[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    DmC DE is legit, don't let the haters deter you.
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  3. Really all the weapons? I liked the scythe and disk blade like things that spun around like crazy and the ax was cool too imo.

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    Despite how awesome DMC is as a series the action gamr genre isn't very strong beyond God of War (and even that one dropped a bit).not considering only a few developers are capable of approaching combat systems of this quality
    Makes you appreciate after getting 6 or 7 Resident Evils (3 mainline and 3 spin offs) and many Monster Hunters
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    What is there to face? What's your actual reasoning here? How much do you know about the action gamer community that follows the OG series? Do you know why DMC's gameplay was considered the genre standard for mechanical depth before the reboot?
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    awesome game , dream for me really was a DmC X DMC game
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    I enjoyed the first level in DmC and one of the angel weapons
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    I didn't like 'donte', but I loved DmC's combat.
    Even in some parts it was better than the original DMC.
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    Donte never really amounted to much more than a bargain bin Nero to me, from his outfit basically being a thrift store cosplay of the latter's Order of the Sword look to his personality being similar, but edgier and without any self-awareness.

    As for DmC's art style, it just seemed like the same thing that Ninja Theory always went for with the look of their games up until that point combined with biting off of They Live.
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    I think the disk blades (Aqila) are one of the the best mechanic of DMC... Able to pull multiple enemies towards you at the end of a combo is pretty awesome...


    SOS is saved after all.


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    To be honest I kinda enjoyed the remake too. It didn't grip me as much with the gameplay so I only did a single run of it but the shifting world and some of the stranger parts of the game were good. Plus some of Nosia's soundtrack worked well with it.

    I'd definitely pick the original series over it though
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    Yeah DmC DE is great, don't sleep on it. My only issues were the story and color coded enemies. It fixed most issues the original DmC had.

    Edit: still crappy boss fights though.
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    DmC felt really weird to play, like it was not free and loose enough to be a DMC game. I remember the Stinger->Million stab in that game could not even hit multiple enemies at once. Odd things like that really killed the game for me. Didn't help that Capcom never released the update to PC.


    You realise that MT Framework is still a last-gen engine and even if they heavily modify it, they can't integrate fundamental features, systems and techs which will result in a big change and overhaul in the workflow of the engine behaviour and codes, unless they make a newer iteration of the same engine (like going from UE3 to UE4) or having a completely new engine that is built specifically with those features. And both take great amount of time to happen. Having a newer engine with those features which is already ready aka Panta Rhei is more viable than making a newer iteration of an old engine which may not end up with the best results all the times.
    Monster Hunter: World doesn't have the new features of Panta Rhei I mentioned before and if you think this looks as good as Panta Rhei or the current acclaimed best looking games, then it's good for you. While in reality this is not the truth.
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    Same with dmc4, Dante didn't have any crowd control options compared to 3 where his moves had wider hit boxes.

    Yeah shame DE didn't make it to PC, that's the weirdest decision.


    DE has even DMC1 skin which looked very close to the real Dante.
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    Are you aware of the existence of the RE engine?
    Also, iirc one of the developers of Panta Rhei said they were having a lot of trouble with the engine, and that was several years ago


    I know. While RE engine looked decent, it doesn't come close to the features and ambitions of Panta Rhei. The latter has Procedural Animation, great looking materials and PBR (almost as good as the Order 1886), dynamic destruction causing the intrusion of volumetric lights, dynamic voxel-based GI, dynamic voxel-based fluids: fire, smoke,water, goo...

    Deep Down had even procedurally generated dungeons and monsters that change level design and the looks every time you play.
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    I think if Capcom had managed to sort out the issues with Panty Raid they would have probably used it by now instead of UE4, modified MT Framework and RE; a completely different in-house engine they made.
    It's likely they scrapped it at this point imo.
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    DmC:DE didn't fix the level design, which was one of my bigger issues with the game.

    In fairness, it did fix other issues.


    This is sad. because even in the pre-pre-pre-alpha gameplay walkthroughs of Deep Down which wasn't even optmised at all, the game showed most of those features and surpassed all the other games Capcom released with those engines.

    The recent renewal of the trademark of Deep Down still gives me hope.
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    I've only played a bit of the original as far as DMC goes, but I hope the part about switching to Roman numerals is false. I like Roman numerals, but I like consistency. What is it about V that is so irresistible?
  26. Quantum power ranger and ichigo kurksaki are coming back to make the devil cry!
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    I don't understand the reverence for old Dante and hate for DmC Dante. Old Dante was the definition of cringe. Also, I really enjoyed DmC and would've loved to see them iron some of the problems out in a sequel.
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    V has come to.
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    there's like four old dantes though

    just don't collab with diesel again
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    So they can add V triggers, V skills and V reversals.
  31. [​IMG]
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    And Venom "Punished" Dante.

    Revealed to actually be Donte
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    Let's just ignore the reboot. We wouldn't be here in the first place, waiting 10+ years if it wasn't for that game. I still feel insulted by that shit. That is the only DMC console game I don't own and don't ever plan on owning.
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    Or the vendetta theme in some games, or venom theme, or Vergil in DMC’s case.
  35. OniBaka

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    People have different taste and majority like old Dante whether you like it or not.

    Now we all hope DMCV takes what is good from dmc4, DmC, bayo and DD to make the perfect action game.
  36. [​IMG]
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    Literally the fastest I ever shut off a game and returned it. Fuck that sick joke.
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    I enjoyed the OG version, though I had a lot of issues with it (largely the story and a few gameplay choices), but ultimately the reason I dropped it is because I got bored. Way too easy to SSS and it lost its luster when it came to combos. I have DE, but I need to put some time into it. Really haven't played it much. I mean, as soon as I got a PS4 and was about to play that, DMC4SE hit followed by Arkham Knight. Followed not too terribly long after by Transformers.

    So I didn't really touch it.
    Fixed, you savage.
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    Panta Rhei doesn't exist.

    And I never said that MHW looks as good as those tech demos or high-end game graphics, the heck? Please don't condescend me like that. I just stated that I want MT Framework because if tweaked enough it can still look great, it runs like butter on everything and the DMC team has experience on the engine as recent as 2015, when they allegedly started development of this.


    Read above. Deep Down gameplay was shown many times and even in pre-pre-pre-alpha stage it looked phenomenal. You must have missed that. So no, the engine wasn't a vaporware. The recent renewal of the trademark gives me hope.
  43. OniBaka

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    Ok I only now just read this and it has touched me, dmc is also a very special game to me as it's the series I grew up with as a kid and it is really amazing how many awesome people I met through it.

    Please Itsuno, deliver the goods.
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    Okay, but umm... it's literally vapourware, since it never released or officially cancelled. That's the definition of vapourware.

    And again, I never said that MT Framework looked amazing compared to the totally "already ready" Panta Rhei. I just said I wanted it and that I stood by that statement.
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    Marketing very specifically likes roman numerals after III because it makes the title more compact by being able to shift the number to a different line, it looks classier, it does not immediately register as a number to scare people away from sequels, etc.

    I doubt developers care that much
  46. Lol right? I still enjoyed it on PS4 though *hides*
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    I'll have to give it a try eventually since people keep saying it was improved but that game really rubbed me the wrong way in a way nothing else has.


    That's fine. I still insist that if Capcom had a proprietary very good looking engine developed for this gen, they should have used it to show-off. Almost every company this gen are relying on new in-house current-gen developed engines. For a long awaited come back of DMC5, I wanted this game to shine the most using the best engine the company has.
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