[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. ViewtifulJC

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    for all we know valve software is working on this

    I mean they havent made a game in awhile

    It could be DmC2
  2. Adamska

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    People love shitting on Capcom, regardless. They shat on them for RE6 (which is an insanely good action game), they shat on them for RE7 (an amazingly good survival horror game), DmC2 or DMCV won't change that.
    I have not for one second stated that I have sources that confirm what I say. I am commenting on the leak, yes, because I doubt its minutiae and think it might refer to DmC2.
    I don't think its such a huge stretch. None of us know what were the details of the contract between NT and Capcom, and DmC hints heavily at a sequel. But within the context of the leak, it might be that the only thing confirmed is a new DMC game, regardless of setting. And, if it's really being developed internally by Capcom, I would hope they do away with all the clutter introduced by DMC4 and make it a more focused game.
  3. In my opinion, no it isn't. It wastes an entire button on just one command. In a game where there are already so few commands, limiting it even more makes the game feel very repetitive.
  4. DantesLink

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    Then please be UE4, lets get that modding on day 1!

    I...would be perfectly fine with this, if the exclusivity was a PS-brand character instead of Missions/Weapons I'd say that be a fair compromise.

    So how far in the "edge-o-meter" does this place?

    UE4 is a open platform that the Devs can build on. Meanwhile RE Engine is an unknown factor to us; if it was purpose-built for what RE7 plays like, it'd be no different from asking them to use Frostbite instead.
  5. MrCarter

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    Itsuno won’t even touch “Donte” with a barge pole. It’s not DmC.
  6. Omar310

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    Nah, it was a good game
  7. Lulu

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    For real, it would be a PR nightmare for no reason. There's literally no reason for Itsuno and Capcom to go along with a DmC2 unless they have a fetish for PR backlashings.

    Dmc is Itsuno's baby or at least adopted baby, DmC wasn't as popular as the OG series, it didn't sell as We'll, was a PR nightmare, there's a massive longing for the return of the classic characters, Cacpom has moved to more internal development in recent years, NT has been doing their kwn shit, there's nothing in this leak to suggest NT is anywhere on this but actually the opposite, like what more do you need fam?
  8. DantesLink

    DantesLink Member

    By not continuing DmC? Sure. Not acknowledging it?

  9. ArgyleReptile

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    DMC V is actually Half Life 3?
  10. Rob

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    Of course they would hint at a sequel in DmC because then they could make one, but that isn't going to make it happen. Lots of stuff hint at sequels that never happen.
  11. ViewtifulJC

    ViewtifulJC Member

    I've been waiting YEARS for the heavily hinted sequel to Viewtiful Joe 3 and Half-Life 3. Sometimes that shit just dont happen, and you gotta deal with that shit and stop living in fantasy world.
  12. jett

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    Vergil to have fedora costume confirmed.
  13. KZXcellent

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    Guys I think this is another reboot of DMC made by CyberConnect2. There's nothing saying it's not true!
  14. Chamber

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    I don't have it in me to argue on the internet anymore. I'm just gonna let this dude cook, fuck it.
  15. Noctis

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    DmC is trash and it will remain dead, stop with the mental gymnastics.
  16. Adamska

    Adamska Member

    Still, getting DmC2 would be a great thing. There's no reason for some of the cynical or childish reactions some people insist on posting. And I did not propose anything out of the ordinary, nor is it, to my knowledge, a big stretch of facts because it would be in line with some of the things posted by the leaker.
  17. DantesLink

    DantesLink Member

    Don't get my hope's up, now.
  18. ViewtifulJC

    ViewtifulJC Member

    Only if you blantantly disregard major facets of it to fit your imaginary fantasy bullshit version, like hiring the original voice actors and cutscene directors, Itsuno and his dev team, the story taking place after DMC4, DMC3 and 4 characters majorily involved, the game internal name being Devil May Cry V, explicit references to events that happen in the DMC3/4 continuity...

    if you ignore ALL that, and then invent new ideas about NT being involved that came right out of your ass

    then yeah its not a big stretch at all
  19. Rob

    Rob Member

    I mean, I would still play and enjoy DmC2, but that does not line up with anything in the OP except for "Devil May Cry."
  20. Chamber

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    Fedora aside, I really liked DmC Vergil's appearance. It was freshened up while still being recognizable as Vergil.
  21. TheEnd

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    Developers aren’t kids/fanboys, it’s fine for Itsuno and co. to acknowledge DmC out of respect to Ninja Theory.

    People really need to get over DmC, I wouldn’t be surprised if a color palette, or even a straight up DmC skin shows up in DMC5.
  22. Adamska

    Adamska Member

    I'm just disregarding some elements from the "leak", as they have so far remained unconfirmed. I'm sorry if you think I'm bullshitting you or anyone in this thread while posting my opinion of the leak.
    I completely understand that. But again, it's not like DmC2 was never in the cards, and we never got any confirmation that it would never be made. It's only natural that rumours about a new DMC game be accompanied about speculation on DmC2. The people who feel strongly about this to the point where they would post without a single hint of civility should take a chill pill (obvs not you, btw).
    I'd be very happy with this, too. Heck, if the next DMC game is 5, maybe they can make a DmC-flavored DLC, I would jump on it. But there's no reason to get over DmC, it's a great game.
  23. Rob

    Rob Member

    I'm sure NT did some preproduction work on a DmC2, and it's true that rumors of a new Devil May Cry can swirl that DmC pot too. However, everything in the OP points, very directly, to a sequel to DMC4 and not DmC.
  24. Xaszatm

    Xaszatm Member

    Where does Infinite fit on that scale?
  25. Dust

    Dust Member

    Tameen sure was respectful at beginning.

