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  1. Sub Boss

    Sub Boss

    Some people act like DMC is below Itsuno or something, but he helped built and define a whole genre of videogames Dragons Dogma was a deserved rest but nobody can take the place of Itsuno as seen in DmC. Very glad he is back
  2. Son of Sparda

    Son of Sparda
    Community Resettler Member OP

    Thanks David!
  3. ronco2000

    Banned Member

    Where's the hype?
  4. Hypron


    That's just the aerial devil trigger devil buster.
  5. ry-dog


    Still kind of salty over Team Ninja making one of last generations best character action games and not getting to make another. A bunch of overblown fan outrage for replacing a shitty character/story with another shitty character/story. Sounds like the gameplay will continue in that direction, which is a good sign
  6. mudai


    I will drink those leaks down! I will drink them down really hard. I'm super excited now. I really hope DMC5 gets announced at The Game Awards. Even with the leak that would be such an amazing moment, especially after all those years hoping for an announcement or simply just a confirmation that it exists. Amazing job by the OP Son of Sparda, especially for accepting to take a perma ban in case it turns out to be a hoax. That's ballsy but also shows confidence. I respect that a lot!

  7. Dastidood


    I hope DMC team does not borrow too much action set pieces from bayonetta... Bayo 2 bosses and their boss stages were pretty shit...
  8. you're the Patriarch of our discord so i will follow you =)
  9. Karateka


    I'm double worried about this as the rumor from before said BOTH SC6 and DMC5 were exclusive to PS4.
    Which makes no sense to me. I don't know about SC5 but both DMC4 and SC4 did well on Xbox 360.

    I'll probably pick up a Pro eventually, but I'd rather play these games on my One X.
  10. David___


    Tomb Raider was happening regardless if MS stepped in or not.

    As it is right now, Capcom just isn't investing in big AAA games anymore, especially by themselves. They especially aren't with a game whose genre pretty much fizzled out to almost nothing.
  11. Menitta


    Yeah for sure. I adore Bayo 2 and it's one of my favorite games this gen but overall, the game had way too many large bosses and overall they lost their charm as the game went on. I'd rather have a group of enemies or Vergil rival fights.
  12. Makoto Yuki

    Makoto Yuki

    If it doesn't show during PSX or TGA, the wait for E3 is gonna be agonizing.
  13. N.Domixis


    Probably because Japanese games haven’t done well on Xbox this gen.
  14. David___


    oops. meant to edit my post instead of quoting it >_<
  15. Balfour


    It's probably timed exclusive for DMC5. But I could see full exclusivity

    as for SC6, it is probably marketing and some other exclusive content. I mean I hope that they quit with the unique guest characters on different system thing.
  16. DVCY201


    2018 redeemed.
  17. Bazinga

    Banned Member

    Yup. In fact, Japanese games haven't done well on xbox ever and japanese devs don't want to waste their time and resources on xbox, when switch and PS4 are there.

    Sony rightfully deserves exclusivity if they are funding DMC. Can't wait to play the game on my PS4 pro.
  18. ArjanN


    I mean, yeah, he's clearly aware of what he does when he posts here, but it's open-ended enough that it could also just be a playful tease. It's a speculation thread about an upcoming announcement and Keighley and TGAs were already brought up before he posted, so him showing up isn't that surprising.
  19. c0de


    "funding" again, eh?
  20. Sub Boss

    Sub Boss

    Ugh you didn't even got the name right
  21. Dastidood


    I think Credo from DMC4 is the perfect blend of over the top, non-apparent QTE's boss... Bayo's bosses were too over-the-top for the game's own good...
  22. philstorm95


    Most people here would watch it anyway even if he remained quiet, posting here just puts his name on the line now for a legion of mad DMC fans to bother him if it doesn’t happen at TGA.
    Also, capcom needs to have a big game revealed for their investors meeting at the end of their fiscal year in march/april.
  23. Dreams do come True... :')
  24. Sub Boss

    Sub Boss

    why, you mean the flying/swiming stuff
  25. Bazinga

    Banned Member

    Pick up Pro because majority of Japanese games won't be coming to xbox.
  26. KNECHT

    Banned Member

    Oh god, can't wait!!

    Sounds really good
  27. Dahbomb

    Community Resettler Member

    Alright now that things have calmed down a bit, time for my thoughts of these leaks. Of course this is all ASSUMING the OP is even accurate so I am taking this with a grain of salt.

