[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    I'm trying to think of any other game series (or media franchise in general, really) that was loudly and proudly rebooted, only for the next game in the series to ignore the reboot and return to the original continuity. Anyone got an example?
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    Nice. I was afraid it will be DMC sequel or something. I hated that game.
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    Not as loud but Prince of Persia.
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    This is like finding out Santa is real.
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    Prince of Persia.
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    Prince of Persia
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    Yes please

    (I need to replay the old ones. Where can I buy some time)?
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    Edit: FWIW, I heard that a Devil May Cry game was in development with potential PS4 exclusivity a few years back now. I always chalked it up to be mere rumblings, but seems it may actually be true? Shit.
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    Nothing's confirmed, so anything can happen. I still hope for the one sequel that actually makes sense.
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    So...potential story pick up after DMC4 but DMC 2 is still the "furthest" in the timeline we've seen. Why would they not jump in there?
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    The V stands for VINDICATED.
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    Oh shit!
  14. This pleases me greatly
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    Oh duh, I forgot about that.
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    I don't believe you.
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    Can't wait for this. it's been too long.
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    Basically just Prince of Persia.
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    Hoooooooooooo boy! Good thing I'm going through DMC1 right now so I can catch up in time for this.
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    SoS, you brave person, you.


    Holy hype, though.
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    If indeed it takes place after DMC4, then at this point DMC2 is pretty much non-canon.
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    First Era exclusive?


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    nah, man, they're gonna do some "it was in front of our eyes the entire time" shit...[​IMG]
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    deja vu.
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    Just so I am understanding this correctly. Sony is pulling back on PSX to have more games to show next E3, because this years E3 received bad feedback?
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    Holy shit!!!!! Please don't be fan fiction.... Please don't be fan fiction..... Please don't be fan fiction....... That all sounds so fucking good!!
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    I'm just pumped to play a game in that wacky universe again. Please be real.
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    This is such a maximum bet made by Son of Sparda that I can't help but salute him.

    His stuff must be legit that he's putting his neck out like that.
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    Aside from hell fucking yes, I found this interesting

    I think it's because too many new titles were revealed at PSX and too few new titles were shown at E3.
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    Well, I think it's time to finally play DMC4
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    Guess we gotta wait 'til next year if SoS is offed or not. Can't wait to revisit this thread E3 2018!
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    Please let there be a trailer soon.
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    Yeah, Capcom gonna name every single game like that from now on. They liked Resident EVIl a lot.
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    Worst kept secret.
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    I hope it is as cheesy as the older titles.
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    Thhis post encapsulates the collective millennial mindset of the early '00s when we all were young and poor, but ambitious at the same time. And yeah, 60 bucks seemed like a fortune back then.
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    Well, after all it means clearing DMC2 on DMD if you're wrong.
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    I believe in Son of Sparda.
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    I trust in the DMC community
    Everyone except Dahbomb is pretty chill
    just kidding everyone is awesome
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    Well then...
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    Time to replay the games!!!!
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    Sound like a lot of educated guess stuff there, would be nice if true. The hardest part for me is the concept of CAPCPOM going all in on DMCV considering how risk adverse they are these days and this would be a hell of a risk. Seems like way too much time and money. Lets hope!
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    All of those games together in HD are less than $20 from Gamestop for 360 or PS3. A 360 is $60.
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    Holy shiiit!
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    Sony also teamed up with Capcom for Resident Evil 7, PSVR exclusivity and Banned Footage DLCs came to PS4 first. Apparently that did well for them, Resident Evil 7 topped Sony's expectations for PSVR users and is very well regarded as one of the best VR experiences in general.

    So keep in mind that wasn't the only partnership Sony and Capcom had in 2017.