[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

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    Playing on a controller.
    Holding R1 to lock-on
    Constantly pressing L1 to exceed.
    Holding R2 to keep blue rose charged (if I keep it on a face button I just never use the thing)
    Plus both thumbs.

    That all gets really fucking uncomfortable after a while.

    Maybe a launcher button isn't necessary, but they really should offer optional soft-lock in a similar manner to how Bayonetta does it (that's one less button to hold all the effing time at least), and I guess in lieu of a DmC-like launcher button, they could put launch into a delayed second-hit in your combo, like how Platinum does it. And the traditional scheme can be also kept in place for those that enjoy contorting their fingers.
  2. The problem with DmC is that you have to lay this out there in order for it to have proper context, because the proper context and buildup simply wasn't present in the game's narrative.
  3. Not wrong. DMC4 — as fun as it is — felt like you were trying to do fucking finger yoga.
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    I'm recounting the game's narrative, nothing I've said has came from sources outside the game's narrative. Of course, one must think about the game's scenes and events in order to properly understand their context, instead of what the poster I replied to did, which was to isolate the last cutscene as some gag for how Vergil turns unexpectedly. If you played the game, then got to the end and think about how that scene reflects upon the previous actions Vergil took, you'll arrive at the same conclusion.

    Vergil's actions may be ambiguous up to the end (since one can interpret his not caring for humans as being what he thought was needed to destroy the demons and let humanity live in peace), since he doesn't state outright from the start how he looks down upon humanity, but the ending shows that was the case from the start, and that for Vergil it is not enough to just destroy the demons, but also to control the humans in order to not allow demons to take over again.
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    On default control its even impossible to charge guns while fighting. Its some serious shit. Thats a thing Bayo did better.
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    Will DMC V bring a new age of combo videos? One without awful music and one hour intros?

    We can hope.
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    Putting guns in all of your melee attacks was just pure genius. Such an obvious way of bridging both together. Bayo might have a lower skill ceiling and/or be less complicated than DMC4, but to me it seemed like a real evolution of the ideas presented in DMC1. And it just feels so smooth to play.
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    Can't wait for DMCV combo videos with Bodies playing in the background.
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    DMC is a succesful pre-existing IP though.
  10. Nah , those features are never gonna leave us. Theyve become a staple of DMC vids
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    Yes, but instead enjoy facecams and Patreon plugins.
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    Nothing says combo video like operatic pumping techno
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    Going through DMC1 and I was having fun until I fought the scissor guy with horns. It's bs that I have to fight him in a small space.

    The black cat ghost thing was much better hard enemy.
  14. Ah, ok. I play both on keyboard and controller, and I always forget about using the camera, so I only use four fingers.

    I'd say that's a good idea, actually.
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    TIL Itsuno has an insta account.
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    Right, but DMCV is not out yet. Devil May Cry also came out when games were still experimental in the 3D realm.

    There is a reason why PlatinumGames has been really the only one putting out Character-Action games for a while now.
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    These are all old Itsuno pics.
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    A DMC combo video with a scrolling Papyrus font intro and Japanese tech metal blaring over it can't even be called a DMC combo video, man.
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    I feel like it has some weird design decisions regarding fights. That enemy was the worst, until I understood he can be killed in like, five or six shotgun blasts?
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    No way. Or maybe I was shooting him when he was invincible, because I shot him ALOT and he didn't die. I just spammed attack/devil triggered until he died lol.

    They'll probably be easier after I unlock air hike.
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    There we go
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    He can be killed in one if you're close enough.
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    I hated the ending credits, i don't like those credits when they show people doing random stuff, like why.also on Bioshock and Gears of War.
    They can do lots of things with the credits to not make them boring and thank the team but not a random video.
    i know i sound like an asshole :/
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    It's a stylish one at that
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    Yeah I pretty much never used bothered with it either.
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    Completely disagree. I love when dev's give us a peak behind the curtain and show the progression from Greybox Prototypes to Gold Builds/Final Release. Even if its just celebratory; game development is a long and stressful process, I'm fine with them displaying a victory lap.
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    Man ahaha
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    I wonder what games will appear at game awards *thinking face*.
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    Wish there can be a mode like "camera mode"
    But instead "video mode". You could play and record a 1- 15 minutes and afterwards edit it by moving camera etc.

    One can wish
  31. In itsuno we trust.
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    DMC1 is the Poke RBY equivalent of weird and rushed enemy types/weaknesses/balance compared to the rest of series.
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    I love Devil May Cry. I love single player action games.

    I really hope the leaks of DMC5 are true. Oh my god. Let this be good. Let this be good!

    Fuck you EA. Take that!
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    Hope they give dante a bad ass beard and pony tail
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    TWO blue roses!
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    Hello mods, i wish to request a ban.
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    You'll get airhorns instead
  39. Unfortunately MLG edits already exist...
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    Of course! i just think there is a better way to show that proccess in interviews or special videos before release rather than the game's end credits , but i understand i just don't likey :c
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    Was this called for? What does EA have to do with anything?
  43. Thats not even the worst.
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    What, you don't realize EA is trying to say Single Player games aren't viable? *looks around*
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    If you're talking about the Death Scissors enemy, he has a fairly straightforward pattern and you won't need a lot of space to exploit it. In his neutral state, he has a high chance of parrying your attacks, so the safest time to attack him is the recovery period after his own attacks -- either he'll try to snip his scissors at you from above or go for a broad slash when he's level with you. The best way I've found to inflict damage is using Helmbreaker; I'd jump up to avoid his attacks and then perform a wall-jump or enemy-hike off his head to gain greater height before coming down with a Helmbreaker (I believe Helmbreaker deals more damage the higher up you are in the air). He may still parry Helmbreakers as well, but I find it a better tactic than trying to attack him from the ground with sword combos.

    Should the Death Scissors float beyond your reach or hide behind a wall, just stay back and wait for him to approach. Taunt to regain DT if you need it. If he's in sight, you can also shoot him to draw him towards you again. It's probably likely he'll attack you when you start resorting to firearms, but hey that's exactly what you want. :)

    When he starts to dive-bomb you, stay calm and remain locked-on. As long as you're locked on, Dante will always face the direction that the Death Scissors will come at him, so it's simply up to your reaction speed to roll out of the way in time. No need for spacious footwork, just good ol' reflexes. :)
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    That seems like a discussion for some other thread.
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    Well, I'm frustrated that EA is trying to make Single Player games look like a small industry, and I hope DMC5 or similar games proves EA wrong. :D
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    EA wants games that sell 10+ million copies + steady microtranscations

    The best selling DMC game was 3 million after several years. The game in your avatar sold 5+ million. Thats like best case scenario type shit, not 10 years late belated sequel with an amped up anime vampire aesthetic.
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