[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. N.Domixis

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    That other leaker.
  2. Sub Boss

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    Those details must have been finalized though the game is suppossedly two years worked on.even if they are very specific
  3. Mass Effect

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    Son of Sparda and ShamelessZero's competing rumors be like

  4. Noctis

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    This thread is the equivalent of Russian Roulette.
  5. SweetNicole

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    Yes, we will keep all these things in mind when it comes to permanetly banning someone for a leak. We are aware of development changes and such. Really the intent of the threat of permanent ban is to prevent intentionally false leaks, hence the word "hoax" in our statement.
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    ShamelessZeroMain be like:
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    High drama in here. Love it.
  8. lmao
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    I'm pretty sure our style meter is at Smokin' Style at this point.
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    Every time I come back into this thread...all I can hear is THE EYE CAN SEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH!
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    I wouldn't call it "cheesing", it's the proper way to do it.
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    This is the ResetERA I've been waiting for.

    Everything about this rumor sounds great, hope it's real!
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    My source is saying that the reveal is progressing smoothly.
  15. you just gotta hit the dice when it um

    fuck i forget the trick to it

    looks like we'll be here forever
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    My highly trusted source of daily fiber tells me that the game already came out. I'll accept a permanent ban if this is untrue.
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  18. ShamelessZeroMain

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    Nahhhh, I trust my source.
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    psx reveal BELIEVE
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    you better not be:


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    Yeah, but...

    This, basically. Announcing it in like February by itself is weird when it can enjoy December or E3 when all eyes are on gaming.
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    Does Ben Moore have an account here? I must know how giddy he is on a scale from 1 - Huber at Sony E3.
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    4 year dev cycle for DMCV?

    Hmm...good luck, Capcom!
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    Oh fuck yes
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    I love you too
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    You haven’t said which parts were incorrect yet.
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    Well... holy shit.
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    Fantastic thread. Can’t believe OP waged everything to give us enough hope to cling unto.
  30. Frozenprince

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    Does Ben Moore have an account here? I must know how giddy he is on a scale from 1 - Huber at Sony E3.
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    Yeah, but most players won't realize this at first.

    The game Cuphead recently had a similar type of dice game boss rush.
  32. Dahbomb

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    Me while observing all these back and forth leaks:


    What a glorious day. Too bad it might be at the expense of one of you guys.
  33. Asterix

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    Never played DMC4, so if all this is true I should probably get started.
  34. Sub Boss

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    If thats true just imagine how Capcom would be lost without funding from Sony :P.

    Im ready to sacrifice the Xbox ONE X version to the Gods if it means a better outcome for the series
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    Need press sneak fuck to weigh in on this.
  37. OniBaka

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    Honestly something has to give either it’s announced before the end of this year or at E3 next year. Can’t see where and why they would announce it inbetween as Capcom has revealed all their major games at big events.
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    Do it. Like now.
  40. TreIII

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    Someone's going to get dragged to Inferno like this was Bayonetta.

  41. Caiops

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    It would be amazing if in the end it get announced on a Game informer cover.
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    Like I said, my memory of it isn't as fresh as it was. The dice stuff stuck out for me more than anything DMC2 ever did, but I do admit I'd have to replay it to see if it feels as bad as or worse than DMC4. As far as what you mention from the moves in DMC2, I remember the gameplay being really close to DMC1 than DMC3, so maybe you just feel sour on it because you played 3 first?
    I respect your opinion, but I honestly do not remember the game being "complete trash", so I'll just agree to disagree. And that doesn't mean it can't be better than DMC4. One of the things I do recall from DMC2 is the characters sharing levels for the most part, but unlike DMC4, playing the game to its end with one character felt like playing a whole game, whereas DMC4 felt like it was stretching its world to the absolute limit just to feature 20 or so levels.
    I don't see how that makes the inclusion of dice levels a good decision.
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    This thread omg

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    I hope we get DMC5 during the Tuesday “cyber Monday” PSN flash sell...
  46. IHaveIce

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    How are you getting away with sayong "the leak is fake" but then not saying what is wrong.

    How are you dancing around this.
  47. ShamelessZeroMain

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    People, my source is vague af so don't come asking me specifics cause I really don't know shit aside from a few details

    Honestly my guy could definitely be lying

    I hope he's not

    This guy could definitely be accurate
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    Now we just need a third party to come in and confirm the game doesn't even exit.

  49. Notaskwid

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    Featuring Dante from the Devil May cry series.


    Sorry but Frameworks MT is still a last-gen engine even if they heavily modify it. It doesn't have any of the next-gen features Panta Rhei engine has. If they want the return of DMC engine in full glory, it has to be with a splendid presentation.