[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    No? But it’s not like the new changes hasn’t been covered extensively with fans of the series who tried out the demo vouching for it
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    Daaamn,all dat info

    Now if only Capcom can make Jawmuncher happy
  3. Covenant is easily one of the best RPG's ever. So unique, so polished, so memorable, so epic. UGH

    A new Shadow Hearts will never happen though :( IIRC Aruze/Sacnoth/etc. disbanded and most of the people responsible for Covenant are now with Mistwalker (Blue Dragon/Lost Odyssey/The Last Story), and Mistwalker is now doing mobile games. And they also don't own the Shadow Hearts IP. Not sure who does actually.
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    As expected for any new AAA game , but its ok . New costumes, orbs, weapons
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    This thread is playing with my emotions...

    Lol, haven't seen this gif in a while.

    GNEVERD Member

    Bruh! This shit may be one of the most difficult games EVER!
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    Why is this PSX already more hype then the past E3 already?
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    I'm not backing down, yes. I mean, at least DMC2 has a consistent tone. And Dante looks very good on that game, too. It's been a while since I last played it, though, so I might not be remembering well what I did not like about it. But I recall very clearly what I didn't like about DMC4.
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    Really, it's embarrassing as moderators.
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    Okay, but probably better to use something actually out as an example lol
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    Finally some big boy bets.
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    So you are just gonna call me out and then ignore my post.

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    Idc what leak is fake or not, as long as I finally get DMC5 after all these years. I remember buying DMC4 in 2009 when I was 10 and having a blast with the game.
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    So red orbs and an unlock everything option? Fine with me.
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    Son of Sparda: You will have to ride in the back seat because his balls ride shotgun.
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    So are you saying the leak is fake just because the announcement date or there are other things the OP that aren't accurate?
  18. SweetNicole

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    How soon is much sooner?

    To be clear, you're taking the same risk with your account as SoS is. If your leak is false, you will be permantly banned.

    Also the core of this leak is not the release date imo, but the game's very existence, development team, and specific details of the game.
  19. We all remember that bet you made.
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    Playable Trish as dlc with a mini campaign and available for the main game and bloody palace mode. Not really opposed to potential dmc dlc
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    praying for OP
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    The rumors don't even really contradict each other though. The rumor in the OP aside from all the other information only says it probably won't be shown in 2017.

    Basically this:

    The trailer in the OP rumor being mostly story would probably work just fine for a first trailer. Especially since you could easily make that way in advance regardless of far along the actual game is.

    No, but we have a good idea of what MHW is like. Also just based on other franchises, broader appeal doesn't automatically mean worse/for casuals etc..
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    I came.
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    Reply to the OP.

    Saying "the leak is fake" but then saying many stuff sounds right, only the reveal is not as late (which the OP admitted can still happen earlier) is bullshit and should put your account as much on the line as the OPs.

    So what is all fake huh?
  25. ShamelessZeroMain

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    Sorry Mate, I wasn't saying everything was wrong I said a decent amount of your info is accurate in an earlier comment ( I think. )

    And I didn't see your earlier reply
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    We're getting umpteen Ys, Tales, Yakuza, and Atelier games along with new Valkyria Chronicles, .hack, Xenoblade Chronicles, and whatever else, but no Shadow Hearts. Not even bad PC ports or PS2 classics. The world is cruel.
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    To be fair I'd at least be spending 100$ here
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    This thread is too real for me now. I am legit shaking in my boots.
  29. JEH

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    I agree. Lot of wiggle room for “errors”.

    This is getting interesting though with the other “leaker” in here.


    Please be it with the outstanding Panta Rhei engine with its dynamic GI and dynamic fluids, fire , smoke and not a third party engine which will make the game look very generic like any other game using that engine. I don't care even if it is 720p, a game using that engine has to happen. SquareSoft didn't ditch their Luminous Engine in FFXV in favour of another third party engine and struggled to the end even after a decade and released the game with that engine. A real shame if that engine is dead before birth.
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    That's A LOT of info for a leak, damn.
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    Fuuuuucckkk how did I miss this thread

    This is amazing

    you can't do this to us
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    Dunno why I assumed "leak" would mean actual screenshots, and not another dime a dozen text rumor, lol.

    DMC 5 is so heavily rumored at this point I'm starting to think it's not happening at all and Itsuno's working on an original IP or something.
  35. BitByDeath

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    And even that aspect can be quite flexible as development continues.
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    The shotguns are loaded and someone is getting killed for what was said in this thread

  37. Son of Sparda

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    Thank you, Nicole.

    And to be clear, I said unlikely to be this year. Never said impossible and clarified it later on. And I still stand by what I said.
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    Whoever is wrong; dahbomb gets juniored
  39. Hope it is not a hoax.
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    ResetEra with the scoops now.
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    It’s getting mad juicy in here.

    So we thinking PC/PS4? Or just PS4?
  42. Lopez

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    I’ve never hoped for a ban more in my life
  43. Delaney

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    I don’t think I support this type of leak (it would have been fine with just it just disclosing the game’s existence, platforms, and base concepts), taking into account that the game might not be announced until June. I understand that other people might have had access to this information and it might have started circulating through other places, but I still would have avoided leaking such precise details for a project that might already be facing pushbacks.
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    Microtransaction in DMC5?

  45. Mark H

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    Some form of PS exclusivity was expected.
    Much like Bayo2, it seems that these character action games doesn't get enough return that it needs backing from first party.
  46. Mifec

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    If they want to turn a profit at release then deffo PS4/PC.
  47. Jawmuncher

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    IMO I think the reveal and release date frame are the biggest aspects.
    Since it gives insight into what Capcom's Forecast could be. DMC5 existing is like one of the worst kept secrets at capcom.
  48. SweetNicole

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    Yes. Development details often change, and we are of that. I would be surprised if the whole if the leak was accurate, but I am relatively sure some parts are accurate, namely the game's existence for one.
  49. Chaos2Frozen

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    Well point is, some times “broader appeal” just means trimming the fats. I’m very certain Itsuno of all people isn’t going to compromise on gameplay depth.
  50. Voror

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    So this info comes the same day I order the 3142 artbook? Coincidence?

    Hope it pans out in any case and looks good as well as no one getting banned hopefully.