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  1. dan2026


    I can't imagine the amount of money Capcom lost fucking around with that engine.

    Eventually you just have to say 'fuck it, use UE4, at least it works'.
  2. Sesha


    Since I'm at the top of the page, here's what I think DMC classic should take from REDACTED:

    - Fully 360 degree maneuverable camera

    - Freely 360 degree maneuverable jump controls.

    - Dynamic soundtrack that changes during battle and increases in intensity with higher ranks and as the battle draws on.

    - Dedicated missions for boss fights.

    - Style Visual UI: Style rank up indicated by the letter filling up. Individual moves listed and point gain from moves indicated numerically.

    - In-game speed increases by 10% during combat when style rank is S and above.

    - More frequent check points.

    - Players can save, quit, then load and continue missions from checkpoints.

    - Moves like REDACTED-shot, REDACTED Rainstorm, Rake, Raze, REDACTED's Buy-In, Calibur and Tornado, Vergil's Orbit, Volcano/Atomic and Flare.

    - Pause combos continue when switching weapons, indicated by weapon flash and controller rumble. Also applies to aerial pause combos.

    - Dojo/Training Mode

    - Enemies that can parry projectiles and mid-air attacks.

    - Enemies with support abilities, like the REDACTED's shield bubble.

    - More variety in enemy sizes, like the hulking REDACTED.

    - The ability to launch and juggle any enemy under the correct conditions.

    - In-game tutorial features extensive in-game tips regarding enemies

    - Unlocked secret missions are accessible via a menu.

    - REDACTED's upgrade system: Upgrading streamlined with abilities only costing 1 point, ability points are granted by gaining red orbs which opens for grinding that doesn't get in the way of fast or skillful play, being able to try out moves before buying.

    - Moves with just-frame mechanics for more weapon types than just gauntlets, such as Drive, Raze and Ricoshot (perfect Judgment Cut in 4SE is a good start).

    - The extensive stat-tracking that tracks orbs, damage values, number of moves performed, items obtained, enemies killed and time passed under various conditions, and much more.

    - The style meter combo finisher bonus. (REDACTED)

    - Must Style, Gods Must Die mode (REDACTED)

    - Toggle option for lock-on (REDACTED)

    - Bloody Palace timer option (REDACTED)

    - Turbo, Super, Must Style, Automatic Mode are toggles on the mission/character select menu.

    You didn't even hesitate, lol.

    DLC. And DMC6.
  3. Mifec


    feels bad :( It's such a good gif.
    UE4 then for sure.
  4. TemplarDante


    UE4 would make it an even more beautiful game. Love the skin textures the engine renders as well.
  5. fspm


    In universe where DMC2 is the only DMC.
  6. Primethius


    The Sony exclusive DLC is obviously going to be playable Kratos.

    Capcom aiming for the big $$$.
  7. Stygr


    Unreal Engine 4, Thank god.
  8. Son of Sparda

    Son of Sparda
    Community Resettler Member OP

    Well, that's not exactly what I wanted to say haha
  9. Dastidood


    Make that "Block" instead of "Parry" because it becomes frustrating real fast when enemies suddenly parry you combo midway without apparent cause... Make the enemy invincible to launch while blocking but make it vulnerable in midair... If the enemy could parry in mid-air then where is the player's incentive in launching it in the first place...?
  10. jett

    Community Resettler Member

    Like UE3 before it, consoles seem to struggle to run games at 60fps on UE4.

    Honestly MT Framework is the obvious choice, simply because Itsuno's team is very familiar with it.
  11. Sesha


    You're right. It's actually block and counter, but I often just write that as parry, even though it's different.
  12. Kuro


    DMC5 doesn't need shit from DmC. It can stand on its own without using anything from some weirdo shitty emo game made by an external dev.
  13. BaasRed


    I dislike DmC too but there are some positives that can be taken and used I imagine.
  14. Sesha


    Sorry. Should I have written it as "here are some new things I want in DMC5" instead? Would that've been better?
  15. Crazy Izanagi

    Crazy Izanagi

    And here’s my least favorite part of DMC5 being announced. Gonna have to listen to this constantly.

    I liked DmC and the main games.(Well 1,3,and Nero’s parts of 4.)

    I get not liking the game but are the insults at the idea that it could have something positive to contribute to the next game necessary?
  16. Sesha


    I censored my post for innocent eyes.
  17. Hebi Lee

    Hebi Lee

    I just hope this leak becomes a reality. I miss the old Dante, to many hours playing DMC3.
  18. Sesha


    By the way, Dahbomb was the originator of Must Style mode, as one of the devs included it based on his idea. Similarly, God Must Die and the BP timer option were inspired by DMC4 fan mods. But I guess those are tainted now.
  19. J-Skee


    Why can't you say DmC?
  20. To ignore the positives of the game would be ridiculous. Remember that DMC4SE's Vergil took some inspiration from DmC's Vergil. Just because you don't like the style of the game doesn't mean it should be ignored or forgotten entirely. We're better than that.
  21. GC-


    One thing I hope they don't take from DmC is the platforming and most of the better things about the special edition of the DmC were taken from DMC4 mods on PC anyway.

    I think there is more to take from games such as Absolver. Take the deck system and mix it with the style switching of Dante and it could be endless hours of fun, especially in the 1v1 fights like those against Vergil in DMC3 and Angel Credo in DMC4. There was already a lot that you could do in them anyway but adding that sort of variety to an already expansive system would be amazing as far as I'm concerned.

