[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Musubi

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    I mean I can't blame Capcom for wanting people just to forget that game existed. Cause boy.... but on the other hand if I remember right the closing shot was Dante riding his motorcycle into hell which for as fucking boring of a game as DMC 2 was is a real fucking cool premise that Dante is just riding straight into hell to fuck shit up.
  2. GuardianE

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    Probably because there are a number of unresolved points after DMC4, and they want to pretend DMC2 doesn't exist.
  3. Spyder_Monkey

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    If this is true, this might be one of the greatest games of this generation, assuming Capcom doesn’t mess up.
  4. Hypron

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    Because DMC2 and its story are terrible and it's much more interesting to make a sequel to DMC4?
  5. Donthizz

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    If Sony is funding, I’m predicting early 2019 release date.
  6. The Silver

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    SoS would have to flee the country and live as a mole person if this all turned out to be fake news.

    This being more personal for Uncle Dante, I'm gonna assume we'll see the demon who killed his mom and find out what happened to Sparda.
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    It's Yong Bosch.
  8. JEH

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    Stakes. Nice.
  9. Sesha

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    The man wouldn't lie. I trust you SoS.

    Bless you.
  10. lawl
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    People will go nuts because of it hahaha I'm happy for them
  12. MatrixMan.exe

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    They've also partnered with Capcom for Monster Hunter World too.
  13. CrazyHal

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    Yo where's that gif of Dante eating pizza!?
  14. crimzonflame

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    Is Lady in this game?
  15. I hope they ditch the uncle Dante look from DMC4. Was never fond of how he looked in it. Give him his tan back too.

    Otherwise hyped if legit.
  16. If this turns out to be exclusive to PS.... yeah not a fan of that at all.
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    Can someone leak what the hell is going on with Deep Down?
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    So people posting leaks/rumors aren't allowed unless given prior permission?
  19. Sargerus

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    Uncle Dante is the best
  20. Chaos2Frozen

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    Sony partnering up with Capcom for exclusive content... You guys know what that means right?

    We're finally going to kick the shit out of Kratos with Dante!
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    Meanwhile, dmc fans:

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    Give Capcom some credit, it's not a fighting game.
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    how on earth is dmc4 a prequel

    ship on DmC2 sailed a long time ago
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    I am sooooo fucking ready!!
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    Cant wait for "Neo" Dante to return as Main Character. Aka Donte.

    People are going to go BALLISTIC for their happiness.
  28. Rei no Otaku

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    I would have preferred a DmC2, but I'm definitely willing to see how this turns out. Hopefully it's great!
  29. Harpoon

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    I think it's more so if the leak/rumor is coming straight from you rather than another site.
  30. Monster Zero

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    I really hope Lady makes an appearance. Trish and Lady tag teaming to bash on Dante always puts a smile on my face.
  31. OH SHIT.

    Going all in.

    I have every DMC game but have only gotten through the spider boss in dmc1.I should play catchup
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    NO to the delayed announcement…
  33. .......bruh I need this secret boss showdown
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  35. Son of Sparda

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    Thank you for your concern everyone, but I know this isn't a hoax. I trust my sources. So I'm good.
    Yes I did lol
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    If I'm wrong, so ️b it
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    Excellent. Now i'm gonna order a pizza to celebrate.
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    Awwww shiiiiiit
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    All in on Dante
  41. That confidence! Do I owe DMC fans a apology is it happening
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    It's deader than dead.
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    PSX gets scarified AGAIN!

    Why is this premium show constantly getting neutered.
  45. MaximumSpider

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    I still have to finish the HD collection on PS3 lol...
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    All I need to hear. I'm ready. Into my veins, please and thank you
  47. Chaos2Frozen

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    Dante vs

    Old King Allant
    and.... Knack
  48. Aadiboy

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    Please no character switching. Just let us play the whole game as one character and then let us replay the game as other characters, like DMC3SE did with Vergil.
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