[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Son of Sparda

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    Well, I think the question was clearly "should these crazed DMC fans who are losing their minds over DMCV leak, be excited about TGA?"

    That was implied, man.
  2. hughesta

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    I'm trying to expect an E3 reveal but at this point with the frenzy in the fanbase and the leaks we've already gotten, they may as well move the reveal to TGA if it isn't already scheduled. I don't think people could handle another seven month wait.
  3. Gbraga

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    We can handle it, but it won't be the same. If they reveal it this month, they can get away with a short trailer that shows nothing and only says "DMC V IS BEING MADE!!!!", but waiting until E3 when we already have close to 100 pages of discussion on it to reveal it as if it was a huge surprise won't cut it. If they want to save it for E3 anyway, they should probably get a gameplay segment to show us after the reveal trailer.
  4. TheEnd

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    Nolan North to voice Young Sparda in flashbacks.
    Now that'd be hype.
  5. Valtekken

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    I really, REALLY hope we get this by PSX. I'm so tired of waiting, dammit
  6. Spartancarver

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    Uh, Dan IS Vergil at this point. The voice acting for him fits the character to a T. Flawlessly.

    Not sure what the hell that insecure gun-using abomination in DmC was but it was most definitely not Vergil.
  7. Chaos2Frozen

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    Assuming Early 2019 release, announcing this in TGA would give it roughly 1 years of waiting time between now and launch.

    I can wait one more year, but what would kill me is if we have to wait till E3 to see some gameplay.

    2min trailer, 30 sec gameplay minimum.
  8. Chaos2Frozen

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    You know, people like to rag on DmC's Dante and Vergil, but to me the real insult is what they did to Sparda.

    From this:
    To this:

  9. Spring-Loaded

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    This is only tangentially related, but does anyone have the fan-made image of the "Bayonetta is not _____, Bayonetta is ______" that was spoofing the DmC pre-release slides?
  10. ArjanN

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    Honestly it probably comes down to voice direction more than the actors. Voice acting in general has come a long way since the 90s.
  11. Makoto Yuki

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    Nolan North voicing/mo-capping Sparda in general would be fantastic. I imagine him being a wise-ass like Dante, but serious in combat like Virgil.
  12. BlueBomberX

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    I'd say the leaks make it more likely we'll see it early. Often times, companies will show things earlier than intended if they were leaked. So let's hope that's the case.

    DMC is my favorite series, and we're in dire need of a sweet character action game this gen. So it needs to happen.
  13. Sub Boss

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    Old Sparda didn't looked like that he was a recolored Vergil with a monocle.
    But yeah DmC designs (most of them) are yuck
  14. Gimp Sparda is hilarious. I love that he's still alive too in that world and nobody bothers to try and rescue him.
  15. Chaos2Frozen

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    Point is, the whole reason Dante and Vergil were special is because they're the sons of the legendary dark knight who kicked all kinds of demon ass from hell and back.

    What's so special about the son of a gimp in a basement =_=
  16. WarRock

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    Finally sitting to play DMC1 this week. Some of those platforms are pissing me off. Dante seems to randomly decide which exact direction he will curve his jump/how far he will reach, holy crap.
  17. Wachenroder

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    man i read this whole damn thread. thats how much i care about this game.

    So happy to see all the excitement for arguably one of the best gaming franchises of all time.
  18. ColdVergil

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    Interesting point.

    AAMARMO Member

  20. Emka

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    I don't put much stock into this, but I may as well post it here:

  21. decisions

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  22. DNB_217

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    Dead rising 4 extra characters
  23. Dahbomb

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  24. decisions

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    Dude I was SHOOK for a moment lol, had barely seen DR4 gameplay. Feel like an idiot haha
  25. Tyrant Rave

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    hey that's my tweet conversation

    He also liked a tweet where I mentioned DMCV. I want to believe.
  26. Emka

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    Haha ^^ I tried to search Geoff timeline since last Sunday to find something that might be related to DMCV, and that's all I found. Didn't see he liked a tweet of you mentioning DMCV though, but that's good to know.
    Like I said, I don't put much stock into it since Geoff is a hype man, but I still want to believe too.
  27. If it's nothing, it's all just a ploy to get viewers with false hope and that would be fucked up.
  28. TWILTY

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    Oh hey, I was in that tweet convo too!

    Was surprised as hell when it popped into my Twitter notifications too lol. Geoff really is starting to get me hype...
  29. Dust

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    I am joining Geoff's church is he reveals DMC V.
  30. domthybomb

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    decisions AAMARMO
    There's spoiler tags. Use that instead of the hide tags. Hide tags make it where someone has to hit quote to see the text
  31. Emka

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    Small world, he? Part 2: Battle tendency.

    AAMARMO Member

  33. Dahbomb

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    Now that's nice.
  34. It was chapter 3 all along
  35. Son of Sparda

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    Hahaha, that's great.
  36. Artikuno898

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    A game to surpass the hype
  37. Dahbomb

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    Close to breaking 100 pages... I feel like something special might happen when we do...
  38. Thrillhouse

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    V has come to.
  39. OniBaka

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    I believe in DMCVR
  40. ColdVergil

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    The perfect game.
  41. Zombie Fred

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    Dante, I'm already a demon.
  42. Biosnake

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    Who leaked this
  43. I think so too...
  44. Thrillhouse

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    Yes something

    Very special
  45. LightEntite

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  46. silva1991

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    Wee need a picture of Dante there. Maybe between the May and Cry.

  47. Son of Sparda

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    The tease is real
  48. Caiops

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    What was the biggest game revealed in a Geoff show? Other than Death Stranding, because him and Kojima are BFF.
  49. Emka

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    A strange yet charismatic person will come out of the shadow, touched by the hype, to leak something new.
  50. DanteLinkX

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    Wait wait, does that means we get DMC V 45 minutes prologue game with Sparda's new voice actor called DMCV Hell Heroes?