[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    In case it wasn't already clear

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    Someone should inform Kamiya that words mean things.

  5. He also called out this Playstation Lifestyle article for taking him out of context, and praised the Dualshockers article.
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    Any chance of playing it on xbox one X?
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    Yes, a chance exist.
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    Look at all those lazy developers eating and drinking instead of working 24/7 to give us DMC5. They really shot themselves in the foot

    Kamiya is still one of the most entertaining game developers out there. I'd love to see him and Yoko Taro directly work on a game together. The madness that would ensue would be incredible.

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    Kamiya's actitude... he sounds like a d*** though I shouldn't be surprised lol

    Give us DMC5 announcement already!!
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    Always happy to hear DMC V is doing fine. :)
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    That's kind of his thing
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    That tweet made me smile. It's always heartwarming to see a group of devs being united and happy.

    Now show us your child!

    PS: btw, I think I went to this pub when I was in Tokyo :D
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    Ikeno is there! DMC 3 art director
    (under "Connells")
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    Excellent! Good catch! Two Itsuno regulars identified.
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    Sounding more and more like Dragons Dogma 2 with these staff findings.
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    *post tweet about not understanding English* lol
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    Not really. So far we've identified two Itsuno regulars that both worked on DMC games and Dragon's Dogma. There's not enough to conclude anything in either direction.
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    LMAO Kamiya is out of control. :D
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    So a normal day for him
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    140 pages and counting, this train is going somewhere.
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    WE IN THERE!!!
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    Considering how unwise it would be to hold off on a sequel to Dragon's Dogma for so long, I have to agree with you. And it's not like the OP's "leak" got any kind of confirmation anyway since it was posted.
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    Dragon’s Dogma is not on their main pipeline for next fiscals anymore. Only thing DD related you’re gonna see in the future is DDO. So stop it with the DD2 nonsense because it won’t happen anytime soon.
  26. Wasnt discredited either.
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    Ye sure, keep dreaming about DD2.
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    They made a sequel to Dragon's Dogma. It's called Dragon's Dogma Online :kappa:
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    Fuck it, it's both.

    Dante falls through a portal an ends up in Gran Soren, Army of Darkness style.
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    If Sony are invlolved with the project, then no
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    Ah yes, I don't think I said it was discredited even if I don't believe it. Did I?
    Dragon's Dogma is still the best game Itsuno directed on his own last gen, so yeah, I'll keep hoping we see a sequel sooner rather than later.
    It never launched worldwide, though, so I don't think Capcom would not make a Dragon's Dogma 2 because they made the online one.
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    At this point might as well be. Game has 3x the story content.
  33. Holy shit, I'm laughing so hard right now! Kamiya really doesn't forgive.

    Edit: wait I just noticed, is the second tweet by the same Noroi_Kisaragi from Era?
  34. kamiya basically summoned the DMC community with that tweet this morning so yeah it's me
  35. Lmao, the only tweet I sent him (when I had a tweeter account) was one thanking him for his contributions to gaming and he thanked me back. It must feel weird (not in your case since he was actually pretty cordial, more in the case of the other person there) to have a guy whose work you admire call you a brainless insect of all things.

    Of course, it's easy with Kamiya, just insult him to have him insult you back and block you.
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    Kamiya is a legend.
  37. Well i think the Brainless insect refers to DmC 4Head LUL
  38. Hmm. I don't know about that.

  39. Not that hard to get blocked by Kamiya, i guess well never know....
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    Gonna be honest I'm not sure why people like Kamiya's twitter account, dude seems like a dick

  41. It'd be hilarious if the game has gone gold by now and it still hasn't been announced.
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    Yeah I don't want to go there but Kamiya's inability to handle criticism on social media sounds a lot like a certain other person that we know.. or rather several. Just because he makes good games doesn't give him am excuse to act like a fuckwad most of the time to his fans.
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    Well we already know what but when is the important question.
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    I honestly don't know what to expect on when it will be announced. Common sense tells me that they want it kinda far from MHW. They also have Mega Man 11 coming late this year. E3 is the most likely but shit I could see them announcing it in some random day.
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    Don't really get why DmC, to him, doesn't work as an example when game design revision befitting of current trends is exactly what DmC was set out to be.
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    lol, cant have a devil may cry thread without kamiya tweeting up the place. But yea, that bar pic with itsuno is adorable.
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    Doubt Capcom will announce anything on a random Tuesday anymore. For the past couple years they only announce games at or around major events with a release of about 6~10 months from announcement.
    I mean I would love for them to announce DMCV before E3 2018 but I think the closest thing we may get before E3 is a tease with the HD collection in March.
    Don't expect anything for Jan considering MHW is just about to release.
  49. ...Why would it be unwise? Dragon's Dogma has sold 3.5 million after 5 years and being released four times (OG on 360/PS3; Dark Arisen on 360/PS3; Dark Arisen on Steam; Dark Arisen on Xbone/PS4). That's not much considering it took the largest team in Capcom history at the time to make the game http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-03-20-dragons-dogma-can-sell-10-million-worldwide-reckons-capcom(For reference, RE 6 had 600 people at the time) and it's not much considering it's an open world game and how much it costs to make an open world game on PS4/Xbone.

    There's also the fact that they've made and are maintaining Dragon's Dogma online and they are releasing Monster Hunter World in less than a months and I doubt they'd make two similar open world games (at least in the eyes of the market) at the exact same time (development on World started in mid 2014) while also having an online title in the same franchise.

    I'd be really surprised if it was DD 2.
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    I can't believe you fell for Jawmuncher's very clear troll bait.

    Then again not at all surprised considering someone who thinks Itsuno's new project might actually be DD2 over DMCV. Better accept reality before the eventual disappointment.