[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Imran

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    It doesn't seem like any Japanese game that has skipped the Xbox One has specifically regretted it.
  2. Neoxon

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    Capcom saw DMCV as a risk or going PS4 console exclusive as a risk?
  3. TreIII

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    Thanks for the update.

    Alright. Let's see what they can do.
  4. Yams

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    Whelp I’m finally getting back into gaming
  5. Xpliskin

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    Yoooo phanta rhei is dead ?

    Wow to spend so much time and money in R&D only to fall back on UE 4.

    I guess they're leaving it for the next generation of hardware.

    Gonna look for that Nirolak thread on gaf.
  6. TheEnd

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    Yeah, I can see Itsuno being cool with NT and fine with adding DmC skins/easter eggs in DMC5.

    Like, I genuinely doubt that the DMC team and Itsuno share the grudge and hate the fanbase has for Ninja Theory. People who are expecting Capcom to pretend that DmC doesn't exist will be pissed off.
  7. Neoxon

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    Maybe it skipping the Switch could be seen as a loss, but it's not like Devil May Cry games ever showed up on Nintendo systems in the past, anyway. Don't get me wrong, DMCV on the Switch would be awesome. But I wasn't exactly getting my hopes up for it happening.
  8. TheEnd

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    I wonder if RE2make is gonna use UE4 over RE Engine, I don't know why I get the feeling that it'll go with the former.
  9. Sesha

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    I'll take classic DMC's sexual politics over DmC's.

    Also Dante only ever called Trish "babe" in DMC1, and that was Kamiya.
  10. WarRock

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    I somehow forgot about this. Yeah... DmC marketing was all kinds of wrong and problematic.
  11. TheEnd

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    Bayonetta 2 and DMCV on the Switch.

  12. vala

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    Yeah, but what about the lighting, shaders, and all that technical stuff?
    It seems Capcom programmers didn't manage to make to most out of the engine...
  13. ZER0

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    To bad it's not on switch, oh well switch will probably have exclusive bayonetta games.
  14. HStallion

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    Who is threatened? My point is classic Dante should spend 5 seconds wrecking Donte as that's all the time and effort they should spend referencing DmC.
  15. Xpliskin

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    Oh lol I made a thread last year about Panta Rhei you know where.
    Called "Capcom still using in-house engine (Panta Rhei?) for next-gen"
    Nirolak's thread "Is Capcom's Panta Rhei engine causing them notable issues? "

    It seems as of last year they dropped the Panta Rhei name and just called it "New engine" in presentations.

    I mean, I'm actually shocked they're using UE 4. Have a hard time believing that.


    My bad, the title was a hyperlink. Sorry.
  16. Plot twist: Sparda is lying about exclusivity to make Phil's next Japan trip look more impressive
  17. Adamska

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    The worst part is that there's no reason for people who prefer DMC to be pissed at DmC. The game came out, it was great and lots of people enjoyed it.

    The older games still exist, a new game in the older continuity is rumored to be coming too and they're still acting the rabid fanboys against any mention of DmC, it's plain sad.
  18. Sesha

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    Time and money. SFV looks fine. Great, even.

    AAMARMO Member

    How do I report people again?
  20. Neoxon

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    For what it's worth, SFV looks pretty solid.
  21. Rob

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    That stuff can be turned on, off, or adjusted. Again not an indicator of UE4. The input lag, however, is. Though that seems fixed in the newest builds of UE.
  22. DMC4's plot really wasn't complicated. I can summarize it in a few sentences. All it did was introduce Nero and hint at his origin.
  23. vala

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    The programming of SF V was made by Dimps.
  24. DantesLink

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    And there it is!

    Editing out because DERP.
  25. FluffyQuack

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    Here's the context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_Pz8WiEW4U (it's shown very early in the video)

    It was supposed to be a play on words (Capcom asked for the style of Dante being in a Western movie), though I dunno why they specifically used that movie for the joke.

    I think the entire this-is-Dante/this-is-not-Dante slide is pretty painful to watch.

