Leaked Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots reveal unexpected new world?

Oct 25, 2017
I am really not feeling the way that reporters are attributing this to me, so let me clarify this as much as I possibly can.

I run a shitty little discord server for the remaining users of a dead forum that I ran in the mid 2000s to present. It's a Crash Bandicoot server at its core but since there's not a lot of Crash stuff happening post-N.Sane Trilogy yet, it's mostly a shitposting server. One of our members came into one of our channels, and posted the three images. I did some quick research to see if it had spread to Era or any of the KH fansites yet. Noticing it had not, I asked the guy where they came from. He told me that he saw them on another server (or rather, he just said "I saw them somewhere else"). He went back and asked the ORIGINAL poster of the images where they come from. THAT person then told him "I got them from a friend who got them from an FTP server where they were quickly removed afterwards".

Person A Finds Them on FTP ---> Gives them to Person B ---> Person B posts them on a server ----> Person C (My Server's member) sees them and reposts them to MY server ----> I see them and post them to Era.

I'm like, the fifth layer down the ladder from the source. I am making no claims to this leak as a source or an insider of any kind. Thank you.

Original post below:

I have no idea if these are legitimate, but they seem pretty convincing. I have no idea what the source of them is. The person who sent them to me got them from a different person who also did not give a source. The person only told my acquaintance 'got them from a friend who got them from an FTP server where they were quickly removed afterwards". Sorry if this is out of left field or shouldn't be posted or ends up being fake or whatever, but if real, I think it definitely warrants discussion!

EDIT: Third image removed as it's just a still from a movie.
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Oct 25, 2017
I kinda believe it. I've seen stat screens for UE4 that looked similar to that. at least, if it's fake, it's pretty damn good
Oct 25, 2017
Utah, USA
Monsters Inc and Frozen. I could actually see both of those in the game especially the second one. If you asked me a few years ago if we’d see Monsters Inc, I’d say no because they don’t do Pixar properties but now that they’ve done Toy Story... I think it’s possible.

Side note: I really want the source on this but I know you don’t have it
Oct 25, 2017
The Danger Zone
There is no fucking way Frozen wasnt getting into KH when Japan had an exclusive frozen themed PS4.

Not to mention the merchandising on every product line in the US, the Frozen short for Coco and Frozen 2 coming.
Oct 25, 2017
So, real talk: could the monsters inc be legitimate? We know the frozen is fake, but that image lookis like its from a test build of the game. The guy would have to know someone on the dev team to get their hands on this!!