[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Yeah, I edited the formatting, I forgot the little "m." But exactly.
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    This game better be the reason why we suddenly getting a set of Nero, Vergil and Dante figs.
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    I understand you are passionate about DmC but this game (if rumours are true) is clearly based on the original characters. There is no other discussion to be had because all it does is derail the thread.
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    Come on now, discussion on DmC should be fair game. DMCV will most likely be taking stuff from DmC if the team is smart.
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    If DMCV comes out and them dudes still got that same totally vertical jump in the year 2017, we're gonna have a problem
  6. I can't. That's half the problem with the world today, I tell ya.

    My argument was based in the fact that he said

    which is just patently untrue.

    Never said they did, but you do see some form of metrics on who plays them at a high enough level to travel to Las Vegas for competition, and that can be seen as the tip of a pyramid (or at least a vague guideline of one) in the genre, as far as consistent playerbase is concerned.

    Well, it all started from

    which I agreed with.

    I don't really care, I just think the hyperbole is amusing, and it seems like I'm not the only one who thought so. With that said:

    I can abide by this, np
  7. I mean, we already saw some stuff with Vergil in DmC implemented in DMC4 SE (Judgment Cut stuff for instance).

    There's good stuff to take from DmC in terms of features and systems. Those are worth having coexist with the OG games.
  8. I agree with this. There's a lot I didn't like about DmC...but there's also a lot of stuff that I did like, and I think Ninja Theory deserves a lot of credit for their contribution.
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    Shouldn't you stop before you receive a warning?
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    Trish wants DMC 5 to happen!! This Christmas ! Can't kerp up with these updates
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    As someone who always wanted to seriously get into DMC and has the special edition for 4, do any of you have any tips/videos to share to actually get good? I always have problems micromanaging 3 different things and always get confused at what each stance does what.
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    I have timeline question: based on the information given, is there a ballpark year work on DMCV started? Was it right after DMC4SE came out?
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    one of the rare times i disagree,DmC should be forgotten and left for dead. At best take some moves like judgement cut and that's it.
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    The OP mentioned right around SE came out and its been in dev for 2 years already
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    You mean linear jump.
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    Yes, OP said the preproduction started around when DMC4SE finished.
  17. After DMC4 SE seems to be the consensus, which would make the most sense. Been over two years since that re release, and three years total would be the optimal amount of time to spend on this game to make it good.
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    It's certainly never been my intention to derail the thread. I have already stated that I'll be excited to play a new DMC game, and I've repeatedly lamented how some people reacted negatively to mentioning DmC. Not only that, I've tried my best to steer clear from posts and comments that veer way too much off-topic, as well as I have apologized the times where I noticed I might have misinterpreted a post's intention.

    That said, I don't think the mere mention of DmC should be considered a derailment. We all know that the leak, so far, has no actual evidence behind it. SoS has put his account on the line, that's it. I'm very grateful that he posted what he knows, but the fact remains that there's a chance his information is inaccurate, which is why I posted that it'd be great if maybe it means that the new DMC game being developed might be DmC2. The leak points to the original setting, yes, but maybe that's not the whole story; maybe the original cast will have cameos on a DmC2 game, or even cameos on a new reboot of the series. The nature of this leak allows said speculation, I think.
    I do feel DmC has brought lots of QoL improvements besides one move, even if my position is that its setting and characters are far more interesting than DMC's.
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    So, we have the original leaker saying it's console exclusive and another saying it's coming to xbox. Who to believe, who to believe
  20. They should look at the master, Kamiya, instead.

    Then Kamiya can look back at the disciple, beat him again and so the circle of action games to continue forever.
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    Did they even do substantial work on SE ? I heard Access Games was the outsourced studio.
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    We have to wait until a trailer drops.
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    The original leaker said it's PS4 and PC exclusive.
  25. I think DmC got a lot right in combat, as it felt more open and — I hesitate to say forgiving — lenient than mainline DMC seemed to. Plus, the ability to use multiple weapons in tandem was really slick. Being able to pump an enemy full of explosive darts, throwing a big windmill shuriken into another group of enemies to hold them still and deal DoT, comboing the first enemy, finishing with an air launcher, grabbing another enemy with the chain whip thing into the air with you, slamming them down, dashing into the group of freshly-shuriken'd enemies to kill them while detonating the darts, killing both the original target and the slammed one while finishing the previously-weakened group?

