[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Emka

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    Go big or go home with the bets.
    His shirt will just have a V, nothing else.
  2. silva1991

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    Nah, that would be Spyro shirt ;)
  3. Jawmuncher

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    That's a big bet for a baby boy like me
  4. No he's going to wear a V-neck shirt.
  5. Dahbomb

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    Updated the thread recap for those tuning in this fine evening:

    1) Massive leak posted by Son of Sparda in the OP.
    2) ZhugeEX states that leak was looked over by the mods/admins, allowed to post but on the condition that SoS takes PERMANENT BAN if this is a hoax.
    3) Random supposed insider claims it's also coming on Xbox and is willing to take permanent ban for it.
    4) Dahbomb posts staggering personal statement spanning 3500 words.
    5) Another admin Nibel graces the thread. SweetNicole as well.
    6) Claimed second leaker comes in and states that the leak is false. (ShamelessZeroMain) Also claims that DMCV will have microtransactions like DMC4SE. Source is a discord buddy.
    7) Son of Sparda calls him out, starting the leaker vs leaker warfare. ShamelessZeroMain bets $1 for every post in the thread, so going $2200 strong right now.
    8) SweetNicole announces that ShamelessZeroMain is beholden to the same rules as SoS. If he's wrong then he also gets permabanned.
    9) ShamelessZero gets shook, starts backpedaling. More backpedaling. And more. And then some. Admits to drinking and saying stupid shit.
    10) Admins ask Shameless to deliver sources, he doesn't comply. ShamelessZeroMain gets banned for trolling and having an alt account. Takes to Twitter to complain that his esports manager got a hold of his Resetera account.
    11) People so hype for DMCV they start streaming this thread on youtube as it develops!
    12) Sunhilegends delivers godlike gif for DMCV!
    13) Gaming news outlet start running the story, it has officially gone big and viral.
    14) Geoff Keighley aka the Doritos Pope graces the thread with his presence!
    15) Dantelinkx comes in and leaks through a proxy that DMCV will get unveiled at either PSX or TGA. Fanning the flames of the leaker wars!
    16) Maximillian D00d (famous youtubers) chimes in on the DMCV hype!
    17) Dahbomb makes actual analysis of the leaks.
    18) IGN first major gaming website to report on the leak.
    19) MBS claims that Vergil being Nero's father is as likely as Trish being Lady's mother....
    20) Johnny Bosch makes a tweet about being 5 minutes late... has 5:05 on the clock possibly referring to SOS aka Sons of Sparda.
    21) Son of Sparda makes a couple of more leaks: DMCV to be PS4 console exclusive and PC later on. Engine is UE4.
    22) Trish VA starts tweeting about DMCV.Trish's Voice Actor tweets about wanting the cast of DMC4SE back for Christmas. Kyrie's voice actor tweets too but could be completely unrelated.
    23) Son of Sparda releases information about a location test for an unknown game in Brighton, UK. References games like DMC, Bayonetta, GoW, Zelda, Okami etc. Could be DMCV but don't count on it.
    24) Voice/Mocap Actor of Vergil Dan Southworth joins in on the fun, releases old redacted pictures of the crew in mocap gear. His agent/wife chimes in that he is under NDA for his projects but won't mislead fans.
    25) Maximillian D00d tweets that he is flying to an unknown location for an unknown game. Could be it for Capcom and DMCV??
    26) ZombieFred makes an.... interesting poem about DMCV.
    27) Can't have a crazy thread without a crazy hype train!
  6. Emka

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    And dye his hair in white.
  7. i love where this is going, I need someone with actual photoshop skills to help me visualize this.
  8. Shiba

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    Honestly if this happens, you guys can pick/make whatever avatar you want and I’ll wear it until E3 for the reveal.
  9. thepenguin55

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    Man, I am so curious about this game. Particularly what my reaction to it will be. Going back to the classic DMC timeline is kind of a ballsy move in my eyes and it’s one that I don’t know how I feel about. I loved DMC1 but I find it hard to go back to. Like many I’ve always hated DMC2. I LOVED DMC3SE. No matter how many times I try to love DMC4 I just bounce off of it so hard largely because I hate everything you could possibly hate about Nero. And I love DmC: Special Edition as that version fixed a lot of the issues I had with that game. So for me this series is full of very high highs and very low lows.
  10. klabautermann

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    >Shawn Layden wears the deepest V-Neck he owns.
    >Planted Audience Member throws a white wig onto his head
    >Shawn Layden looks at the camera.
    >"Not in a million years."
    >DmC2 announced.
    >The crowd goes mild.
  11. Zero-ELEC

    Zero-ELEC Member

  12. dmc2? nah that's what some people actually want, let it be the original dmc on the vita
  13. Dahbomb

    Dahbomb Community Resettler Member

    Why would he redact it though? MVCI actually exists as a game and the DLC characters aren't secret.
  14. Emka

