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  1. TreIII


    I'd also say that the series didn't do enough to take advantage of some throwbacks and references that would make fans happy.

    One of the radio dramas (which used the same JP cast as the anime) actually had Dante whip out Alastor again in a fight against a brainwashed/possessed Lady. That's the kind of stuff the anime REALLY needed to have in order to make for some hype moments.
  2. Sanox


    Yep. Also could have used the anime to flesh out Lady and Trish by giving each a small story arc
  3. Jimmy Wrong

    Jimmy Wrong

    Did you play the DLC? It does a pretty good job of pointing him forward in a direction we'll never see the end to
  4. Noctis


    Menu music in 3 as well fits the gothic theme.
  5. Sesha


    That game you like is gonna come back in style
  6. Xpliskin


    This one brings so many memories back, the chills.

    Imo DMC 1 has the best atmospheric soundtrack in the series.
  7. Village


    wait are you the fluffy quack, the guy who made the mod stuff?
  8. Cantaim


    Thanks for this was a great recap.
  9. silva1991


    May I join you on this train ? <3
  10. God Damn this thread has reach HYPE LEVEL [​IMG][​IMG]
  11. jayu26


    That would have potential to be my favourite character action game of all time.
  12. Son of Sparda

    Son of Sparda
    Community Resettler Member OP

    It's a great summary by Dah, but nah man, first post should be leak only stuff.
  13. Shadoken


    70 pages for a fkin leak?

    This reminds me of the that MvCI leak thread. Hope DMCV doesnt end up like that tho. Capcom pls.

    Tho MHW and RE7 makes me feel like they are willing to splurge more $$$ on Non FG games.
  14. Noctis


    Yeah, the game was actually quite the looker back in the ps2 days. I'm actually looking forward to improved demon designs, would be cool to get junji ito providing input (me daydreaming of course).
  15. jayu26


    If we are doing this, then I want in as well. A proper current gen tight character action game without lite-RPG elements is what I am hoping for.
  16. Neonep


    One thing I really really want is for them to bring back the amulet system from DMC2 in some capacity.
  17. I think his DmC DLC arc cheapens the character by making him a sociopathic, narcissistic mess. Vergil is stronger of mind than that, canonically speaking.
  18. TreIII


    You and me both.

    Sucky game but there were a few things from that game I wouldn't mind seeing again. The Amulet system, Majin DT, Lucia...
  19. Peace

    Alt Account Member

    DMC1 isn't about "holy superman bloodline that rules the world". In the mainlines DMC :

    - Dante, Vergil and Nero are half humans, half demons, not angels, there's nothing "holy" about their nature. Only Nero was involved in religious matters and he was a rocky member.
    - Sparda was a demon and didn't rule the world, Mundus was the demon' ruler and he ruled only on the demon realm. Sparda was a knight.
    - Sparda fought the ruler, Mundus, for the sake of the human realm Mundus threatened. Where's the fascism and monarchism in Dante bloodline ?

    More importantly can you give me clear exemples of the mainlines DMC promoting monarchism and fascism ?

    Are you sure you care about this franchise ? For someone who is so critical and picky when it comes to games he plays, especially for political views, you make a lot of factual mistakes.
  20. Neonep


    Too bad they cut Majin DT from 4, that is probably the best looking DT in the entire series.
  21. I'd support linking the recap post in the OP.
  22. Interpretation is a thing, doe

    Doesn't mean you have to go all "no true Scotsman" on him just because you disagree with his POV

  23. Speedlynx


    Posting in legendary thread
  24. Peace

    Alt Account Member

    Ask the second post guy to erase his random gif every one has seen a 1000 times in order to put the summary, I'm sure he will listen to you.
  25. Man, I remember when I came up with my own idea for a DMC5 with Nero retaining the lead role and being more focused on hidden demons in the city. The idea was to be kind of CW/YA novel-come movie in hoping to see it in the big screen. Not that I was the targeted audience, but because shit like that wouldn't have bothered me as much as everyone else. I welcomed hipster gothic demon slaying becoming a big thing next to something like Twilight.

    My "reveal trailerb I had visualized in my noggin was Nero walking the streets, hood up in the rain with his arm hidden. His arm starts to radiate, he lifts his sleeve and it's glowing. Many people panic or gasp or run... except for a handful. Nero does his arm yank at one of them and pulls a demon out of the human host. Slices it. Says some shit. And the others transform and attack.

    I liked the idea of a few segments like that with some normal worldliness in between the bread and butter DMC gameplay.

    Btw, that infamous vampire game kind of took that idea lol.
  26. Emka


    Underrated post.
    In other news, I just remembered this tweet that Jordan Amaro (he works for Nintendo now, but he was working for Capcom before (RE7)) posted last month saying Capcom will have a great year in 2018:

    Of course, MHW alone arguably already make 2018 big for them. Then, there's also the "relaunch" of SFV with the arcade edition. But I don't know, I feel like he wouldn't say something like that if there wasn't another big game from Capcom getting released or at the very least announced in 2018. Could be nothing tho.


