[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. InsaneTiger

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    I look forward to the official announcement. Thanks OP.
  2. Dahbomb

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    It is safe to assume that his design will be changing again like it does in previous DMC games.

    I mean not radical change like from DMC4 to DmC change.
  3. Richter1887

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    After this is out, what are we fighting FORE?!?

    Dino Crisis hopefully along with Mega Man.
  4. Courage

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    so more like Nier: Automata? I dig that.
  5. He'll have a new hairstyle and no more facial hair.
  6. ED Cantu

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    Just finished reading the OP and even though I know many must have used this image I don't care, I'll post it again because that's my reaction to all this.

    Too bad we won't see anything about it this year, but maybe now with this out in the open they might change their minds?
    Arrgh I need a trailer right now dammit!
  7. Kewlmyc

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    Please be real.
  8. Sanox

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    Oh man if this real. Cannot wait for it to be revealed

    The psx, e3 stuff seems like a stupid decision from Sony.
  9. Noctis

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    It's coming baleeee dat.

  11. Arkeband

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    Because if there’s no repercussions for making threads about what your Uncle from Nintendo told you, we’d be drowning in them.
  12. Hagi

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    I hope this is real because I need that character action goodness in my life.
  13. Cyanity

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  14. TreIII

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    Eh, he can keep it in my opinion. Give Dante back his tan, too, while we're at it.

    It'll only help make sure that each of the silver-haired boys will be visually distinct.
  15. Mgs2master2

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    I am assuming just confirmation of the game for OP to be cleared. While the info is awesome, if there is no actual confirmation, then it may be considered false. What I wonder is if there is a deadline on this, like E3 2018?
  16. Sub Boss

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    Nah i want to see daddy Vergil, not another reboot
  17. Lakuza

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    A risky move on the op but i really hope this is real. e3 2018 will be amazing for this reveal alone x_x
  18. DrakenAstro

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    This looks really legit! I'm going to beileve
  19. Sawzer

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    Well, hopefully, at least Kojima will be there to save the day
  20. Anteater

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    after reading it this is an incredibly safe list honestly, but hey i always believed a dmc5 is in the works so whatever
  21. Vex

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    He wanted to say something so bad lmao.

    Also, I’d hate to see a mad Dante. Holy shit. I can’t even imagine what this will be like him going 100% and being serious. Jesus, wtf pissed of Dante?

    Also, my dude Reuben back? Let’s fucking go!
  22. ShamelessZeroMain

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    This Leak Is Fake. You're welcome.
  23. callmeCata

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    Hope this is real because it sounds dope. Shout out to SoS for putting his account on the line.
  24. Chaos2Frozen

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    Dragon’s Dogma 2 obviously
  25. Chaos2Frozen

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    Will you bet your account on it?
  26. So... E3 for the reveal? Thats still a long way :(
  27. Great OT and I will subscribe this.

    *Hones sword kanata and marks on Son of Sparda*

    ..Oh, this is just a precaution, don't worry.
  28. Hyugul

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    So timeline goes 3> 1> 4> 5> 2?
  29. You saw him pissed once before:

  30. Neptonic

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  31. You know it or guess it?
  32. TheMrPliskin

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    I need it.
  33. GFP_RYU

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    Super nice!!!!! If this is true, I need Vergil to be fully playable and since this is end of Storyline for son of spades, no more killing of fan faves. Meaning, do not kill of Dante, Vergil, Nero, Trish, Lady, etc.....
  34. ShamelessZeroMain

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    I have my source and he was spot on about RE7 back before it was announced.

    I trust him on this one

    The game will be announced much sooner
  35. Sub Level

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    3 >1 >4 >5

  36. ArjanN

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    Eh, I feel the difference between a continuation and a soft reboot for MDC is pretty minimal.

    You're a half-demon guy who fights monsters. Oh no the main character's father is back as the really powerful main boss. Not exacly rocket-science to get into for new players.as long as they take 5 minutes to re-establish the characters..

    DMC4's strory was pretty self-contained and the real element that would carry over is Nero being introducted.

    You're not wrong abou the format of the show but I don't think an AAA reveal is out of the cards for TGA at all. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if it had more interesting stuff than the PSX presentation this year.
  37. ShamelessZeroMain

    ShamelessZeroMain Banned Member

    I have my sources
  38. Blade Wolf

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    ''The overall game is supposed to be “ambitious” for a DMC title with a broader appeal. ''

    Oh come the fuck on, what is that supposed to mean???
  39. Rat King

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    Please be true.
  40. Mmmkay
  41. Neonep

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    Fantastic post my friend. I have a very similar experience. We have talked about this for a very long time. We eating now.
  42. Luchashaq

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    So bummed, I would buy DMC2 day one but after Devil May Cry 4 I have no interest in 5.
  43. Hypron

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  44. AuthenticM

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    I guess I should play DMC4 SE.
  45. Adamska

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    Salt? Lol. Feel free to cherry pick, I already said I'm going to play and enjoy whatever comes out. That said, I'd vastly prefer it'd have nothing to do with DMC4, as that was the absolute low point of the series to me, even taking DMC2 in consideration.

    And the leak is absolutely weak, there's not an ounce of actual information on it. All it says is that it'll maybe come out, and that it'll be a successor to DMC4, which baffles me since I'd think Capcom would try and distance this new game from DMC4, since 4 has the worst campaign the series has seen.

    Also, the leak says it was supposed to be announced at PSX but it wasn't due to feedback from E3? What does that even mean? Most PSX announcements happened during PGS, why didn't DMC5's also happen then? And it's not like DMC is this hot franchise that HAS to show up on E3 either, so there being some kind of "strategy" behind moving the announcement from PSX to E3 is kind of a weak claim.
  46. JEH

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    Every dmc game has been a soft reboot.
  47. Dahbomb

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    As if this party hadn't already been crazy enough...
  48. Sargerus

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  49. Hypron

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    Really? Really?
  50. Tribal24

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    No insane backtracking and I'm in!!! Lets GOOO!!