[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Thanks. I guess we got the answer to the first meltdown of Resetera with this thread.
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    Its on the IGN br, idk about us
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    Congrats SoS you made it big time.
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    Just like you will <3
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    I wouldn't be surprised if they do know more. DMC5's a pretty poorly kept secret.

    There's a difference between what journalists know and what they report, though, and someone *else* leaking information basically allows journalists to report on what is being said without being seen as patient zero of the leak.
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    It still baffles me why people are like 100% sure about the "Virgil Nero's dad" revelation, while at the same time they don't know if he's going to be playable or not. It's dead obvious that he's going to be there as his DMC4SE version was merely a "test-build" type of character.

    They won't report it for damage-control reasons. Unless Itsuno tweets another beggar or apology.
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    Vergil has been leaked to be playable in other previous leaks.

    I think the issue might be that he might be post release playable and Capcom/devs might not be sure where to place him as playable. Vergil has always been playable post release, he might be playable post release again.
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    Because it was confirmed years ago?
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    Release/post-release, he's still going to be playable. He has been playable since DMC3 lol, omitting him from the "biggest DMC yet" would be a terrible omission.

    These kinds of novels tend not to be 100% canon at times.
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    You do realize that this was confirmed by the developers themselves right? It's literally in print.
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    It was confirmed by the developers themselves. You can't get more canon than that.
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    I really hope they make Lady and Trish playable and fix them up a bit. Trish was far too limited and lacked versatility and mobility, though she made up for it in sheer damage. She also wasn't very unique, mechanically. I'll never understand why they gave her a neutered Pandora and no charge shot. Everyone (minus Vergil) had a charge shot. It also bothered me that she took damage from Blitzes when using her fists. THEY'RE ALL LIGHTNING-Y AND SHIT.

    Lady is pretty much the same way, although she definitely had a much more unique feel. No DT, emphasis on guns instead of swords. Basically a reverse Vergil. She did feel like she had a much more varied moveset compared to Trish, though.
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    Writers/illustrators of novels are not actual developers. Itsuno has never personally confirmed this . Reminds me of a Poke novel claiming that Ash's dad was killed at war or something. But these things can't be confirmed unless they 're properly addressed on the actual videogame.
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    You gonna put up some stakes on this or nah?
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    Nero being Vergil's son is mentioned in Nero's concept art. There's no doubt about its canon status.
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    Like 30-40% on this. This imho exists on the same realm as "Lady is Trish's" daughter or so.
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    And the fact that it's kind of obvious in the game he stars in?
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    It came from an official work put out by Capcom.
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    This is legit the first time I am hearing of this theory and I have heard some WILD theories about DMC lore in the past.
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    Just how i feel about this thread and said users
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    Lady and Trish were pretty clearly early-stage experimentation half-characters thrown in for fun, whereas DMC4SE Vergil was pretty fully realized and a good template for understanding where Itsuno's mind is at regarding character action combat design.

    If and when Lady and Trish are made available for play in DMC5, I expect them to be SERIOUSLY fleshed out and changed.
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    There is a cutscene on the SE that 'hints' at some kind of 'relationship' between a random woman and Vergil before Nero was born
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    Then why are you skipping it?
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    Literally my first time hearing about that theory involving Trish and lady.
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    Lady and Trish weren't even planned for the Special Edition budget, Itsuno throwed them in at the last moment because they are cool
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    I read part of the OP and will give this thread a wide berth after this post. But Jesus Christ this sounds like what I've wanted from a DMC sequel since we'll...the first one ended. What I did read sounds wonderful and I hope it's all true. The wait for an actual reveal will be worthwhile if this is what Itsuno has up his sleeve.
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    Don't listen to MBS, he's certified insane!
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    Oh yeah for sure for sure. I'm just saying, I'm really hoping for this (also secretly hoping for a DMCHD Collection DLC for DMC3:SE with Lady added as a third playable. This will absolutely never happen, but It's something I would really enjoy nonetheless).

    I suppose for Trish I figured they would have done the opposite of Dante in MvC3 and more directly translated her from MvC3 to DMC4:SE
    It wouldn't even make sense.
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    Mainly inferior controller...also like to share games (no friends with ps4)...finally hate third party exclusives.
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    Wouldn't be surprised to see Daddy Vergil not playable in the base game like he always is while the launch game is Uncle Dante, Lil Nero, and someone else(Mama Trish if they're going full family angle)

    Lady will be playable too but probably DLC.

    Or the V stands for Devil May Cry Vergil and he ends up the most important playable star of the game.
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    Oh my God.

    I love this community lmao
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    Honestly we had geoff in here already now we just need jason to say something that doesn`t really hint at anything to get us all hyped up again.
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    Let's rock!
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    If Lady and Trish ever do come back as playable, I’m hoping for a heavier emphasis on traps for Trish (taking inspiration from MvC3 perhaps) and a heavier emphasis on super-high mobility for Lady.
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    Ok, just find it really weird to skip an entire (possibly amazing game) because you think the PS4 controller is inferior. I could personally never do that.

    And btw, if you hate third party exvlusives, I hope you never bought Rise of the Tomb Raider considerign it was timed exclusive for quite a while.
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    Unless DMC5 *lol* looks exactly like dmc4 the vc4 comparison don't really seem right.
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    I miss Dante doing Bruce Lee moves with his triple ice nunchucks and playing concerts to an imaginary audience with his lightning guitar / scythe.

    The Shakespeare parody in 4 was great and all, but DMCV needs a motorcycle or pool cue or a skate/surf/hover board or something so we can get more of that.
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    There is no real journalism in gaming outside of Jason Schreier and a small handful of others. All gaming media does is react to news & announcements. I'm sure it's hard to even be a real journalist in gaming because everything is so secretive.
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    If this game really is real I am surprised there has been no trailer yet.

    Hell if all these leaks are true, there is no reason to hold back on an announcement anymore.