[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Sooner???? Whoa!!!!

    So all of the OP’s info are fake? Like all??

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    Worst Part is my buddy says there will be fucking transactions

    smh fucking capcom

    It'll only be on the degree of DMC4 SE though so that's nice
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    So the leak is fake but the game isn’t and will be revealed soon? Okay.
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    Not all of it, actually. Some of it is quite accurate
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    Allowing for no limits would bring too much of it. I can sift through the garbage of some 4chan boards but don't think for a second i will put up with the likes of all that conspiracy garbage avalanche on every site of the internet. People complain about "blank game came out x years ago" threads that came up too often at a time, but imagine infinite garbage that's not worth glancing at instead.
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    Which part? No Dante at DMCV? No Nero? No Vergil? It's not more open? No cloth physics?

    If it is about the reveal, I've already said that it's not impossible to be this year. I said unlikely. So either say specific stuff that you know and bet your account on it (like I am doing) or don't try to say I just lied about everything.
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    Alright I’m going to need a verification from the admins or something
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    The fact that were hearing so much about DMC5 now and that Sony is indeed transmitting the initial presentation of PSX (after saying that they wouldn't) make my think that this will still be the main game announced at PSX
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    Looks like they learned their lesson from DMC 4 and are taking ideas from Bayo.
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    Which part(s) is/are fake?
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    I'll have whatever you're smoking
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    Truth. Believe you me.
  17. Same
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    HOW SOONER?!!!
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    This just got SUPER juicy now.

    We already have a few people throwing their hats in the ring now.
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    This is a silly statement.
  21. Man, I can't wait!
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    Hope it's legit. A lot of it sounds good, but definitely some worrying stuff in there like wanting to find a broader appeal (which is almost never a good thing for franchises like this) and trying to make something more serious. See what happens. OP starts kind of weird though. Have we known that there was a new DMC in development? That is news to me honestly
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    To be fair the rumor in the OP doesn't specifically say the game won't be shown in 2017.
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    I mean the leak in the OP says the trailer has been ready for a while. So whenever they decide to drop the trailer they can

    Could easily have a teaser trailer at PSX, story trailer somewhere in march, full gameplay blowout at Sony's e3 conference
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    Imma believe the person who bet their account. Stakes is high for just a lie.
  27. You have my attention.
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    Lord, what's going on
  29. DMC V in 2019, sweet.
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    The thing you get if you don't have something to lose by lying.
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    I don't want DMC to look like an eye sore on base PS4 like Neir Automata unfortunately. A more open world has me wary that it might. Play around with the resolution but 60fps is a must, make the resolution dynamic if you can't hit 1080p or better yet get Konami to lone you the Fox engine! Incredible what Kojima achieved with Phantom Pain on purely technical level.
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    Things are taking a turn now?
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    I just want Devils Never Cry playing again in the end.

    Oh my god, please let Nero this time have more weapons than just Red Queen.

    Oh my god, life is so wonderful, DMC5, FFVII Remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake, its just a pity that we will never see Dino Crisis again, rest in peace.
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    Monster Hunter World has “broader appeal”.

    Sometimes things aren’t always the worst case scenario.
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    TF are we bringing this up for if you don't even think it'll be revealed until E3?
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    Well, I like Devil May Cry but I would have preferred him to be working on DD2.
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    I'm not even sure who to believe. Keep the excitement locked up like Fort Knox.
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    This party's getting crazyyy!!
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    That game isn't out yet, is it?
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    What the hell is going on here.
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    Read the OP

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    this is getting announced at game awards, doesn't ?
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    Let the circus begin
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    So PS4 and PC if this leak is true. This is never gonna stay a console release if Sony is just providing some of the funding because character action games don't sell well enough.
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    OP just reads like a wishlist and knowing the 'actual' time of the supposed trailer then back tracking it with "it may be longer or short idk lol" is laughable.

    Not that I don't think there's going to be a DMC5, there obviously is. DMC4SE wasn't made for no reason, but this leak seems like it's muddy.
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    I need this to be good.

    My top 3 franchises of all time are Star Wars, Halo, and DMC.

    Star Wars is getting shit on by EA / DICE, Halo is getting kneecapped by 343i, I NEED this one to be good.

    Will be waiting to swap the Maul avatar for Vergil.
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    fuck I hope not

    If it does though I will personally send everyone in this comments section 1$ through PayPal