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  1. Shiba


    Killing me slowly.
  2. robotzombie


    You always say the right things
  3. ElBoxyBrown


    "You want to play all these Japanese games........"

    No, I just want DMC. I'll trade VC4 for DMCV in a heartbeat. lol
  4. Dovah

    Alt-Account Member

    Evo means nothing in the real world. Halo 5 is still at tournaments but not everyone is championing for it.
  5. badcrumble


    And Hellblade came out too, and is selling well above expectations! Everybody wins, honestly - DMC fans and Ninja Theory fans alike.
  6. Thrillhouse

    Banned Member

    Stay motivated
  7. Gbraga


    UE4 scales pretty well, doesn't it? Maybe you can run it decently with a cheap upgrade for your PC.
  8. Son of Sparda

    Son of Sparda
    Community Resettler Member OP

    This may or may not be DMCV related but it has been making the rounds on DMC related communities so it’s worth posting here.

    The user who posted this wishes to remain anonymous but they contacted me to share this information.

    Apparently there’s a company called Player Research located in Brighton, UK that is currently taking in players to test a new game. Normally it’s for standard mobile and console type game but this new game has a peculiar type of games on the list:


    The list of games is interesting because it lists DMC, Bayonetta, God of War and Infinite Blade on there along with other action/adventure games. Based on the leaks, this could very much point to DMCV. Note that Capcom is not really know for playtesting their games here so take this with a MASSIVE grain of salt.

    Also if you are in the Brighton, UK area… heads up for this.
  9. Primethius


    Start praying that Capcom has money and that Sony ain't funding it.
  10. Dahbomb

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  11. ColdVergil


  12. Jawmuncher

    Crisis Dino - Snake is in Smash Moderator

    Infinity Blade Character Action Game for mobile hype
  13. Jimmy Wrong

    Jimmy Wrong

    So we have nothing to fight about, which is cool! I'd still love to see DmC as a subseries - did Mega Man fans ever beef over grimdark X coexisting with the simple and innocent classic series, I wonder?
  14. Valtekken


  15. [​IMG]

    Those are EVO attendance numbers per game. In 2017, SFV pulled just shy of 3x the numbers IJ did, and KI...wasn't...even...there.

    UMVC3 didn't pull as much as Rev2 did, and Rev2's numbers were right up alongside IJ's.

    Tekken is cross-platform, but I will bet you money-match cash that the PS4 version has outsold the XBO version by clear and decisive margins.

    So is this about sales figures, availability on platforms or the number of people actively playing them? Because I'm trying to figure out what foundation your argument is attempting to stand upon.
  16. If DmC was some kind of spin-off with different gameplay, maybe, but it was meant as a reboot of the series.

    Capcom won't be able to mantain both series, without losing potential sales on each game.
  17. badcrumble


    Isn't Infinity Blade that mobile game with really nice graphics and crappy-ass Punchout style gameplay though
  18. Dahbomb

    Community Resettler Member

    It's probably not DMCV... but the choice of games in there like God of War, DMC and Bayonetta is hella suspect..

    If I had to guess I think it's some stylized action game for mobiles. It has Star Wars and Infinite Blade on there.
  19. klabautermann


    That's why it's so good, though. I don't think anyone would argue with you that DMC's plot is good. It's horrendously terrible, but that's what makes it charming. At least for me it does, haha.
  20. Well this just makes things more peculiar...
  21. lucebuce

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    Your logic has a fundamental flaw.

    It's based on the assumption he's actually trying to make an argument and isn't shitposting.
  22. Xaszatm


    Hooh boy. I'm just as interested in that Bayonetta as I am in DMCV
  23. Adamska


    I think you wanted to quote someone else?
    I think the market would take well to having both series running, as long as the games are good and feed positively into each other.
    Well, we all know which UK-based developer has worked on DMC games before. But seriously, where did this information surface from?
  24. Being UK based does have its benefits after all.
  25. curses

    foiled again
  26. Gestault


    Responses here are some of the most obvious "proxy-war" interactions in the entire hobby. We're back in the post-PS2 era where people are upset that a game might also be made for another platform, and the idea of multi-plat releases not on [preferred brand] is mocked as itself a sort of fanboyism.

