a decent 6/10 game at best, but I have to admit that.
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    DMC 1 was as polished as it could be for its time and critically acclaimed.
    Bosses were recycled but their moveset changed each time, no dufferent from Bayonetta for example
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    DMC1 is complete and polished. DMC1 has a similar amount of content to Onimusha 1, which was also complete and polished.