[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    The effects are greattttt
  2. Oh my
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    No info about new weapons, i'm curious what they will come with this time.
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    I'm a mega man fan too so it's even worse
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    Would a return to DMC1 Dante's personality be considered jarring? Because that's what I'm hoping for.
  8. This is what I'd normally expect as well
    Which is why I would be extra pleasantly surprised if he was playable in the base game

    Even then, I just wanna see those interactions between Nero and Vergil. Just thinking of the kind of father son bonding those two would have.
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    I feel why you would trust him because of that, but man, that RE7 stuff was floating around everywhere behind the curtains for awhile (together with Dead Rising 4), a lot of people knew. Doesnt mean they would know here

    I say that from experience too, I got some word for RE7 beforehand as well, but managed to get 0 info on anything DMC reaching the same folks
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    seriously guys listen to what he says

    taking shots at me isn't gonna do shit
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    Maybe they will make him more consistent with his characterization from end of 3 and 1
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    " Now I done grew up round some people living their life in bottles, Granddaddy had the DMC5 leak every day in Chicago"
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    Not really. You have like 40 games lol.
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    I would've taken DmC2.

    But hooooooooly shiiiiit, if this all turns out to be true.
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    Because alcohol taste better than tears
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    We got over 100 lmao

    But all we've gotten in 7 years is sub-par collections and cancelled games

    You guys got the ninja th- oh shit

    Yeah that's worse you guys definitely have it worse
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    Discussing Shamelesszeromain is discussing the OP since he said not everything in there is correct :P

    Well let's see I recently repleayed DMC4 and am glad to read they want to change stuff about the style system.

    The leveldesign stuff and ps exlusivity is not that great imo
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    For now, please return to discussing the OP.
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    this sounds so sexy. i miss DMC.

    edit - hold up. i only read the OP but it seems like this thread has been a wild ride
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    Nah I feel it’s his best personality. Cocky with a brain.
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    I said it's gonna to take me a while to search through the dudes evidence cause this was in a discord chat and it was from a month ago, i can't get it in a matter of seconds smh

    Not to sound rude but.. yeah.
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    It will be interesting to see how this turns out, especially if it turns out this was pulled for half a year to keep for E3.

    I loved the aesthetic, atmosphere, and general gameplay of DMC1, and the series has never really hit that height again for me, DMC3 was close. I didn’t enjoy DMC4 that much, and tbh I don’t really feel much of an urge to play as these other characters they keep giving us, Dante is the badass that these other characters really don’t compare to.

    It’s amazing how often that is someone’s excuse for their dramatic posts on gaming forums, especially when their account is suddenly on the line.
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    Anyway. yea I can't wait to see what comes of this.
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    After Uncle Dante, get ready for Daddy Vergil.
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    I hope the part about "broader appeal" is true. I don't want to play a hardcore difficult game anymore at my age.

    Or at the very least have an Easy difficulty setting.

    I hope the game is like DmC
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    Remember guys. Keyword: Smooth.
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    Don't drink and post, kids.
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    Shameless baby what is you doing ?
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    So with the more open areas and "new camera", if the leak is correct, we can assume this means the fixed camera is gone now? Much welcome change if true.
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    Lets get back to the info. Man, confrontation between Nero and Vergil has me hyped. I bet Vergil gonna stab Nero right away.
  41. TRN

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    I hope its more dark and serious like dmc 1.
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    Sounds cool
    Vergil coming back is hype on it's own
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    This leak is very exciting, and filled with lots of really cool stuff. It sounds like this will be a true continuation of the DMC we all know and love, with smart tweaks, improvements, and innovations (improved camera, streamlined dodge mechanic, more open-ended level design, etc) to modernize the formula a bit, which is awesome.

    However, there is one thing I really have to question... The E3 reveal. I feel very strongly (and I could be wrong, to be fair) that REmake 2 will debut at E3 2018. If that's the case... would Capcom really want to debut both of these games at the same event? That doesn't really seem likely to me. I suppose one of the games could be shown off at PSX, but that wouldn't really fit with the narrative that Sony is concealing PSX. That's the only thing that seems questionable to me here.
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    I don't want Vergil to come back to life. Fighting him in the first game and seeing what he became is a key part of Dante's story. He wanted to be a demon took a trip to the other side and bit off more than he could chew.
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    Not saying this as confirmation..

    But I Met Johnny Bosh a few weeks ago.. I asked him about DMC, and just smile and said he had no idea what I was talking about...
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    DMC already has an easy mode.
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    This reminds me, I bought DMC4SE almost two years ago...

    I should finally play it.

    Not too surprising honestly. You can count the number of independently released Capcom games this gen on... two fingers...
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    To be honest Im actually kinda prepared to see Ninja Theory DMC sequel simply because of DLC skin for MvCI Dante. Like why on earth out (I guess) 10 costumes to chose for you go with the one most people hate? I dont see other reason besides as marketing material for DMC2.
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    This one needs to be verified as well.
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    Hey guys what's up

    Is Dahbomb okay