    There are tons of reasons to limit a release. If a platform holder is investing in the release, that's legit. If there's a fundemental tech limitation on a platform, that's legit. If one of the platform holders has weirdo publishing requirements that kill the viability, that's legit. If the product itself is lower-budget and the expected sales don't make sense to scale up development/testing, that's legit. If it's a studio too small to handle multi-plat testing in-house, that's legit. Outside of that sort of thing? If you're rallying for fewer people being able to play a game for any reason besides the business-end not making sense, I don't know what to say. It sure ain't "you're right."
  27. Sesha


    Sounds like mobile.

    Maybe it's NG4 as a mobile exclusive title.
  28. It fills my dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
  29. ED Cantu

    ED Cantu


    Ok, I guess we'll have to wait for 7 months then
    Still hoping for a TGA trailer
  30. Grizzly

    Bear of Love Moderator

    Please stay civil and on topic. Please leave any possible console war antics out, as well.
  31. David___


    I'd assume this would be under heavy NDA's. Curios if its big enough (like DMC5 somehow) if any one would risk it by leaking what this was for.
  32. Let's not act as if DMC's story prior to DmC was amazing... It was always terrible. And, in terms of "cringey edge shit", the biggest one is probably in the very first game :D
  33. DantesLink


  34. yap


    I... want to see where this goes.
  35. Jimmy Wrong

    Jimmy Wrong

    Mega Man X (1993)
    Mega Man 7 (1995)
    Mega Man Legends (1997)

    I definitely think DMC would be doing better with two regular complimentary subseries than a 4 year lul sprinkled with some guest appearances.
  36. Dahbomb

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    Updated the highlights of the thread, list keeps on growing:

    1) Massive leak posted by Son of Sparda in the OP.
    2) ZhugeEX states that leak was looked over by the mods/admins, allowed to post but on the condition that SoS takes PERMANENT BAN if this is a hoax.
    3) Random supposed insider claims it's also coming on Xbox and is willing to take permanent ban for it.
    4) Dahbomb posts staggering personal statement spanning 3500 words.
    5) Another admin Nibel graces the thread. SweetNicole as well.
    6) Claimed second leaker comes in and states that the leak is false. (ShamelessZeroMain) Also claims that DMCV will have microtransactions like DMC4SE. Source is a discord buddy.
    7) Son of Sparda calls him out, starting the leaker vs leaker warfare. ShamelessZeroMain bets $1 for every post in the thread, so going $2200 strong right now.
    8) SweetNicole announces that ShamelessZeroMain is beholden to the same rules as SoS. If he's wrong then he also gets permabanned.
    9) ShamelessZero gets shook, starts backpedaling. More backpedaling. And more. And then some. Admits to drinking and saying stupid shit.
    10) Admins ask Shameless to deliver sources, he doesn't comply. ShamelessZeroMain gets banned for trolling and having an alt account. Takes to Twitter to complain that his esports manager got a hold of his Resetera account.
    11) People so hype for DMCV they start streaming this thread on youtube as it develops!
    12) Sunhilegends delivers godlike gif for DMCV!
    13) Gaming news outlet start running the story, it has officially gone big and viral.
    14) Geoff Keighley aka the Doritos Pope graces the thread with his presence!
    15) Dantelinkx comes in and leaks through a proxy that DMCV will get unveiled at either PSX or TGA. Fanning the flames of the leaker wars!
    16) Maximillian D00d (famous youtubers) chimes in on the DMCV hype!
    17) Dahbomb makes actual analysis of the leaks.
    18) IGN first major gaming website to report on the leak.
    19) MBS claims that Vergil being Nero's father is as likely as Trish being Lady's mother....
    20) Johnny Bosch makes a tweet about being 5 minutes late... has 5:05 on the clock possibly referring to SOS aka Sons of Sparda.
    21) Son of Sparda makes a couple of more leaks: DMCV to be PS4 console exclusive and PC later on. Engine is UE4.
    22) Trish VA starts tweeting about DMCV.Trish's Voice Actor tweets about wanting the cast of DMC4SE back for Christmas. Kyrie's voice actor tweets too but could be completely unrelated.
    23) Son of Sparda releases information about a location test for an unknown game in Brighton, UK. References games like DMC, Bayonetta, GoW, Zelda, Okami etc. Could be DMCV but don't count on it.
    24) Voice/Mocap Actor of Vergil Dan Southworth joins in on the fun, releases old redacted pictures of the crew in mocap gear. His agent/wife chimes in that he is under NDA for his projects but won't mislead fans.
    25) Maximillian D00d tweets that he is flying to an unknown location for an unknown game. Could be it for Capcom and DMCV?? Max talks about DMCV on his live stream.
    26) ZombieFred makes an.... interesting poem about DMCV.
    27) Can't have a crazy thread without a crazy hype train!
    28) Rueben Langdon likes a post about being hyped for TGA/PSX.
    29) Hilarious GTAV Resetera DMCV clip.
    30) Jawmuncher makes a terrible box art for DMCV.
    31) Sunhilegend returns with another DMCV/ERA related gif!
    32) Rueben Langdom starts liking a myriad of DMCV related stuff... including the hype train from ERA. Johnny Young Bosch likes it too!
    33) More DMCV memes including this Harry Potter one.
    34) EZA Podcast discuss the rumors, calling it the worst kept secret in gaming right now.
    35) Nice MGSV + DMCV logo created by AAMARMO.
    36) To celebrate the 100th page of the thread... The Legendary Dark Knight makes a truly Legendary GIF for the thread!
    37) Shinobi retweets the Itsuno apology... possibly hinting about no DMCV at TGA/PSX?
    38) Dantelinkx returns... doubles down on an XB1 version for the game down the road.
    39) ZhugeEX reminds folks that not everything in the OP is facts.
  37. Quality book keeping right here
  38. Angst


