[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    My only concern.

    I'm too excited to think properly. ~.~
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    You calling someone out as an asshole is ironic.

    You came in here with an arrogant comment "leak is fake, you are welcome" proceeded to brag about your source, then when you realized you have fucked up because you didn't say what was fake about the OP you backpedaled hard and mentioned over and over again that the OP might be right.

    Don't play the leaking game if you can't handle the heat
  3. NateDrake

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    Let's all get back on track and focus on the info in the OP and not the random comment that amounted to nothing. If they claim they have info that differs from the OP info, cool. Thus far, the user has yet to provide any post that explains why details in OP are or may be wrong. Let's discuss the info known and not the vague posts.
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    lol, you're the one that came in here being cocky with your "info" to begin with. Maybe don't say shit you can't backup and cause needless drama as a result?
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    I’m with you, shameless, but I really love my sweet account.
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    I should've been more specific in my original comment

    I'm just assuming my guys right though cause he got RE7 info spot on

    Instead of attempting to make me look bad you should actually read my comments, pal.
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    Some of the bosses are good, but it's the whole having to fight them two to more times during the game that makes the whole thing sour. As for tricks for the dice, I shouldn't be expected to exploit a game to enjoy it, so I still think the dice levels are trash.
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    I agree. It is getting out of hand. The thread will be locked at this rate.
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    Then why open your mouth?, are you that desperate for attention?
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    I've been drinking alright

    I'm gonna say stupid shit
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    My god, this thread is legendary.

    Really hope either leak turns out correct.
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    Now it's booze? :(
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    It's not an exploit. It's how you're supposed to play it. The game's just screws up royally by not making it clear what you're supposed to do.
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    Yes, everyone please talk about the actual leaks.
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    I’m watching the Devil May Cry anime as a sort of celebration. Besides, regardless of what happens it’s still a good series.
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    My emotions are rampaging right now
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    Maybe it is time to exit the thread then.
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    jk lol
    Hope your source is right too and we get a 2017 annoucement
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    Wait you trust your source but now are backpedaling?
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    It's only 8pm man.
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    There is a mammoth level of information in the OP but I am going to wait until the knee jerk reactions are out of the way to give my analysis/thoughts on it.

    Every sentence on there has major implications.
  28. ShamelessZeroMain

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    No I'm just giving possibly legit info to fellow gamers.
    I just want dmc fans to get SOME good news
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    That second 'leak' deserves a one week ban this not a game!
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    If it's not being revealed at PSX, the trailer being ready for months doesn't really add up.
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    Well the problem is, another leaker called out your info as to being wrong or mostly wrong yet we didn't get any sort of answers. Eh. I guess that just leaves the whole thing speculative. On with the show...
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    Let’s say Sony has just became aware of this leak....would they even decide to stick it in psx? I fee they would still choose to do it at E3 if that is the plan they might stick with I doubt they would reveal it sooner just because of a leak.
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    Happy Hour isn't a late night thing, pal.
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    This thread is ruined now...people gotta control they’re alcohol intake.
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    Huh they’re totally going to keep the tradition of keeping Vergil a DLC character.


  38. Heri

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    This thread...

  39. jett

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    See SoS, if you had included something like that, it would've added credence to your essay!

    Whatever Itsuno is working on, it's a given there will be microtransactions and/or DLC of some sort. It's just the way of the world now.
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    Get back on topic and discuss the info in the OP.
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    I hope that the change in personality of Dante isn’t too jarring. I understand that you can only get so cocky but if he becomes some brooding edgy dude with a mission I’ll be annoyed.

    They set up Vergil for DMC5 that’s for sure. He has to appear, but I hope he’ll be fooling around with his son.

    Also excited about Vergil’s mandatory redesign. It’s been 20+ years in the story.
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    This is a HIDEO KOJIMA thread now lol. I wonder what Dante is gonna look like in the new game.
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    Well, I see no reason to stop drinking now.
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    I swear to fucking GOD if they dont reveal it at PSX or the Game Awards I'm gonna be upset.
  45. lol that instant regret back peddle
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    I think everyone should move on from leak vs leak and discuss the actual game.

    For e.g Yuji Shimomura is returning as the cutscene director for DMCV has me hyped that the actual cut scenes will be great and while Dante will be more serious it has me believing that there will be funny and goofy scenes.
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    Whew, this thread has been one wild ride.
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    DMC fans have it rough, Eden.
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    I mean, the dice level was clearly added to pad out the game in a cheap way, but I still think basically everything in DMC 4 (visuals/gameplay/level design/bosses etc) is better than in DMC2.