    *Fiscal 2019 year release date makes sense if it hasn't been unveiled already. Capcom is doing a less than a year from unveil to release which means that E3 2018 unveil would put it at early 2019 release. Seems to check out. However, if it gets announced this year that means even late 2018 is on the table. Either way it falls neatly into late fiscal 2019 year.

    *The game being called DMCV instead of DMC5 is very peculiar and has implications. First thing that comes to mind is that it might be focused on Vergil and his return. It's a no brainer marketing gimmick. Other than that it could just be as stated like MGSV where it's just cooler to put down a V instead of a 5.

    *PS exclusivity is interesting but not that surprising. I hope it's not more exclusive than SFV because a big chunk of the hardcores that play DMC even to this day are PC players. Would be a huge shaft to the those players. I would want DMC to be on as many consoles as possible but just like in Bayonetta's case, this might be a "either we get DMC exclusive or no DMC at all." Just have to accept the console politics in that case.

    *The trailer bit is not a lot of info to go by but returning to city landscape is a bit disappointing. If this is in fact going to be the "end of son of Sparda" storyline then I want to see crazier landscapes and hellish environments. Hopefully only the initial stages are shown in the trailer and the crazier stuff is saved for later. I don't want Fortuna 2.0 again. And of course I hope the initial trailer has game play in it too because it would not be cool to wait this long and not even see actual game play which is the most important part of these games.

    *Ambitious and broader appeal... this could go either way. At this point a lot of people would not have been taken kindly to DMC5 if it was just DMC4.5. People want a BIG jump if we had to wait 10 years for it. At that same time... ambitious means risker/more expensive game and that means they have to make sure as many people play this game as possible. I just hope by broader appeal they mean stuff like visuals and quality of life improvements, maybe some streamlining here and there but not at the risk of lowering the skill ceiling of the game that they have known for. I am all for lowering the skill floor in any way they can... the sooner people can go from pressing buttons to styling on fools the better, that's one of the things that DmC did right (but it did it at expense of some skill ceiling).

    *Longer cutscene time makes sense if this is going to cover as many characters and plot points as is being implied. DMC3 was under 2 hours while DMC4 was almost 2 and a half hour. Despite having 1 more hour of story, DMC3 still managed to tell a more coherent and focused story than DMC4. So number of cutscenes doesn't matter to me as much as quality of them. I would assume that we are going to have a game that is close to 3 hours in cutcenes. If they use the cutscenes well then it will be fine otherwise it could easily end up as a bloated mess.

    *Itsuno's old team, Yuji and the 3 main actors reprising their roles is very comforting. This also confirms that those characters are in some capacity. Major implications about story and characters there, more on that later.

    *No word on Lady yet and that's probably because Lady has gone through multiple actresses. Even if she was in, most people wouldn't even know based on the cast list. They could easily have hired a new actress for her.

    *Two things pop out to me: Trish prominent role and new very powerful playable character. Does this imply that Sparda is going to be back and be playable? That would be a massive development but not that surprising if this is in fact the end of son of Sparda storyline. The playable character could just be referring to Vergil or a new character but for reason it sounded like Sparda to me. Man how bad ass would be to have some flashback sequences of Sparda in this game.

    *Onyay is probably is just making the main title song of the game, I doubt she is going to be super involved with every aspect of the game's soundtrack.

    *The story stuff is.... ambitious to put it simply. It seems like they are trying to do too much at the same time... treating it like this is going to be the last DMC ever. They are trying to resolve Dante/Trish/Sparda stuff, Mundus, Nero + Vergil all in one game. I have seen this type of stuff attempted in movies and it rarely works as some aspects become underdeveloped. Maybe they can make it work with a longer cutscene time but I have my reservations. As far as the comment about Prince of Darkness goes... come on now, unless this is misdirection this is most definitely referring to Mundus. Which is a bummer because I would've liked to see a stronger villain than him but oh well.

    Game Play Systems


    Oh man where do I even begin. Honestly when I expected a DMCV leak I was not expecting we would get juicy game play stuff too but here we are.

    *Lock on and 60FPS is a no brainer. I just hope that they allow for a toggle feature on lock on like in DmC DE.

    *Level design more open and better traversal... sure I guess. DMC level design was PS1 level of archaic stuff, let's get out of early RE constraints already. DMC isn't some scrawny human being that has trouble jumping over waist high crates... the level design should better reflect this. Also the word "smooth" gets thrown out a lot... interesting.