    Emka Member

    Max is pretty much only focused on fighting game anyway, no? Maybe SoulCalibur VI.
  15. Neonep

    Neonep Member

    Yeah, there's no reason to redact that. MVC:I DLC is already announced, shown, and has a release date of next week.
  16. He did get to play Monster Hunter World at Capcom's offices a while back, so it's clear he's got a working relationship with Capcom for getting to see new stuff beyond fighting games.
  17. Thrillhouse

    Thrillhouse Banned Member

    He is KNOWN for fighting games but that's not the only genre he "explores"
  18. Ricerocket

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    I think Max is getting a taste of the rumored Soul Calibur game, would be odd to see him invited for a DMC game.
  19. Noctis

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  20. mudai

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    This is perfect. Thank you so much! Especially helpful for people who haven't been here since the first second SoS published the leak.
  21. Spyder_Monkey

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    I just realized Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was also leaked at around this time last year.
  22. Emka

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    Fair enough. I forgot about the MHW footage he had in his youtube channel, It's true he seems to have a "relationship" with Capcom. I still don't think it's related to DMCV tho.
  23. Dahbomb

    Dahbomb Community Resettler Member

    He's been invited plenty of times for MHW.

    I don't think this particular instance is DMCV... but if Capcom is ready to promote DMCV you bet your ass they will be having Max playtest it. He has played through the series in the past on his channel multiple times.
  24. silva1991

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    I know I bought DMC3 on PS3, but I don't remember if it was part of a HD collection or not. If so maybe I should finally play the first game. I only played DMC3, 4 and DmC.

    After finishing NG Black yesterday I'm excited for more action games to play.
  25. Emka

    Emka Member

    Time is a flat circle. I could see some RE2 remake leak around the same time next year.
  26. Dahbomb

    Dahbomb Community Resettler Member

  27. LMAO, first time seeing this !
  28. Jawmuncher

    Jawmuncher Crisis Dino - Snake for Smash Moderator

    I would hope earlier
  29. Dahbomb

    Dahbomb Community Resettler Member

    Can someone image enhance the number on Rueben's head gear? Is it 3+ or 2+?

  30. every time new possible info come out I tell myself that I'm delusional at this point and that I'm seeing things, but WTF ARE YOU GUYS SEEING THIS SHIT TOO?!??!
  31. klabautermann

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  32. Emka

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    It all depend on DMCV imo.

    - If DMCV is announced next week, we get a trailer for RE2 remake at E3.
    - If DMCV is not announced next week and we have to wait for E3, I don't see Capcom showing both DMCV and RE2 remake at the same event.

    We ain't getting off this train now, it's at full speed.
  33. Turin

    Turin Member

    The fan base right now:

  34. Dahbomb

    Dahbomb Community Resettler Member

    When you are a DMC fan... everything is a DMCV hint.
  35. Just announce it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t take this constant teasing!!! Lol:(
  36. Hindle

    Hindle Banned Member

    By the time this is released, The combined install base for the PS4/X1/Switch will be huge.

    If it is exclusive, Sony must be co funding.
  37. Theodran

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    Would it matter? It's obviously the name of the camera they are using for facial captures, Go Pro Hero 3+...
  38. You bring up a good point.
  39. OniBaka

    OniBaka Community Resettler Member

    It does, if it's hero 2 then Dante might not be the focus for the story.

    Or we just reading too much into it.
  40. Dahbomb

    Dahbomb Community Resettler Member

    Was worth a shot.
  41. Hindle

    Hindle Banned Member

    I want the game to return to the same atmosphere the first game had. Cool, horror, expect the unexpected etc.

    The later games became way too cheesy. Almost like a soap opera
  42. Guys it just dawned on me that we have still 8 days of this insane thread until the TGA
  43. Katsubento

    Katsubento Member

    I'm so excited.
  44. N.Domixis

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    I hope Sony funds a CTR remake, if you’re going to fund games go big or go home.
  45. I did? I was just suprised that OP responded to me. I think you're kinda reaching.
    They should always make new cutscenes for the weapons. One of the things I didn't like about Bayonetta was that the weapons had this cool lore, but we never see it in action.
    Vergil Vs Sephiroth 2 was also the most recent One Minute Melee. Could it just be a coincidence?
    Actually, there is. The command to turn Pandora into its Revenge form is a full circle.
  46. Dahbomb

    Dahbomb Community Resettler Member

    As if DMC1 wasn't a soap opera as well.

    Also Vergil vs Sephiroth in Death Battle is 100% real, it's slated for December 18th. It's their season ender.


    Curious date though...
  47. I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiigghhttt!!!!!!!!!
  48. Hindle

    Hindle Banned Member

    I disagree.

    It was way over the top, but God dam was it cool in doing so. There was very little exposure in the first game as well.
  49. nonsense, your dark soul clearly hasn't been filled with light.
  50. Aadiboy

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    Is there something you guys are seeing on Reubon's twitter page that I'm not? What's everyone going crazy over?