    Hopefully they also ignore the current trend for stamina in action games, DMC doesn't need that.
  22. MrCarter


    Good. Unreal Engine 4 is a great engine and they’ve done really well on SFV with it.
  23. Xpliskin


    Must be only me, but just seeing the letters "DmC" makes me cringe.

    Ugh I can't stand it lol.

    I'll never forget the reactions at "My name is ... DONTE".
  24. Soggoth


    So, was the information in the OP somehow confirmed, semi-confiremd, debunked? 55 pages... someone tell me please :)
  25. DMCV shouldn't compete with DmC over features and content. It should compete with Bayonetta 1.
  26. matrix-cat


    Agreed on all counts. There's a lot of great stuff in DmC DE that I'd be happy to see in 5.

    I've actually been playing through it again today in the throes of hype, and I'm reminded just how fun it is to have so much control over your enemies. The Demon and Angel Pull moves (that let you pull enemies to Dante or pull Dante to enemies, respectively) are so incredibly useful they become second nature after a while. They're an evolution of Nero's Devil Bringer, and I think it'd be a waste if DMC5 just dropped them. Plus it's nice that they have a use outside combat, too. DmC's platforming isn't exactly complex, but it's something fun and easy to occupy your mind in between battles that never gets frustrating or tedious like some of the chores DMC4 has you doing in its levels.
  27. 24thWard


    Don't want to be overly negative,but i feel it's a lost battle already.

    There's no way it's going to have the same amount of content as Bayonetta on disc at D1,Capcom wants that DLC money.
  28. lucebuce

    Community Resettler Member

    The voice actress of Trish/Gloria just retweeted this.

  29. Xpliskin


    One guy bet his account at the beginning but mods didn't see it, I think (not ShamelessZeroMain) .

    Apart from teasers from <someotheruser> nothing's been confirmed.

    Don't want to out anyone.
  30. MBS


    More concrete proof of DMC5's existence than all the info of the past 55 pages combined lol
  31. Here's the rundown of everything so far (unless something happened last night I'm not aware of.)

  32. JaggedSac


    This is great.
  33. Apeach


    Speaking of emo:

    That is quite a blanket statement. DmC did some really cool stuff.

    I'm just not sure how well this game will do. Franchise revivals after a long time rarely go well because they don't live up to expectations. Even if this game ends up being decent, it will just be the last nail in the coffin for the franchise. How many people out there are ready to just drop in during the 5th installment of a series?

    DmC 2 would've been a much better bet for them imo.
  34. Primethius


    In terms of sales, which Capcom needs?

    No. Not at all.
  35. Sesha


    DmC missed its target, twice, and needed over three years to stop being the least-selling game in the series, despite having the benefit of being on three platforms and being available via digital distribution. When it was supposed to go on to sell better than DMC4. DmC2 would have been an even more foolish endeavor. When the market summarily rejects your product, you don't try out the same product but with a number on the end.
  36. Apeach


    New things typically take some time to gain momentum. I feel like DmC brought in more newcomers who would be interested in a sequel. Again, I could be wrong, but I'm still skeptical of how many people are going to buy this thing between nearly 10 years and a reboot since the last installment.

    How did DMC4 SE do?
  37. On another note, I don't think Dante being more serious over the course of the game would be a good idea.

    Serious Dante only works because he is goofing around all the time and him being serious means shit is really going down. The ending of DMC3 would have had much less impact if he didn't joke around in every cutscene, including every encounter with Vergil beforehand.
  38. Chaos2Frozen


    Depending on how they reveal it, if it has good momentum it will carry it through the same way it’s currently carrying through for Monster Hunter.

    DmC2 would be dead in the water upon announcement with heavy negativity plaguing it every step of the way.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned this pass few months is that you need absolute positive vibes and decent marketing to succeed.
  39. Jacob4815


  40. Theodran


    If Capcom wants to make a game that runs at 60fps 100% of the time, they'd use the RE Engine. Same as RE7, a PSVR title, which need to run at 60fps at all times or they are not approved.
  41. AJ_Wings


    I mean... there was a lot wrong with DmC but "emo" isn't an accurate description of that game at all.

    On topic; One of the things DMC5 should take from DmC is having dodging its own dedicated button which makes it more welcoming to newcomers used to Bayonetta or GOW. I never had a problem with the implementation before but I can see it can be frustrating to newcomers. That would make it more approachable.
  42. Shanaynay


    Reading this's hard to not get hyped along with everyone else.
  43. artemis


    Damn, 55 pages?! The thirst is real.
  44. Adamska


    The reactions of some people in this thread are downright childish, in regards to DmC merely existing. Just imagine if this leak is actually about DmC2. You can still have Itsuno working on it but the game would actually be developed by NT and the plans for the inclusion of Nero actually mean DmC's version of Nero. Now that I would be excited to see.
  45. Kishido


    So hyped!!!
  46. BaasRed


    Itsuno and Ninja Theory? How would that work exactly?
  47. Chaos2Frozen


    But it’s not what people want.

    Why do something that would make nobody happy instead of doing something that quite a lot of people happy?
  48. Adamska


    Same as last time. Itsuno did consulting on DmC. Maybe Capcom is even helping with development somewhat, but the brunt of the game would be NT (and seeing how well they handle UE4, it'd be a gorgeous game).
    Not what you want. Besides, it's not like the leak has specifically stated that NT is not working on the game.
  49. BaasRed


    Ah. I'd rather Itsuno work on the game directly with his Dragon's Dogma team after having so much fun with that game recently.
  50. 5olid_5nake


    Maybe we'll get dlc that features Bayonetta x Dante combo.

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