[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

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Oct 27, 2017
how on earth is dmc4 a prequel

ship on DmC2 sailed a long time ago
It takes place before DMC2. And, again, nothing's set on stone before confirmation.
I would have preferred a DmC2, but I'm definitely willing to see how this turns out. Hopefully it's great!
Ah, yes, I'll play it and enjoy it regardless. I just feel like DMC4 really just messed up the entire plot while also not having an enjoyable campaign, so I can't see why they would want to continue from there. Why not just reboot the series and focus on Dante?
Oct 26, 2017
As for Devil May Cry 5 itself, there is not much I can say about it right now. I am obviously over the moon but don’t expect a lengthy analysis anytime soon. I will just say one thing… I did not doubt for a SINGLE SECOND over this last decade that a new DMC game was coming. I GOD DAMN BELIEVED! Haters can kiss my butt cheeks, non DMC fans can see the door out… because this PARTY IS ABOUT TO GET CRAZY!!!!!
That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Dahbro, and thanks for all you've done, as well as continue to do, for the DMC community at large.


Oct 28, 2017
please let this be true.
iam so fucking ready for some dmc action.
oh and please let this be multi.
i dont like ps-exclusives, since those are actually hurting the console environment(as sf5)
Oct 27, 2017
If this is true, this might be one of the greatest games of this generation, assuming Capcom doesn’t mess up.
Capcom's problem this generation certainly hasn't been the quality of their games. Monster Hunter in general, Resident Evil 7, even their flawed fighting games are propped up by good gameplay.

It's everything else.
Oct 25, 2017
Wait i just read this
Originally DMCV was intended to be announced at PSX but after receiving feedback on their E3 press conference, Sony decided to scale back on PSX and instead scale up E3 2018. DMCV was an unfortunate casualty of this choice and thus it’s unlikely that DMCV gets officially revealed in 2017.
Oct 25, 2017
I first saw Devil May Cry mentioned in a PSM article in the year of our lord 2000 at my local Wal Mart grocery store. I was too poor to purchase the magazine myself so I just read the article next to ice cream section. It was cold at the time but I did not care as I was engrossed in the text. The game was described as Castlevania meets Resident Evil, two gaming franchises that I was very familiar with as before coming to the United States I did own a Playstation One. The artstyle and character design caught my attention with the writer praising the game’s focus on action over the methodical nature of the Resident Evil games. I was always an action nuts, I had seen a ton of old school Hong Kong martial arts movies and numerous Hollywood action movies. The Matrix had just came out and seeing the main character clothed in a leather jacket wielding two pistols… the game simply spoke to me.

When you are young and poor, you dream of owning that one game console and that one game alongside with it. I wanted a Playstation 2 as it was just fresh but it was too expensive for my parents to buy at the time as we had just moved to the States. I didn’t want the PS2 just for DMC at the time, I also wanted to get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 which were being hyped up at the time. So like a good boy, I worked my butt off in school and racking up those A grades to accumulate enough currency to purchase a PS2 plus the games (parents gave money per A on my report card, straight As gave bonus). In freshman year of high school I had earned enough money to get a PS2 and Tekken Tag Tournament. I didn’t even get a memory card to save all the characters I unlocked when I played the game but I didn’t care, I was having fun.

One day while perusing the internet using AOL dial up connection, I stumbled across the information that the game Devil May Cry was available as a demo within Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. I knew I had to get in on it and I was able to find RE:CV for cheap. I put the game in and didn’t even bother to play the actual game… went straight into DMC1. As soon as I swung my first hit on a Marionette and got to shoot with the handguns, I knew this was the game for me. Everything from the way the character moved, to the atmosphere, the controls, the fluidity resonated with me. This was the first time I had experienced combat that was as refined as this, I was used to clunky early 3D combat like Zelda Ocarina of Time so going from that to DMC1 was like stepping into a Ferrari after driving around in a Corolla for years. It was also the first time I actually understood what the world “visceral” meant that I saw mentioned in all those video game magazines, it was a description of how it felt when you engaged in combat with your enemy.