    I'm just happy we're at the point where we're finally seeing a sequel to DMC4, and not DmC.
  26. Jawmuncher

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    DR3 was Xbox making up for their lackluster launch software. So it made sense that they ended up paying more for that. Since they even got their hands dirty and helped with the dev stuff for it (Since they were having trouble optimizing it). DR3 is the only title in the series that has a weird exclusivity (Similar to what ME1 used to have).

    I want as many people to play DMCV as possible.
    love you SoS
  27. Rob

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    And? It still uses the UE4 engine.
  28. TheEnd

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    SFV is absolutely gorgeous. Weird post.
  29. Sesha

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    DMC's plot is a lot of things, but convoluted?

    You're only in it for the money, you heartless monster.
  30. Xpliskin

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    Oh god this is so cringeworthy.
  31. Neptonic

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  32. wapplew

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    Given how MHW also release on Xbox, I won’t surprise VP Spencer will stop another Capcom title become Playstation console exclusive.
  33. Imran

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    There are games that make sense to downport to the Switch and games that don't.

    Monster Hunter World did!

    DMCV, on paper, sounds like it does not.
  34. Dalik

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    Damn, well better than no PC version at all.
  35. vala

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    The programmers of MvC I and SF 5 are from different companies.
    Which means they have different skills, and that is very obvious when you compare both games...
  36. ColdVergil

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    Sparda wannabe wants Sparda power to conquer the world. How is that convoluted lol.
  37. Chamber

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    This is the Dragons Dogma/DMC team, I don't see a reason to question their technical prowess.
  38. TheEnd

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    It's also better than "PS4 EXCLUSIVE!" then you see a PC trailer about a year later. At least they're assuring PC players that a release is coming.
  39. MrCarter

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    Xbox May Cry.
  40. That GOW teaser was great back then but now, I find it pretty dated compared to that DMC3 trailer which is pretty much timeless !
  41. Sesha

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    There are numerous factors that may have played a role in MvC:I turning out like it did. It doesn't have to mean that Capcom programmers were unable to work the UE4's ass properly. Besides, even if they were, DMCV will have a different dev team, and they'll have had time to train staff in using it. At any rate, Capcom has excellent programmers. Always had. I find it hard to believe they couldn't get the most out of UE4 while Simps did.
  42. MvCI was rumored to be PS4 exclusive also
  43. Korigama

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    Were you just as bothered by this, by any chance?
    Also, pretty sure that Donte wasn't established as bisexual in DmC (no, NT just did what they could to make him look cool by having him sleep with as many women as possible).
  44. Raylan

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    Good if true. Sony's Florian Hunziker doing his thing.
  45. Rob

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    Yeah. And they both use UE4. Different developers will use the engine as best they can.
  46. grimybrit

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    He’s not bi. He’s barely even a character.
  47. Jimmy Wrong

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    I think there are problems in DmC (the threesome and the cut "as am [your bitch]" line. But Vergil is pretty clearly a dangerous misogynist/spot on Julian Assange parody, so I don't feel stuff like Lilith getting sniped in the gut reflects misogynistic intent by the work as a whole.

    As Ninja Theory observed, Original Recipe Dante is kind of absurd. He's basically an adolescent power fantasy who lives in a world where people don't really do bad things and the answer to any crisis is to go apeshit on Satan with a broadsword. I found him charming enough to beat DMC3 and watch the anime, but he's not a person I can relate to in any way and if he existed in real life he'd be genuinely harmful. By the end of DmC, New Dante is a genuinely respectable character. The shots DmC takes at DMC are 100% totally earned, the way it subverts the cod-Shakespear of the original games with the fuck you contest is incredibly refreshing. The original DMC games have weird writing! It doesn't mean they're calling the original games shit, they're just pointing out they're only easily relatable from the perspective of anime fandom... and that's punk.

    Now Danime returns and Ninja Theory are apparently critical darlings who can keep making games on their own terms, so everyone's a winner.

    Also I thought the combos were fun
  48. Emka

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    Did you forgot the mess that was Dragon's Dogma at release on PS360 with the black bars and everything?
    The PS4/Xbox One port isn't even 60fps from what I heard.
  49. Shiba

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    I do hope SoS is wrong that it`s plan for E3, would love for it to be reveal at TGA or PSX.
  50. ColdVergil

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    Edit: Trish VA retweeted this