[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Soulstar

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    All of this sounds so, so wonderful.
  2. Mass Effect

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    hasn't he suffered enough?
  3. Dahbomb

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    There's legit microtransactions in DMC4SE already (an expansion to an old game that didn't have microtransactions).

    This game will have microtransactions, you don't need to be a leaker to know that.
  4. Adamska

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    Eh, I'll be the first to admit that my memory of DMC2 isn't as fresh as it was. That said, I don't remember it having straight up trash levels where you knock dice around and fight random battles over and over. Twice.

    Still, no need for hand-waving comments.
  5. ShamelessZeroMain

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    My friend who gave me this info better not be fucking around

    And It's not just the date, other things are definitely off.

    I also don't know when it's gonna be announced but I was told it was "before E3 for sure"
  6. Tribal24

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    Screw that let it be their Frameworks MT engine modified to hell and back that way we get the game running real good and also visuals would be polished.

  7. this thread is so awesome


    Competing rumors

    Permaban risks

    it has it all
  8. Sesha

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    ShamelessZeroMain not getting off free, lol.

    That's honestly more out there than anything else posted in this thread, lol.
  9. MizerMan

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    Yeah, it's usually just some PR type statement.
  10. Wiggles

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    "The overall game is supposed to be “ambitious” for a DMC title with a broader appeal.

    This is the most serious Dante has been (a "new side" of Dante), of course not counting DMC2.

    There is some form of Playstation exclusivity involved."

    Sigh.. not liking the sound of this.
  11. tomofthepops

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    I'm more excited that he said based on E3 2017 feedback sony is beefing up its 2018 conference.
  12. wafflebrain

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    To be fair, you just saying snarkily "it's fake you're welcome" in your first message without anything else clarifying it wasn't exactly the most diplomatic way of handling things. Maybe remember to include what it is you're taking issue with in the first post next time.
  13. IHaveIce

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    Then tell us which things are off?
  14. SageShinigami

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    I mean, calling the leak fake 'cause you think it'll be announced next month and they think it's E3 is just...unnecessary.
  15. Mass Effect

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    it's like we never moved
  16. SoS out here defending his leak like
  17. I hope you're both correct, at least enough to avoid a ban.

  18. AHAHAHAH too late now bro
  19. enkaisu

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    I'll legit shed tears if this is fake. Please don't do me like. ;_;
  20. EDeadman94

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    So does anyone know how this affects the MVCi leaks for PSX?
  21. ShamelessZeroMain

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    fuckkkkkkkk if my source is wrong my foot is going straight up his ass
  22. Selina

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    Yeah, I wouldn't trust ShamelessZeroMain if I were you guys.
  23. Son of Sparda

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    I didn't include more specific stuff cause it's pointless since they can easily get change during development.

    Like you want a specific thing? Total hours of cutscenes will be close to 3 hours.
  24. silva1991

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    Oh I didn't know that. Thanks!

  25. This thread has become the dice game from Dmc4.
  26. Sub Boss

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    Gives us more details ZeroMain you can't just come here to say most of it is true except for the reveal date thats shameless!
  27. ShamelessZeroMain

    ShamelessZeroMain Banned Member

    I never said it would be announced in December
  28. SlasherMcGirk

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    I am liking everything I'm reading. 2018 is looking mighty impressive, it just might give 2017 a run for it's money.
  29. NeonBlack

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    I want to believe
  30. KZXcellent

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    This thread is the type of chaos I appreciate.
  31. zephyrcian

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    Holy shit

    This is sounding ridiculous if true. And it's sounding like it's a SFV sort of situation. So if it's console exclusive, the only home system it will be on is PS4 but will also be on PC.

    Sounds like Capcom.
  32. Sesha

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    DMC2 is way, waaaay worse. I'll take ten dice games over the tank, chopper, giant fish or giant moth bosses, or most of the puzzles in that game.

    And yes, there is. That comment was as silly as every "DmC is worse than DMC2 and worse than cancer" comment I've read. A good game with flaws isn't on the same level or worse than a complete mess of a game that couldn't even get basic stuff like Stingers or Hightime right, that almost tanked the franchise's trajectory, cost us Kamiya, and put the canon into this weird quantum state.
  33. Hypron

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    DMC2, the entire game, is complete trash from beginning to end. Story, gameplay, level design, art (apart from Dante), everything is trash. It's the worst game I've ever played (and I played it enough to get all the achievements) and it does not belong in the same universe as any of the other games in the series.
  34. Noctis

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    Someone gonna catch the Hammer.. this is getting juicy.
  35. Ukyo Of Atmos

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    Bring it on!
  36. This thread got me sweating.
  37. Chamber

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    ShamelessZeroMain trying to hit the [​IMG]
  38. -PyramidSong

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    I imagine is a Street Fighter V similar situation.
  39. Emka

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    If it were to happen, we're going through the looking glass.

  40. Fdkn

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    So what are you saying? because you're calling it fake but don't provide anything in return to make you believable.
  41. Harpoon

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    The twists and turns just keep piling up!
  42. N.Domixis

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    That's why its best to stay quite than to join in on leaking and risking a permo ban lmao.
  43. Jiggy

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  44. The Silver

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    This thread has turned into a death game, who's account is getting nuked by the end of this? I'm feeling motivated.
  45. Sesha

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    Shameless' ass sweating hard.
  46. Kazuhira

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    End of sons of Sparda story? WTF
  47. IHaveIce

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    Zeromain still refuses to say which stuff in the OP is fake if not the date.

    So far his only claim was it get announced before E3 2018.

    I smell a talking out of his ass situation
  48. Dahbomb

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    I don't get it.

    Both people say it's not being unveiled in 2017.

    Why wouldn't it be unveiled at E3 then? What's so major in between PSX and E3 that it warrants not being on either of them? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Either this game gets unveiled in 2017 or it misses it and is unveiled at E3 2018 instead. Then again it's Capcom so you never really know. That's the type of stuff I wouldn't personally bet my account on.
  49. ArjanN

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    Every level in DMC2 is a trash level. Also you can cheese the dice game in DMC4 to get the number you want everytime.
  50. Rockstar

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