It was not long until DMC1 was available for purchase as a full retail game. I skipped first period in school to purchase the game on day 1, it was the first time I had ever bought a game on release day. As soon as I got back home, I played the game to completion in one sitting. I still had not bought a memory card for the PS2 yet so I knew I had to beat the game in one go! It took me 11 hours on Normal but everything about the game clicked with me. At that point I did not think it was the greatest game I had ever played but I still enjoyed my time with it. The bosses were on point, the combat nuanced and satisfying, Dante was a bad ass and the game was challenging. It felt like a 2D game with its control and tightness perfectly adapted to the 3D plane. I had finished the game but I wanted more, at that time that was a rare occurrence for me because I was a “one and done” type gamer. I knew what my next purchase was…. A memory card so I can beat the game on Hard mode. I was a stinking casual back then, I never bothered to attempt games on Hard mode but DMC1 made me want to do it especially because of the New Game plus feature. I got my butt kicked in Hard mode but I enjoyed the game EVEN MORE when I beat the game on Hard mode. When I finally struggled through and beat Hard mode… I was shocked that there was a difficulty above Hard mode called “Dante Must Die” mode. I was shocked that if I didn’t kill enemies in time they would Devil Trigger and become even stronger. The mode seemed unbeatable at the time but I never thought of giving up for even a second… this was the game that would push me from being just a casual to at the very least be an intermediate or enthusiast gamer. I finally beat DMD mode after getting smash in 50 times by the 3rd encounter of Griffon and Nightmare. I popped off at my sister who happened to be in the same room while I did it, she cheered me on while I did it.

I couldn’t just stop there, I had to share my experiences online. This was the first time I actually signed up for a message forum (IGN at the time) and shared my exploits. I shared tactics, theory crafts and other stuff I had discovered. There was not much information on the finer details in the game at the time but there were certainly players who had pushed the game to its limits. I played DMC1 many times before Capcom unveiled Devil May Cry 2 out of the blue. I do not think I have ever been as hyped in my life as I was for Devil May Cry 2. I scoured the internet for all the information I could find on the game and kept up to date with any new piece of media. This was the first time I pre-ordered a game, by this time my family was in better position money wise so it was easier to ask for the $60 (still a lot of money at the time). By this time I was deep in my Sophomore year and there were other kids in my class hyped up for DMC2 too though not as many as I would’ve liked as most of them still were enamoured with GTA3. Soon the day came and I snagged up the game day 1 at full price. My first disappointment was the box art… it did not look like Capcom put any effort into it especially that awful yellow logo. But of course I was told many times to not judge a book by its cover and it was god damn Devil May Cry 2… I was never not going to play it.

This was also a time when I had started following game reviews and I was appalled at the bad reviews the game was getting. My first instinct was that the press was just wrong… they had to be right? A DMC2 being that bad? It cannot possibly be! Well after I spent 2 hours with DMC2 it was clear to me that something was terribly wrong. Nothing about it felt like the DMC1 I had grown to love. It was brown, barren and just flat out boring. That visceral combat and tightness was all gone. To say it was a bad Devil May Cry game would have been an understatement… the game was simply bad even for its time. I thought I was going crazy but I put in DMC1 immediately to feel the difference and as soon as I started playing DMC1 again the difference was clear. I struggled through DMC2 hoping that the game would improve on higher difficulties like DMC1 did but it just got more frustrating and polarizing. The game was never hard, it was in fact very easy and monotonous so I beat through DMD mode in that game with the greatest of ease. I returned the game in disgust after tinkering around with Bloody Palace and swore never to play DMC2 again (well I did play DMC2 more recently for research). I had never played a sequel as bad as DMC2 and for it to happen to my favorite game was like taking a knife at the back. I felt really awful for a long time after that. I soon realized that I had to branch out to get my action fix. In some ways DMC2 happening was a good thing because it made me branch out to other games like Chaos Legion. Chaos Legion was hyped up as “It’s like DMC only better!” on the back of its cover. The game was not good as that but it was certainly better than DMC2 and had some interesting mechanics. I also played other action games like Dynasty Warriors, Bujingai, Shinobi and even the Xbox game Ninja Gaiden which was actually stellar. When I played Ninja Gaiden it dawned on me that DMC was doomed to fade into oblivion as other action games continued to evolve and iterate whereas DMC was stuck in 2001 both visually and mechanically. The fire I once had certainly started to fade.

