[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Ah then pay no attention to me and play it your way. You can worry about efficiency and all that jazz later.
  2. Emka

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    Dante is a guy with white hair and a long red coat. If they give him a long beard, I hope you are all ready for Santa Claus meme for the next five year.
    Don't forget the infested helicopter iconic boss!
    I gave up DMC2 during this boss fight.
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    There are easier ways to do that with Nero. Luckily DMC4 allows customization of controls. I usually put L2 as blue rose charge, R2 for exceed, so both are manageable.
    I hope they bring back controls customization akin to Automata or 4SE. There are only a few games left were practice and time spent is rewarding and not everything is easy access right out of the gate. Hopefully Itsuno has taken a hint from Souls franchise in how effort is rewarded.
  4. Thrillhouse

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    Tis the season to get Stylish !
  5. For Nero:
    Put Blue Rose to L1 (and DT to square)
    Focus on J-Revving

    No need to worry about launchers or lock on or what have you when you're charge shot level 3ing eberything to death and utilizing Neros revved up exceed 3 moves.

    And with Dante, you have a dedicated launcher with swordmaster with prop shredder.

    Also, there is a soft lock. You don't need to hold R1 to aim and shoot at an enemy like you needed to an DMC1.

    But regardless, look at my simple vs standard control scheme suggestion I made a few posts ago (check my post history)

    Would you be interested in something like that?
  6. I should get DMC4SE on the next sale, although not sure I will be able to enjoy it after tasting PG trademark character action games. Not having the fluidity and character movement of those games, specifically.
  7. JumpCancel

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    L2 is a must for Blue Rose; First thing I changed.
  8. Furisco

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    What the fuck happened with that game ?
  9. Anton

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    From what I remember it wasn't originally planned to be a DMC title at all, they just added Dante later to make it sell better. The team behind it also had very little experience making 3D games up to that point besides Powerstone and they changed producer and director midway through development, so I can't imagine development went swimmingly with those odds
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    I went back and played DMC3 last month for like 60 hours and am playing DMC4SE right now. I didn't really feel like they don't hold up to PG branded Character Action. I think I kinda prefer it, actually. It's similar, but just a little different. Itsuno and the talented directors over at PG are all excellent thankfully.
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    This is going to sound blasphemous but I honestly think you'll need at least one of those things to have any chance of making it big in today's market. So that being said, I have a suggestion for something more agreeable.

    The raid mode from Resident Evil. Select a character from the roster and run through a gauntlet of enemies with different modifiers.

    The game would start with the base characters (Dante, Nero, Vergil) but over time they add more characters and more maps- Imagine being able to play as all the characters and their different iterations from past games, each with different costumes and different movesets: i.e Dante from DMC1 using Alastor and Ifrit, or Sparda using only Force Edge.
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    Nah man, I'm not interested in choosing between limited simple-controls and "real" controls. I'll never choose the former.
  13. decisions

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    L1 for Nero's gun and a focus on Just frame revs are the "real" controls as far as I'm concerned. I hope that there 's full button mapping in DMC5, everyone has their own way to play and the heart of character action is creativity.
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    Let's predict character facial redesigns. Or rather what you hope to see changed.

    Dante with a beard.
    Nero with an under cut (DmC Dante's haircut or something similar)
    Trish with short hair (Similar to Bayonetta in 2)
    Lady with long hair.
    Vergil with a ponytail.

    Don't fail me Itsuno.
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    Raid mode was pretty good and this would be perfect for DMCV.
  16. TheEnd

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    Raid mode would be perfect, I've also thought of something similar years ago, give it color unlocks for costumes too on top of costumes and weapons. Could be addicting and they could make a cash out of it with lootboxes (provided that it's just raid mode and not in the story mode), something like ME3 MP.
  17. Furisco

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    Loot boxes huh

  18. TheEnd

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    Not the prettiest idea, but if it's implemented in a side game mode that doesn't affect the story mode then I wouldn't mind it, anything that increases Capcom's revenue through DMC will give them more reasons to greenlight more sequels.
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    Neros lack of styles is made up for with EX-act and MAX-act rev moves. Getting the timing down for combo enders, launchers and splits is essential for high damage output. I personally loved the devil bringers utility and thought it was a refreshing change of pace brining the enemies to you, rather than getting to the enemies.