  39. Sesha


    DMC3 story is good for what it was.

    Don't agree about DMC1 being edgy. It's a watered down Space Hunter Cobra with demons.
  40. silva1991


    That scene was supposed to be funny? good lord.
  41. Gestault


    This is absolutely amazing. This is a got'danged public service.
  42. Dovah

    Alt-Account Member

    • Warned for off topic derailment post moderator advice
    You're showing numbers from a niche tournament for niche games. There's no doubt that the PS4 version of T7 outsold the XBO version. The other games you talk about like Rev 2 aren't relevant to people in general. Hell, I bet more people know about Killer than KOF or Rev2.
  43. Agni Kai

    Agni Kai

    This is my first meltdown thread. I am not disappointed.

    I truly wonder if Son of Sparda changed the future and DMCV will be announced before this year ends.
  44. Never thought of it like that before. Now I can't unsee it.

    We need a Matthew Sweet video with DMC now.

  45. Neonep


    The PS4 retails for $300 but I'm sure you can find it cheaper.
  46. Regret


    This should be on the first page, thank you. It feels like more of the same. A few people questioning the possibility of not being able to play a franchise they've played on Xbox for the past decade are passively aggressively attacked over and over again. We don't even know the truth about what is being "funded" or not, but it is clear as day that certain people cheer at the mere idea of other people not on their "team" not being allowed to enjoy what they are able to.

    And with that, I'm out. I don't post much but just wanted to give my 2 cents.
  47. No, I'm showing numbers from EVO, the largest fighting game tournament on Planet Earf, where the genre's most dedicated players show up to demonstrate that dedication, platform be damned.

    Define "more people" like you're not trying to rock some hot, sexy bandwagon fallacy as this winter's hype shit. I'll wait.


    Imagine if DMC5 has a cameo character appearing for PS4 from its games' universes as extra like Aloy in Monster Hunter World. This would be nuts.
  49. Son of Sparda

    Son of Sparda
    Community Resettler Member OP

    I hope so man.

    I can't wait to see it.
  50. Sesha


    Well, Cobra was the main inspiration for Dante.
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