And then one fine morning, in my junior year of high school I once again saw an online scan of PSM sporting a cover of Devil May Cry 3! I was taken aback but kept my expectations in check. At that point I was just happy that the series was not canned and also surprised that Capcom was tackling the series again so shortly after the disaster that was DMC2. The magazine article did not grab me like DMC1 did, in fact the enemy designs and locations looked very brown and barren like DMC2. Dante’s design didn’t appeal to me either but there was stuff that caught me eye like Dante having a stance that allowed him to parry/block. DMC never had a defensive mechanic like that before so I was interested in seeing how DMC would tackle it. The article showed the game in an early and rough state so I didn’t expect to see the game in action soon.

But then E3 2004 happened. I did not follow E3 back then and didn’t really know what it was. I just know that on the message forums this trailer was spammed and I had to watch it. From beginning to end… this was a magnificent trailer that gave me the “epic chills” and almost brought a tear to my eye. This felt like an evolution to DMC that I had wanted to see in DMC2. The cutscene direction and story/characters were enhanced, the action was upgraded dramatically and my god the new moves looked sick! Everything seemed fast, responsive and tight...the polar opposite of DMC2. The music really sold the trailer too alongside the stylish cutscenes. DMC was back baby!

The leaks started and soon we got word of the game being available as a demo in Resdevil Evil: Outbreak 2. At that point I had no interest in that new RE game as it wasn’t a mainline RE game but you KNOW I had to cop that DMC3 demo. That DMC3 demo IMO was instrumental in getting DMC back in good terms with the fanbase because I was not the only one disgruntled with the series after DMC2. The DMC3 demo was among the best demos I had ever played including even the ZOE demo, MGS2 demo and of course the DMC1 demo. The freedom in the combat was obvious in the demo as was the combat. This simple 20 minute demo gave birth to the combo videos that are so associated with DMC these days. Even in a demo people knew of the potential that the game had in its combat. It was a paradigm shift for DMC, it was a new way to play DMC that didn’t betray its root but took it further beyond, even beyond what other action games were doing.

The game released and I took the whole day off that day. I was scolded for it but of course I did not give a shit... it was god damn DMC3 day! I got my butt whooped in that game so hard that I thought I had gotten terrible at playing DMC games again. This game was insanely hard, so hard that they had to release a special edition to nerf the difficulty in NA. Reviewers slammed it for the difficulty but praised it for everything else so this was certainly an excellent game at the time. I was completely enthralled with DMC again but this time I unlocked a part of me that I never knew existed… it was my capacity to theorycraft. People throw around that word like it’s candy but to me theorycraft meant that I had an idea crafted in my head based around the mechanics of the game and wanted to see how they would play out in the game. DMC3 was the type of game where you could think of some combo in your head and then try it and it would work better than you thought it would… the game was just that free flowing. I spent a ton of times writing and discussing about DMC3, it became a new obsession. I started jotting down what I discussed and thought of, soon enough the body of work became a behemoth. It got to the point where someone would ask a question on a forum and I would just copy/paste text from it. I was told to release that text in a more palatable manner and I did as a FAQ for all to see. I didn’t really meant it for anyone else but myself but I thought that if it could help anyone see the game in a new way then it was for the benefit of all. This was my first time making a FAQ as well though after that I didn’t really make much because it was too time consuming and book keeping even for me (the formatting and rules really bothered me, more time was spent formatting the FAQ than actually writing it).

DMC3 kept growing and I alongside with it. By now I was in college and had far less time for gaming in general. A new generation of consoles was finally upon us and we were all hyped to see what DMC4 look like with better visuals. There isn’t much to say about the time leading up to DMC4’s release other than it being longer than it should’ve been and there was a lot of red herring about Dante’s role in the game. Nevertheless DMC4 released as well and this one was a bit controversial. DMC4 is a very good action game but it had genuine flaws like the back tracking, story/characters and a lack of atmosphere. Unlike with previous DMC games, DMC4 was a game that I could not invest much time into due to me getting into college and then straight into medical school. I always kept up with it and enjoyed it but that was a time in my life where I could not give the game the time it deserved. DMC4’s combat to this date of writing this is still unmatched. If DMC3 was the sandbox of combat creativity then DMC4 is the sahara desert. The introduction of on the fly style switch which restricted the combat of DMC3 took DMC4’s combat to a new height… a height that was attainable by only an elite few. The skill cap became so high that it was well beyond my capability, I could only sit back in awe. DMC4 ended up selling the most out of all the DMC games but I do believe this is mostly attributed to the staggering response and hype that DMC3 generated and the game being made into a multiplatform title.