    *It's also similar to Bayonetta which means more set piece driven as stated. That probably means a lot of fancy sky boxes and stuff just happening. As long as there aren't QTEs and the sequences aren't too intrusive I am ok with that especially if it gets the casuals in.

    *No stamina bar has to be some inside joke that I am missing. I don't know why that was specified here, seems like a meme. Pretty sure I would not even consider buying a DMC game if I got word that it had stamina bars (I would probably still buy it but I would complain a lot!).

    *More enemy count is not really a good thing for these type of games. They are more about close encounters with a few folks. This also means that instead of expanding the AI like they should be doing, they are just going to keep them dumb and just throw more of them at you like LDK mode. I really hope for challenging enemies in DMC in general.

    *No PvP multiplayer is good. I don't want the team to be wasting resources that would take a whole combat rework to get right, it's really not worth it IMO. But hopefully some co-op is in the game though.

    *Dodge system reworked - THANK GOD! I know a lot of hardcore DMC fans are going to come in and be like "BUT WHY REWORK THE DODGE SYSTEM? IT'S FINE AS IT IS!" This is a big topic that deserves its own time in the light but DMC's dodging system is archaic as hell and not really helpful for new players. The way you ultimately dodge in this game is counter to how you first learn to dodge. Any change that allows players to naturally progress their skill is a good one IMO. As far as hardcore players go... think long and hard of the last time you saw a high level DMC combo video and they were doing regular old ground roll dodges. Even in high level play it's not common because they are not stylish and they don't allow you to do what you really want to be doing in the game.

    *Dynamic camera is interesting I just hope this doesn't mean it's like GoW where it's always fixed. I hope we have a fully rotatable camera like in DmC and that the camera adjusts based on player proximity to enemies. I also hope it's not intrusive for the combat.

    *Animations, physics and general tech improved over previous DMC games is probably expected. You don't want the game to look like it's basically DMC4.5.

    *Mission/ranking system like previous games means it most definitely is not open world. I have to wonder what the DD inspirations are though because so far it seems very much like an old school DMC game rather than an ARPG.

    *Dynamic environment is alright I just hope it doesn't result in random frame drops. Probably is related to the set pieces in the environments.

    *Bosses being ramped up... good. I think this also means that there might be multiple phases to bosses now. DMC had these but it was more subtle. Given how a boss apparently moves between different areas tells me multiple phases are going to be more pronounced. I just hope we don't have a bunch of Savior tier fights because that is just not OK.

    *Style system being back and being changed... expected. You can't expect someone new to the game to give them 5 on the fly styles to use from the gate and expect them to get anything out of it. People who have been playing DMC4 for 10 years will never realize this and will automatically wince at any word that the system is being "streamline." As long as number of options isn't being limited, this is ultimately a very good thing. I have already proposed some layouts where they can do this so I hope that Capcom uses something similar to it.

    *Stuff about enemies reacting/more susceptible to Styles.... no idea how this will work in practice. Especially considering that you are changing styles rapidly, I don't know how the enemy AI will react to that. I think it just might be pretty basic stuff like some enemies go more airborne if you are using a lot of Swordmaster attacks and you need to use Trickster to chase them around.

    No word on systems for other characters like Nero. No information on engine, I would assume Capcom isn't going crazy and will probably either use UE4 or MT Framework. No leak on control scheme which is a big deal too. Still a lot of stuff missing already but of course I will not complain, this is a lot of stuff to talk about in time.
  28. BKatastrophe


    I hope Alastor is a playable character.

    I realize he won't be. Like, there's no shot in hell, but wouldn't it be just the damndest thing?
    I take no issue with Max as a person, but the news videos kill me. Not even because of their content, but because of those titles. For real. I know why it's a thing, but it upsets me with how disingenuous it is.
    If they get rid of Red Queen and Blue Rose, I riot. I love those names and designs. Plus EXceed is a really dope mechanic. I'd love to see it applied to other weapons. Or rather, Nero's gimmick could be having some kind of "secondary function" for each sword. For example, the lances that the Bianco Angelos used would have been a cool secondary sword for Nero.
  29. philstorm95


    Son of Sparda, Thank you for enduring this for all of us, I really appreciate what you have done here today, thanks for keeping this dream alive for us crazy DMC fans.
  30. Bazinga