    Boss specific grabs are a delight also, especially with DT enabled and summoned swords flying at the same time.

    Nero was and is a great addition to the Devil May Cry crew.
  20. Sub Boss

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    You will like it because of Vergil, his flying sword attacks and agility is awesome.

    Also Trish is fun to play as i hope DMC 5 gives her more play time
  21. Sanox

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    Trish really just needs new weapons. She pretty much got a full moveset but only for 1 weapon

    Ivy like whip blade could be cool or a saber
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    Shiiit, DMC4:SE is on the newest PSN sale, coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO! ;)

    Last time I chose DmC: Definitive Edition for my DMC fix and was positively surprised by the additions, turbo mode, 60fps and less emphasis on color coded weapons made an enormous difference but all in all I think it's finally time to pull the [devil] trigger and buy DMC4 again, a man can only go so long without playing DMC [and Yakuza, hehe].
  23. Dust

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    Vergil without Yamato would be kinda weird but Nero losing his DT also sucks.

    Unless Vergil gets new main weapon.
  24. Village

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    Vergil gets the yamato

    Nero's DT turns into an actual transformation DT like in his concept art
  25. Dust

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    I also low key hope Vergil looks like this, whole Nero Angelo deal should have left a bit of strain on his body.

  26. TreIII

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    If they made such things into Sparda transformations to give her a bit more to work with, that would be fine by me. Even better if they gave her MvC3-style traps to make things even more interesting.

    You understand me.

    Vergil should not be looking like his DMC3 self when he comes back.
  27. Sub Boss

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    Did she used those things she had as Gloria i don't remember could be a new weapon
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    Who should get a beard and who shouldn't?
    You decide!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    My personal idea was always that Trish uses Alastor, Ifrit and Nightmare from the first game but with her own moveset.
  30. Village

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    I'm drawing Virgil with a Freddy Mercury situation mustache

    that's what I want
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    That was terrible. Let me try again:

    Dante Claus confirmed.
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  33. From what I remember, that game wasn't supposed to be a DMC game... It was something else. Then, very late in development Capcom put Itsuno in charge and told him to make DMC2 using whatever was done during said development.

    I bought this game day one back then... And I'm still mad. Never again.
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    Kinda digging the shitty porno 'stache on Nero ngl...
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    it is hilarious how hard utulizing Charge Shot lv3 actually breaks the game

    Lets be honest. Vergil shouldn't be coming back at all.

    He's dead. He's so fucking dead.

    He was a great character, he got all the screentime he needed in DMC3, and him living on through Nero in DMC4 is honestly all he needs to be anymore.
  37. Sanox

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    Give her the traps and in DT she gets flight mode and the lightning projectile

    There is also the Scythe form of the Sparda sword.

    Completely forgot she had a dagger as Gloria.
  38. Sanox

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    Call me Dante
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    Lol Trish.

    Vergil should totally get a goatee
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    Vergil should comeback looking like himself but he needs a new moveset and costume. It's time, he can't keep riding DMC3.
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    So what’s new I see we close to 100!
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    Goddamn beard fits Dante like a glove.

    lmao, is he browsing this thread? weird how he'd retweet a DMC era hype train.
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    Might be like Druckmann who said browsing gaf was their guilty pleasure.
  45. No brakes on this cuhrazy train!
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    Nero must keep his Stand. No matter the cost, don't get rid of the stand.
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    PSX has a secret, for now, autograph session on Saturday. Seems it won't be announced until something gets revealed in Friday night...
  48. Village

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    He can still have a stand, and get the transformation

    Heck he can get a requiem stand when he transforms fully
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    Reuben is killing me with his likes lol
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    I like you.