Not too long after DMC4 we got word of DMC being rebooted with a Western studio. A lot of the fans knew about the rumor well in advance but most were in denial. Ninja Theory was not known for making stellar action games at the time and then finally that reveal trailer happened. The trailer was very bizarre and different from DMC to say the least. I was getting flashbacks of DMC2 again only in a different way. With my experience of Western action games at the time, I knew the game was going to be on Unreal Engine and be 30FPS with a lack of lock on, a changed artstyle and aesthetic… I was correct on almost all accounts. People took the aesthetics very poorly but my concern was always the combat because even within the DMC series, the aesthetics of the series has changed quite a bit but the combat was also genre defining. DmC felt like a step back in terms of combat which is what made it a bit disappointing. The game is not bad and certainly not the gigantic failure that DMC2 was but it had undeniable issues. Shortly after DmC we got word of a HD release alongside a DMC4 Special Edition. The DMC4 Special Edition was the first of many signs leading up to the eventual unveil of DMC5 because at that point it made no sense to release new content for an old game. DmC Definitive edition fixed a lot of issues with the game related to the combat that were recommended by fans like me and I still recommend this game to people who are fans of action games especially new to the genre. There was a time where fans were unsure of the future of DMC. Did DmC sell so poorly that DMC was canned as a series? Would the next DMC game be DmC2, DMC5 or another reboot? This was really the first time since post-DMC2 where the future of series was uncertain only this time the time between DMC games was at a record high. A decade worth of wait if you count the time from DMC4 to DMC5.

And now we are finally here… 16 YEARS after the original DMC released. I am at the precipice of a new DMC game. Before I give my reaction to DMC5 itself, I would like to say that DMC, for better or worse, shaped me into who I am today. DMC taught me many life lessons that I use to this day, one of which is never give up, no matter the odds. It allowed me to transition from a casual gamer to at the very least an enthusiast of the hobby as a whole. It grew alongside me. I met friends through DMC, both online and offline. My life would be very different right now if I never saw that PSM article in Wal Mart that day. So when a new DMC game is officially announced, it is not just an announcement for me… it’s practically a life event or a milestone. People associate DMC so heavily with me that today after the unveiling of DMC5 I got a message from my high school English teacher about DMC5 on Facebook, a person who I had not messaged for years! People on ERA, IGN, Discord, Skype, Steam etc. messaging/calling me and congratulating me on the leaking of DMC5. It’s deeply moving to me that people I know associate me with such a series as it is certainly a part of my identity. I would like to thank my family, my friends, relatives, colleagues for supporting me through all these years… through the best and the worst times. I would like to thank IGN and ERA for being a conduit through which I am able to express my thoughts and feelings. I would like to give a special thanks to Kamiya, Itsuno, Capcom and those who have ever been involved in working on a DMC game (yes even Ninja Theory and DmC)... thank you for working on this series that holds a special place in my heart.

As for Devil May Cry 5 itself, there is not much I can say about it right now. I am obviously over the moon but don’t expect a lengthy analysis anytime soon. I will just say one thing… I did not doubt for a SINGLE SECOND over this last decade that a new DMC game was coming. I GOD DAMN BELIEVED! Haters can kiss my butt cheeks, non DMC fans can see the door out… because this PARTY IS ABOUT TO GET CRAZY!!!!!

TL:Dr version:

  • Originally DMCV was intended to be announced at PSX but after receiving feedback on their E3 press conference, Sony decided to scale back on PSX and instead scale up E3 2018. DMCV was an unfortunate casualty of this choice and thus it’s unlikely that DMCV gets officially revealed in 2017.
Urgh. I was fine with this year's E3 Presser. It did more for me than Microsoft's. I don't need a "NEW REVEAL" blitzkrieg at every E3 press conference, and there was plenty that looked promising for the platform. Sucks that we might not see DMCV because of some whinging about Sony's E3 Press Conference this year.
Oct 27, 2017
Wait i just read this

This passage you highlighted is bothering me somewhat. I mean, the narrative back during Paris Game Show was that Sony decided to show the PSX stuff early, thus making 2017 PGS more packed and scaling back on 2017 PSX. So if DMC was supposed to show up at PSX, why would it be pushed back to next year instead of pushed forward like the rest of the stuff from PSX?
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