[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Musubi

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    Timeline in DMC goes DMC 3 > DMC 1 > DMC 4 > DMC 2
  2. Adamska

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    It takes place before DMC2. And, again, nothing's set on stone before confirmation.
    Ah, yes, I'll play it and enjoy it regardless. I just feel like DMC4 really just messed up the entire plot while also not having an enjoyable campaign, so I can't see why they would want to continue from there. Why not just reboot the series and focus on Dante?
  3. KyouG

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    That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Dahbro, and thanks for all you've done, as well as continue to do, for the DMC community at large.
  4. V0ltg

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    Agreed. Not a fan of this. Everything else sounds promising so far.
  5. Toxi

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    Dante vs Ludwig is the best thing ever.
  6. Shiba

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    Oh boy.
  7. Drencrom

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    I’m ready to believe
  8. TheWickedSoul

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    Pretty cool if true. Sucks if its full on PS exclusive.
  9. Sakujou

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    please let this be true.
    iam so fucking ready for some dmc action.
    oh and please let this be multi.
    i dont like ps-exclusives, since those are actually hurting the console environment(as sf5)
  10. Tony Montana

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    I've been expecting a new DMC to be Itsuno's game but it's great to finally have details on it. Make this game as smooth as a baby's bum.
  11. ArgyleReptile

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    Show me the Devil Arms and Exceed Weapons.
  12. Nibel

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    I didn't enter this thread to cry dammit


    *wipes tears with the banhammer that has OP's name on it* dammit
  13. ViewtifulJC

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    Enjoy ya perma op
  14. Noctis

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    For Dante it was just a regular Sunday.
  15. Toxi

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    Capcom's problem this generation certainly hasn't been the quality of their games. Monster Hunter in general, Resident Evil 7, even their flawed fighting games are propped up by good gameplay.

    It's everything else.
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  17. Sargerus

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    Wait i just read this
  18. GuardianE

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  19. Urgh. I was fine with this year's E3 Presser. It did more for me than Microsoft's. I don't need a "NEW REVEAL" blitzkrieg at every E3 press conference, and there was plenty that looked promising for the platform. Sucks that we might not see DMCV because of some whinging about Sony's E3 Press Conference this year.
  20. Chaos2Frozen

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    Imagine a unique clash animation between Rebellion's Stinger vs Moonlight Stinger
  21. If I ever get an ape escape 4 I hope my excitement post can come close to dahbombs lol
  22. Ciphyde

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    So if this leak is true - what're the chances of it showing up on PSX now?
  23. melonrabbit

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    Nero and Uncle Dante?!

    ... Virgil is okay. Would prefer Lady by far. Or a reimagined Kat.

    My money is all yours.
  24. BitByDeath

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    Price doesn’t bother me, going back to old tech does though. Hopefully they’ll put together a HD collection.
  25. melonrabbit

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    Almost as confusing as the Fast and the Furious timeline. Almost.
  26. Adamska

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    This passage you highlighted is bothering me somewhat. I mean, the narrative back during Paris Game Show was that Sony decided to show the PSX stuff early, thus making 2017 PGS more packed and scaling back on 2017 PSX. So if DMC was supposed to show up at PSX, why would it be pushed back to next year instead of pushed forward like the rest of the stuff from PSX?
  27. Gundam

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    Would have preferred a sequel to DmC.
  28. [​IMG]

    I know the game isn't good but I really loved DMC2 Dante's outfit. I'd love for it to be an unlockable.
  29. Korigama

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    This, with the Devil May Cry anime series placed between DMC1 and 4 (not that everyone would necessarily be pleased by the fact that it's canonical, but I enjoyed it for what it was).
  30. RiderKairuu

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    Yo WHAT? I'm seriously at a loss for words right now. I need a trailer ASAP!
  31. RadiantDan

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    Been waiting over nine freaking years for this damn game. Please give it to me already... X_X
  32. Musubi

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    That begs the question who is the letty and dom in DMC.
  33. Noctis

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    Nah, nobody wants that fake Dante.
  34. TreIII

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    Dante and Trish, of course.
  35. Zookfoodle

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    Dante is obviously Tyrese
  36. Simo

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    Well this sounds wonderful.

    So uh...should I try DMC4SE on PS4? How is it? lol
  37. Sesha

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    And I want a new Shadow Hearts. We can't get impossible things.

    Yes. And it's solid. Campaign hasn't aged well, but the actual combat is top-tier.
  38. Strike

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  39. Zookfoodle

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    I mean like
    We got TLG
    What's really impossible by this point
  40. Imran

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    Then it shouldn't have been a failure.
  41. MizerMan

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    No thanks.
  42. Thanks everyone who makes this reality! If sony's funding made this happen I will pray for them days and nights :)
  43. Se7enSword

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    I don't like the sony exclusivity bit unless it's timed, but i hope everything else is real.
  44. Sesha

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    Shadow Hearts

    and a good Zack Snyder movie

    and a competent Trump presidency

    and DmC2
  45. melonrabbit

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    Far more concerned with who is Tyrese.
  46. Aters

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    So this it. ResetEra finally do our own game announcement.
  47. PeterVenkman

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    Seriously though. It’s about damn time.
  48. Joe2187

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    But What about Dragons Dogma 2?
  49. Zookfoodle

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    Also, 300 was a decent film
  50. Anteater

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    I mean I like DmC but since that team is working on a new project I feel like they're better off doing their own thing since they'll have more creative freedom