  26. ColdVergil

    ColdVergil Member

    Kyrie's VA recording again.
  27. Kyle Cross

    Kyle Cross Member

    Wrong, so wrong. DmC is great.
  28. Adamska

    Adamska Member

    Completely in agreement with you on this point as well. But since we don't know the validity of OP's points, I don't think speculating in favor of DmC2 is stretching things too thin. Ninja Theory has been so quiet on that front, too. And Capcom might consider sales as an argument against pursuing a new NT-based DMC game, but they can't ignore the critical reception that surrounded it, too. If sales were such a big deal for Capcom, we would never've gotten RE7.
    Kyrie was a terrible character and no game would benefit of her presence, not DMC, not anything.
  29. KZXcellent

    KZXcellent Member

    Wouldn't take much from Stephanie Sheh's tweet she gets a good amount of work.
  30. Korigama

    Korigama Member

    Agreed with this. Devoting a button entirely to launchers when buttons are already at a premium in a game like DMC just seems impractical to me.
    Nah, Kyrie's problem was more that she was just kind of... there. They didn't do much of anything with her, much like most of DMC4's cast outside of Nero. Not strictly offensive, just not leaving much of an impression either positive or negative.

    If I were to discuss outright terrible characters though, then DmC had no shortage of those.
  31. Caiops

    Caiops Member

    His vision about Dante was so wrong, Dante never was someone who couldn't control his powers or a teen "edgy".

    Thank god they are not involved anymore, i liked the level design, plataform elements, but it was one of the worst stories i have ever seen in a videogame.
  32. Jawmuncher

    Jawmuncher Crisis Dino - Snake for Smash Moderator

    Itsuno doesn't even hate DmC. I dunno why people act like he is against the game.
    The Dante skin above is proof enough. Along with the other ideas from that game which were incorporated into DMC4:SE.
    If you asked him if he felt which game was a bigger blemish on the series (DMC2 or DmC). He'd probably say DMC2 without hesitation.

    Like I will not be surprised if we end up seeing DmC skins for this game. Hell even MVC:I just got one.
    Capcom seems to be aware that there is a fanbase for DmC. Even if some louder types try to pretend there isn't.
  33. HStallion

    HStallion Member

    I don't hate NT or despise DmC but I will have to say I think they really never seemed to truly get what made the DMC series special and lead to them trying to fix problems that weren't even an issue with the series. It felt like an outsider looking in and trying to make something they only seem to have a cursory knowledge of and it did the game no favors.
  34. Adamska

    Adamska Member

    The best possible outcome, if DMCV is the next game, is making DLC that continues DmC. Break it into several chapters and just sell them during an year. Now there's a Season Pass I can get behind.
  35. LightEntite

    LightEntite Member

    DmC's issue wasn't even really Donte

    I don't even mind Donte starting off the game as a cunt hobo

    it was the overall story and how shit that was. The whole "THE GOVERNMENT ARE DEMONS WAKE UP FROM THE CONSPIRACY" angle was just destined to be cringey edge shit
  36. TreIII

    TreIII Member

    It may be an unknown to us, but I'm thinking Capcom has bigger plans in store for the engine. They already talked about getting it to run on Switch earlier this year, and that's a system that has no VR features at this time.

    Even if it's not a match for DMC, I doubt we've heard the last of the RE Engine.
  37. ColdVergil

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    Not denying it. Just saying she's back recording lul.
  38. artemis

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    I hope Donte will be in Devil May Cry 5.
  39. Nibel

    Nibel Enfant terrible Administrator

    The best possible outcome is to make DMCV and DLC afterwards that continues the story for an entirely different game?


    You realize how - from a business and game development perspective - this doesn't make any sense at all, right?
  40. HStallion

    HStallion Member

    Just do it like Godzilla Final Wars where Japanese Godzilla destroys the 90's American one in no time flat.
  41. J-Skee

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    OMG this thread is insane. This feels like Project Beast all over again.
  42. Soulstar

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    The main one for me was the pic with Dante from DMC4 on Brokeback Mountain. Implying that it was gay and the implication of being gay is a bad thing. It left a really bad taste in my mouth.
  43. Dahbomb

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    Man I woke up to some stuff today....

    Looks like Trish and Kyrie VA posted something.

  44. Sargerus

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    Let him dream.
  45. Rob

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    I totally did not see that. That's fucking terrible.
  46. Village

    Village Member

    I actually kind of like most of that outfit, so not too mad about that
  47. Emka

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    I was wondering when does this thread would have gone full DmC debate. It always end up happening in every DMC discussion now. With the question of Capcom and Itsuno acknowledgement of DmC, the story, the now infamous powerpoint "this is/this is not Dante",...
    We only need a salty DmC fan chiming in to say the only reason some people didn't like DmC was because Dante didn't have white hair and we will close the loop until the next DmC debate.
  48. KZXcellent

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    I can't believe this is real.
  49. ColdVergil

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    You can count it, it will come, there's always one lol.