[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Aproaching 100 pages for an unannounced game, people are thursty for blood.
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    Dan is the best
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  4. Relistening to a panel with Reuben Langdon (actor for Dante) and it's amazing how much he is responsible for how DMC 3/4 turned out. He pitched the idea to motion capture in the first place, translated and helped clean up the script, is responsible for Dante's character, cast the other characters, worked with the writer for 4, etc.

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    Dan is goat.
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    Yeah, I am not seeing your point here.

    Dan has great nasal voice and fits snobby Vergil perfectly, it also isn't some cheap shit like in Altered or JIBBLE SANDWICH.
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    His voice is pretty iconically tied to Vergil now, so no. Has a certain rawness to it I like (and seriousness), as opposed to DmC Vergil who sounded more pompous.
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    0:16 ; he sounded pretty badass. Maybe expand on that persona in DMC5?
  9. Okay, Dan may not be the best actor out there, but he's no where near:

    He gave a nice and distinct performance for Vergil. I rather liked it.
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    I will never take another Vergil voice seriously when they attempt to say "Die!" or "Scum!".
    To me Dan is the character, same deal with Reuben as Dante.
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    The point of having two buttons for attack is not having target combos but allowing access to different attacks with simplified input. It always felt like an elegant solution, one that actually encourages new players to mix their combos up more.
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    I know your not talkin shit about the Quantum Ranger.
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    I love how Vergil always sounds like his nose is stuffy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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    I think lines like this wouldn't sound out of place for RE1 (at 1:00 where he says "You shall die."):

    Fortunately, he doesn't sound too terrible in cutscenes, but that's because he's always talking with completely monotone voice. Whenever he tries to display any kind of excitement or emotion in his voice, it kinda falls apart.

    I think Dante has a similar problem, just not nearly as bad. For instance, lines like Dante's "And now my soul says it wants to STOP YOU!" are delivered extremely poorly.

    I'm not seriously suggesting Capcom gets new voice actors for Dante and Vergil (the voices have become iconic at this point), but I do kinda hope they've had some acting lessons since last time.

    "This video contains content from TOEI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

    Gah, I'm not even allowed to witness Quantum Vergil Ranger!
  16. [​IMG]
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    So, will Capcom use photogrammetry again? if they use, it will be Chris Redfield(RE7) all over again.
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    Really interesting to hear the creative process, mo-cap entering the series, as well as the casting. Reuben really had a major hand in DMC3.


    Any updates?
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    Reuben is a really cool and smart guy when it comes to this stuff, these three are really talented andI hope this game does well and results in more success/work for them.
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    Whoops sorry. I would post another but I have no idea which ones would be blocked in your country.

    Thinking about it’s pretty funny both Vergil and Nero are voiced by Power Rangers.
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    At this point I don't know what will happen to this place if DMC 5 is not announced at TGA.
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    This game better not be lacking in the Hoochie mama department.
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    Well I guess we got about one week to find out if there might be anything DMC at TGA.
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    Finished DMC1 yesterday and loved it. Final boss was boring tho...

    Played dMC2 until the end of mission 5 and stopped. Terrible and beyond boring game. I can only imagine how devastated the fans were back in the day lol.

    It does some things right tho. A dodge button. decent looking animations and great music.
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    No Yakuza at PSX basically de-confirms DMC being there IMO.

    My soul rests with you, TGA.
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    Make Gloria her own character. I don’t care how.
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    Mfw I first saw Gloria's debut scene in DMC4

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    First Reuben (Dante) and now Bosch (Nero)? Damn son.
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    Great, I am on Capcom's hit list now with the rest on that train. Thanks guys!

    *prepares to pack bags*
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    Capcom looking at me like.
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    Trish <3

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    I never thought that after that DMC fiasco that this would happen, just what is this timeline?? Time to dust off my old copies of dmc 1 and 3
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    I'd be fine with this, especially if there was no sign of Lucia coming any time soon.

    Awwwwwww, shit.
  38. Nero going all in aswell. Hype is rising...
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    Come on guys.
    Or this is a massive trolling by the Devil May Cry family or something is really happening next week.
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    If Nolan North is really involved, I think they're probably taking the acting a little more seriously.

    I definitely wouldn't replace the original voices, though. They're way too iconic at this point, more than the story, without a doubt. If they can't deliver too well on very emotional scenes, than give up on having emotional scenes at all in the series going forward, that's how important I think the voices are. I wouldn't refuse to play the game if they changed, but I really really hope they don't. At least for V, this is pretty much an IP revival, not just another sequel. This game must sell the idea that everything you loved about DMC is back, they can take more risks with 6 if they want.

    Because I believe that a big factor in this game's sales will be nostalgia. People who played DMC way back then and are like "oh, shit, it's back, that's so cool! It looks and sounds like I remember it!", and that hype will also bring more people on board, hearing those cherished memories from old time fans. The last thing Capcom wants for this game's promotion is the people who care the most about the franchise saying "I'm not so sure about that".
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    Certain people might be hating on this right now, only because it conflicts with their agenda. Although if it turns out to be an elaborate joke by DMC staff that'd be a bitch move.
  42. It cant be a joke at this point.
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    The thing is that they are known for being trolls lol
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    What agenda?
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    What's your agenda?
    Oh I see Capcpom memes are spreading to DMC!
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    What would be the joke? They're just liking hype train tweets. The only sort of joke it could be is if the game doesn't even exist, but they can't say yes or no to specific dates or specific anything, they're at worst just happy people are excited, and at best hinting at a TGA announcement.

    EDIT: Even if the game doesn't exist, the actors clearly have a lot of love for the franchise to this day, and they could also be just as interested in seeing it happening, so this many people excited at the idea of a DMC V would surely please them anyway.
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    If you are involved in the project then you need to stay clear of this as much as possible because you will just attract more attention to it. Every DMCV like that these guys make is getting the fanbase whipped into a frenzy.
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    Yeah. Not to mention the fact that the Geoff's picture is in there and the tweet is also directed at both Geoff and TGA.

    Honestly Geoff Keighley should just blink once in this thread if there is any reason for us to be excited for TGA.
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    Of course he is going to say that we should be excited for TGA LMAO! It's his show... he wants everyone to be excited.