    He might be a new playable carachter
  28. FluffyQuack


    Yup yup.
  29. Village


    Oh dude, your mod stuff is dope. good job and stuff. I use it for RE
  30. Rob


    Nathan Drake for Devil May Cry!
  31. Yeah, hum... The "dark soul with light" scene, I couldn't eat that up. It was very embarrassing, like, I couldn't believe what I just heard :D

    I have nothing against cheese and one liners, like what you can find in RE4 but... DMC went too far on that one.

    With that said, I did like Dante in both DMC3 and DmC the most, both followed by Nero... I was so mad at the "reverse" second part of DMC4 back then : I wanted more Nero :(
  32. FluffyQuack


    Tyty. Hopefully DMC5 will end up getting an active modding community as well.
  33. Velezcora


    DMC 1 had it's share of cheese too but it felt more grounded in gothic horror than 3 and 4. The series roots are in survival horror so I'd appreciate Capcom bringing back those vibes.
  34. Mass Effect

    Mass Effect

    I'll take the cringey sexual innuendo that lasts 30 seconds over the juvenile, edgelord psuedo-intellectual tripe we had to deal with throughout the entirety DmC any day.
  35. Peace

    Alt Account Member

    I'm sure he can handle it and answer me himself.
  36. Noctis



    MT frameworks still looks good to this day. Idk if UE4 will be the go to engine like OP stated, but I wouldn't be mad if they went with the old engine with some tweaks.
  37. Kuno898


    Come in!!!!!!
  38. dbcyber


    Spencer gonna be booking his next trip to Japan to prevent this game going exclusive. I'm sure DMC4 SE sales were also used to fund this game, so now XB1 gamers were funding a PS4 exclusive?? The backlash is going to be insane.

    As for Nolan as a voice actor in the game, that would be amazing! And the more DMCV takes from DMC1 in terms of atmosphere the better.
  39. IvanSlavkov


    Please put the Tick on the hype train! :D
  40. zdravkelja


    72 pages, damn. Lol at the wars. I think DmC was a solid game and I think it would be more loved if it wasn't called Devil May Cry in the first place. But it was and it had to be compared to the original series and then it unfortunately falls flat.

    It's ok, if you are a DMC fan, you'll probably like it.

    God tier track right there. I love DMC.
  41. Zombie Fred

    Zombie Fred
    Community Resettler Member

    >I was only 9 years old
    >I loved Dante so much, I had all the merchandise and games
    >I pray to Dante every night before bed, thanking him for the life I’ve been given
    >"Devil May Cry 5 is love" I say; “Devil May Cry 5 is life”
    >My dad hears me and calls me a bad name
    >I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Dante >
    I called him a D rank wanabee
    >He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
    >I’m crying now, and my face hurts
    >I lay in bed and it’s really cold
    >Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
    >It’s Dante!

    >I am so happy
    >He whispers into my ear “This party is about to get crazy.”
    >He grabs me with his powerful Devil trigger hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees
    >I’m ready
    >I open my pizza box for Dante
    >He takes the last pizza slice
    >It smells so much but I do it for Dante
    >I can feel my nose sniffing as my eyes start to water
    >He begins to eat
    >I want to please uncle Dante
    >He quips in a mighty pose as he fills his mouth with the pizza
    >My dad walks in
    >Dante looks him straight in the eyes and says “Adios Kid!.”
    >Dante leaves through my window
    >Devil May Cry 5 is love. Devil May Cry 5 is life.

  42. Son of Sparda

    Son of Sparda
    Community Resettler Member OP

  43. Summary has been added in to my post
  44. LightEntite

    Banned Member

    I'm going to assume that 100% of your narrative for FFXV's treatment of women to be from the opening 3 minutes when you meet Cindy.

    Luna's unconditional love for Noctis in FFXV is probably justified as a result of her own unwavering, literally unhealthy sense of purpose.

    I would get into your comments on DMC but they are so hilariously off the wall that i honestly don't know why i'm scratching my head at anything else you said lol
  45. Velezcora


    DMC as a series has really always been about pure cheese. It never really feels like it's supposed to be pushing a narrative of any kind. Even the whole religious cult thing in DMC 4 is just kind of there instead of as a social commentary.
    So I don't think there's anything to achieve here by discussing the social politics of DMC. It's pretty shallow and I love it. It's just good junk food.
  46. Re: dark soul with liiiiiiiiight

    Remember, this *was* 2001. Context is crucial for critical assessments.
  47. LightEntite

    Banned Member

    I like you
  48. yap


    It was also Kamiya's first time writing for a game, iirc.
  49. vala


    Maannn, i was playing some DMC 1 today and the input lag is awfuullll
    but the atmosphere is sooooo good!!
  50. Noctis


    Any guesses on how they might Dante's costume? I'm thinking they'll go traditional 1&2 mixed in.
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