    Banned Member

    Man, now I can't wait for Sony's E3 2018. Damn, such a long wait...
  31. Sub Level

    Sub Level
    Banned Member

    Hashtag I believe
  32. Sub Boss

    Sub Boss

    Did we played the same Bayo 2, the only 'big' boss i can't stand is Glamour second phase
  33. ActWan


    Oh god, I sure hope this is true. Been waiting for an announcement in every goddamn conference now.
  34. John Frost

    John Frost

    Oh lol
  35. Dastidood


    Those too but they were more spectacle type bosses...
    I mean the Lumen Sage fights... Too much was going in the background that it makes harder to focus what was happening on the foreground... In the boss later stage the fight went into an aerial setting which severely messes up the spacing... Plus the Boss counters too much on NSIC that it makes nearly impossible to keep a combo going... Maybe if they had incorporated that while being countered your combo doesn't drop (but gets off-setted) then it might not have been so frustrating to fight...
  36. theosmeo


    Oh im not contesting it, that account gamble is honestly pretty cool too. Shows a lot of faith and confidence which makes me believe it more than i would otherwise
  37. ElBoxyBrown


    And yet Sega is bringing over VC4 to Xbox. Capcom cannot be that broke. I love Capcom but this will be the first time I will be legist disheartened by them if it is exclusive.
  38. Hyugul


    One disappointing thing about this rumor is the part about multiplayer.
    Of course I did not want a PVP.
    PVP is hard to balance between characters.
    But it would have been nice if the players cooperated to fight the boss.
    Or you can cooperate to make a wonderful combo with teammates.
  39. Noctis


    Moreeeee powerrrrrrrr
  40. Akainu


    When this all ends up false it's going to all the sweeter now.

    Anyroad. Poo to Vergil stuff, stay dead.
  41. Menitta


    Not saying all the big bosses in Bayo 2 were bad, I'm just saying I thought there were too many. And yes, I agree, Glamour is awful.
  42. Toasty


    This is just the morale boost I need to finish off the semester.
  43. Sanox


    Just thought about that if its the last Sons of Sparda game and the title being V instead of 5. That V is totally Yamato and Rebellion building the V in the logo. And the last shot of the game before it fades to the credits will be Rebellion and Yamato stuck in the ground in the same way they are next to each other on the logo
  44. Neonep


    Game development is expensive these days. They don't want to waste resources on porting to a console that is pretty much dead in Japan (where these games are being made) and severely behind its competition everywhere else. Shit happens... Lol.
  45. Bazinga

    Banned Member

    And yet SE isn't bringing nier, WoFF, DQ heroes, DQ builders, DQXI, FF the Zodiac age etc to xbox. If you want Japanese games, invest in a switch, PS4 or PC. Xbox won't be getting majority of Japanese games
  46. ElBoxyBrown


    They still get Capcom.
  47. TreIII


    Great write-up, as always.

    As far as gameplay goes, I got no complaints, and the truth will reveal itself about the changes, eventually. Nero better be taken care of better this time around.

    It's honestly the "new" character and Trish bits that interest me the most. If Sparda somehow is back in some capacity (or at least has a factor in flashbacks), then hell, it's about time the guy moved up from just being a skin for Dante.

    Bonus points if the Trish bits are any way shape or form confirm that even Eva may have a part to play. Y'all know I've been one of those hoping for her to get some type of bigger acknowledgment in the story for the longest.

    Even if she doesn't get the Bangle of Time and plays like an Itsuno take on an Umbra Witch.

    It honestly would make me very happy if Itsuno wanted to give such a shout out to Kamiya and VJ if Alastor got some play.

    But at this point, I just want Alastor as a weapon skin for Rebellion and corresponding DT. Would be perfect if a DMC1 alt is included.
  48. Dastidood


    Not gonna lie... when bayonetta goes up in the air (sprouts wings) and flies towards the The Gates of Paradise with numerous Glamors flying by her side was awesome in itself...

    Glamor boss is a spectacle boss so it's okay if it plays like shit...
  49. BGA


    Sorry for being off-topic, but why are people saying Soul Calibur 6 is a PS4 exclusive in this thread? I don't remember seeing any rumors on that.

    DMC 5 being exclusive will not surprise me given to current financials of capcom and this kind of genre does not sell like it used to
  50. Bazinga

    Banned Member

    Didn't get SF5 because of Sony's funding. Looks like same is about to happen with DMC5.
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