    Man, that shit was pretty fuckin' rad. I prefer OG DMC, but DmC certainly has its merits.
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    Not everyone likes every Japanese game... my selection of Japanese games is pretty small... and so far a lot of games im interested in are coming to Xbox. There is no need for this stupid Console exclusivity garbage.
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    This reminds me that I very much hope they keep the "environmental" camera compared to the modern third person for character action games.
  28. There is if Sony is helping to bankroll development, much like SFV.
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  30. I can take footage of the game in 2160p144, full settings.
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    Watching Sunhi's Horizon gifs makes me wish for a new Dino Crisis so damn bad.
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    I've never really understood why, but I just could not get into DMC3 or 4 and never bothered to finish them even though I did like and complete the first game. I even played through all of DMC2, but with DMC3 I only got up to a little after the second boss battle before giving up on it. I don't even remember where I gave up on 4, I just know I wasn't very far into the game. And yet I did enjoy the DmC: Definitive Edition enough to complete it on Dante Must Die mode.

    Still, I'll probably keep an eye on DMCV if it does get announced.
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    Well, Itsuno does love Breath of the Wild. https://twitter.com/gypsyotoko/status/851432381932126210
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    Thanks for this, beats reading through everything to see what the hell is going on lol
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    Just to remember everyone : Itsuno, Mikami and Kamiya are very close.

    It's just an exemple, but when Itsuno directed DMC3, he came to Kamiya first to ask for advices. There are many sources, but here's one from Kamiya himself :


    Kamiya also came forward many times to defend Itsuno when people said that he was responsible for DMC2 shitfest. He did it many times, but here's one from twitter again :


    I'm sure Kamiya know what Itsuno is working on and I'm sure he would have said bullshit if it wasn't DMC5.
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    DmC I felt had this really well balanced control scheme that, once you accrued enough moves, allowed you do pull off crazy combos without as much effort as the games before. That said, it also had a lot of depth to allow for the highest end of players to do even more complex combos and set-ups. The gameplay certainly didn't suffer of a lack of options IMO, even if they did away with Styles and Style switching.
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    edit: nm
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    Kamiya is not the bitter disrespectful asshole people portraying him to be, he's super kind actually. He was just tired to reply on every shitty fanfix rumor or gossip about his Capcom past that was thrown at him. I blame westerners with the "i want it all, now" attitude tweeting him shit.
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    Kamiya knows what Itsuno is working on. But who knows if he knows specifics beyond basic stuff.

    Are you a pro(-ish) player?
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    Yeah, and based on what I've read he seems confident about it. I guess we'll see soonish.

    Speaking of Capcom games, I wonder what happened to deep down
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    Super Best Friends podcast features the latest DMCV rumors:


    Most recent one, tune in at 39 minutes.

    Choice quote: "Worst kept secret."
  43. I feel they moved to weapons and weapon switching as a replacement, and it was done in a way that didn't detract from the "stay on your toes but remain hyper-powerful" vibe that DMC practically created.

    My only real gripe is when they started mixing and matching Ikaruga-style color coding to what would take damage from what weapon set. That felt cheap.
  44. I love him. He's a shining example for Twitter. Period.
  45. I was a big fan of the idea of Nero potentially "cashing out" on style meter for Buster attacks.
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    That's a default response to things by Kamiya. Don't read to much into it.

    Otherwise he'll block you
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    what ya'll don't realize is "cool" is the c grade stylish rank in dmc1

    in other words kamiya thinks its WACK
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    The bold part is so true lol
  49. Dunno if I'd go that far, but I'm certainly pro-ish to give enough of a shit to talk about this game at length on this here postey board, and I have a strong enough rig to make things look sexy.