[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Interesting that Sony is continuing their partnership with Capcom even though Street Fighter V probably underperformed for them. I hope it works out for this particular game.
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    Perhaps because the OP put his head on the Reset chopping block for this ? I dunno
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    This sounds great.
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    Prepare for the earth having a full on invasion from hell boys. Mundus is fully prepared and earth is being invaded.
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    Sony exclusive eh?
    Ugh whats the point of this expensive new one x...
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    holy fuck
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    "The overall game is supposed to be “ambitious” for a DMC title with a broader appeal. "

    Translation : Capcom will be dissapointed with sales results

    Worst hill to die on, OP
    Sometimes rumors are true but development changes and suddenly your leak is not reliable anymore and people will instantly think you are liying EVEN if you were right
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    This is me.
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    Dahbomb pls.
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    Then neither does yours about the viability of AA gaming?
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    He can just make another account. It's not like there's any real consequences.
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    SoS what are you doing man. Soon you'll be screaming for an SOS.
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    This better be real for your sake OP.
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    I guess if Sony is involved worst case is total exclusive and best case is PS4 and PC in any case.

    Also Dahbomb your almost as crazy as the OP.
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    Sony doesn't really care if one or two titles underperform or not. As a first party they can more easily eat a loss. Getting people to buy consoles and software in general is what's important.
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    People have been waiting on this for a while, so good luck all you DMC fans. . .and good luck Son of Sparda's account :p
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    Because the mod staff said that they had reason to allow it to be posted.
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    You are one dedicated person.
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    Sparda bless you cuhrayzee man.
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    Jesus Christ @ that essay on the last page. Dude cares more about DMC than I do about life.
  27. If the OP is right that development is very far along and the game is likely to release within a year or so, and an announcement is expected within the next few months, then the game is probably far enough along that any changes won’t be radical.
  28. Fuckin' yes!
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    @Son of Sparda You made this gif didn't you lol?
  30. I expected a lengthy statement. I came away with my expectations blown away.

    The desire for DMCV is real in this thread.
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    Well, sure. Anyway, how recently?
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    So DMC1-4 when?

    I haven’t played them :-(
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    If true, I'd really have prefered to see this at E3 without any leaks. That would've been a super hype reveal.
    But at least we won't get all those "It is dead"-posts now, after PSX and the VGAs are over.
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    I will cry when I finally see the trailer.

    Based Itsuno came down from his heavenly throne to deliver us his masterpiece.
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    Here's hoping DmC2 can be a thing rather than anything that takes place after DMC4. DMC4 itself already was a prequel of sorts, so why is it being used as the jumping point is beyond me. If it's not DmC2, than I hope Capcom is at least making a reboot.
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    OH BOY
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    People going all-in already man

    Hope the mods will let you back in as Son of Son of Sparda
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    FWIW I don't think a "community resettler" is going to treat their main account as some kind of burner account.
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    Why DMCV and not DMC5? Are they really going with the DeVil May Cry bullshit?
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    I want to believe this so much. It has been so long.
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    Dragon's Dogma 2 Dream is dead =/
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    Hope this is legit I like DMC a lot and I want to see it make a return.
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    DMCV picks up the story after DMC4.

    thats all i need to know
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    I am very curious about the level design, inspiration from Dragon's Dogma? more open but not Souls level open? hmmmmmmmm
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    If it's legit, sure. But that's my point. I hope I'm wrong and we can still get big blockbuster niche action games though!
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    That ship sailed yonks ago. DmC2, at least for now, is deader than Michael Flynn's career.