[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Dahbomb

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    The trailer was meant to be shown at PSX but got delayed based on the leak. It's obvious that there would be a trailer ready if they were going to show it at PSX.
  2. Trickster with the return of wall running but have it be super natural is like my dream. Good maneuverability goes a long way in complementing great combat mechanics.
  3. Chamber

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    For all intents and purposes, DMC2 doesn't exist. No game is ever to going to reference any aspect of that game's story.
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  5. OniBaka

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    Makes sense if Sony have some form of exclusivity, they can show the trailer when Sony says so pretty much.
  6. CorrisD

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    He’s posting off the information in the OP that says Sony has some sort exclusivity with the title, their previous history with Capcom and funding SFV shows they are willing to at least let their third party “exclusive” titles to be on PC.
  7. Millia

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    Well,that was fun while it lasted

    Wish it lasted more though

  8. Kazuhira

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    Kinda tired of Mundus tbh..meh.
  9. Y2Kev

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    So is DMCV real now that the other guy has been banned?

    Obviously there is fire near this smoke since DMC5 has been rumored FOREVER but the details are SO PECIFIC!
  10. Sub Boss

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    If they want to close off the Sparda plotline i can see Mundus and Sparda involved
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    Assuming the veracity of the leak, as someone who hasn't played a DMC game since the original on PS2, how hard will it be for me to jump in, storywise? Should I watch Youtube vids to catch up, or does it not matter much?

    Even open to playing a game or two, if available on PS4.
  12. Ocarina_117

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    Sounds hype.

    Sound finish DmC 3 and 4 at some point. 1 is my favourite of the series.
  13. BaasRed

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    I want a fight like Griffon from Dragon's Dogma.
  14. Bhonar

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    I hope so, and I hope it's the DMC4 version. She was hot as heck
  15. Sub Boss

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    I would like a new antagonist but He has just been in one game
  16. Been waiting for a new DMC game for ages (DmC wasn't too bad either), but I'll still be somewhat cautious. "Slightly more open levels" "broader appeal" and "more serious storyline" can go either way. Especially since DMC's most boring parts involved the running back and forth between areas and jumping puzzles. DmC was already the limit for accessibility in this genre as well since the enemies were practically braindead on the standard difficulties.

    God-tier post.
  17. Crossing Eden

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    Mundus has only been in one game. Two if you count the reboot. :| How are people tired of him already when he's the only villain worth giving a damn about since he actually stood a chance against the cast.
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    Even a Devil May Cry...
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    Damn. I go to dinner and someone's already been dragged to Hell.

    On one hand, I agree. On the other, him being bought back has been teased a bit recently, and it would be an effective way to wrap this chapter of the "family drama" for good, if it meant Dante/Vergil/Nero all get to work through their mutual issues on their own and each other, and we FINALLY get to put Sparda's legacy and the battle with Mundus to bed for good.

    Plus, if Trish is going to have some type of role in the story, then well, that's another reason for Mundus to be around.
  20. Sanox

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    I would be fine if more approachable meant trickster isn’t a style anymore but Dante's regular movement
  21. Crossing Eden

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    Story is like incredibly standard half demon anime schlock so I doubt you need to worry about it.
  22. Isnt too hard to hop in. I'd recommend picking up the hd collection if possible or 4se if thats not an option. If both of those arent an option then youtube should suffice.
  23. Jawbreaker

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    Worst kept secret. :lol
  24. I just read through the thread and what a wild ride that was. Anyways about the leaks, it's about time we got a sequel to DMC4 and Vergil finally returning to the story will be fun.
  25. Burrman

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    He's probably right, but to randomly post that sort of comes off as a wish
  26. erlim

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    I feel like DMC2 is forever the latest part of the DMC timeline, like SFIII.
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  28. pixelation

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    Yeah i mean... i hope that they've had enough time developing the game so that they're not forced to inflate the playtime with any backtracking... and i hope they don't recycle bosses either!
    I really dug DMC 3... but the graphics were kind of bad IMO.
  29. raterpillar

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    Which also sounds like bullshit to me. The rest is whatever - I'm sure it's in development - but the trailer/reveal delay just smells doubtful.
  30. BronsonLee

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  31. Sesha

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    Dante beat him in 1. He's not a threat anymore at that point. Powerscaling and escalation of threats and all that.

    Also DMC3's plot was partly about facing Mundus, and DMC4 was heavy on the hints about Mundus returning. But more than the specific number of games, it's just time. The series has been around for 16 years, 17.5 if this is early 2019. The series still hasn't moved on from him and Sparda when it's already established in DMC1 there were other demons before. After DmC retreaded DMC1's plot (and 3's) it's a bummer to go back to Mundus.
  32. OniBaka

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    I don't mind backtracking if it's similar to dmc1.
  33. Skux

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    Sounds good, the only thing that gives me pause is the level design stuff.

    Just give me a well-paced gauntlet of demons to kill and all the dramatic high points and kickass cutscenes of a linear story.
  34. Jawmuncher

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    Yeah. I’m rather dissapointed in the newsies this is true. OG dante and cos stories were done. If the OG series was any good it’d have never left in the first place. So bringing it back after a reboot is just meh.
  35. Crossing Eden

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    They could just kill or seal everyone away so that the next one is truly a fresh start. How did 4 hint that he's coming back?
  36. Geoff Keighley

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    I mean, sure, given how high magic the universe is, but he was basically a shadow of his former self at that point and it still feels a bit weak to walk back character deaths. Also I think he might be kind of a third wheel storywise, especially if the third character is new. It doesn't seem that hard to have a couple of flashback scenes with Nero, and then have him playable in whatever the Bloody Palace equivalent is, or a DLC sidestory.
  38. Wamb0wneD

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    The Legend lives on.
    I think I know which is the big mid-show reveal now.
  39. PaulExcellent

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    The PSX reveal was a done deal. Wonder what happened.
    I'm excited. This will be a fun time for sure.
  40. Vishmarx

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    Gonna make me real happy if true, if not, we thats a hell of a way to go the
  41. Sanox

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    Could just be a dumb Sony decision and Capcom was like "I guess e3 is cool too.."
  42. Sesha

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    That's what I'm hoping for, especially if the "Sons of Sparda" plot ending part is true.
  43. BenRoderick

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    Well, I'll be damned...
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    Why? trailers do get delayed and sometimes they never show them after delay and make another one for another event.
  46. Boke18

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    We're reaching a breaking point now.
  47. Chamber

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    Due to how OP Dante is, your villain options in a DMC game are basically Mundus and Vergil. It'd be super cheese to have another villain pop up with more power than either of those two given what we know about the DMC universe.
  48. Vishmarx

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    Spill it!
  49. JazzmanZ

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    Seems awfully detailed for a leak but I guess we'll see.
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